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Jargon from The Economist's 1970s UG (chinese-english) curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution -queries welcimed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc mob 240 316 8157 -personal queries on UG welcomed by isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

Alumnisat gen = satellites' open learning revolution = ' death of distance generation' when distance no longer main cost of communicating -livelihoods designed as win-win between virtual and physical modes of serving communal value = netgen = millennials generation who end poverty (mans greatest risk to exponentially sustaining planet) = investment between gens naviagating post industrial rtevolution of 10 times more health and wealth = mobile hyperconnected generation who multiplies value of abunndancu eg how knowhow can multoply calue in use instead of scarcity eg consuming ip thions= geeration where public servamnts and young professionsl pop the word = borderless generation where peace sans frontieres (integration of world citizen cyltuyre) requires a consciousness beyond l the generation when women value bottom-up and open-collaborative system design as much as nature does; the joyful generation when science remarries consciousness and positve rationalism of human spirit; the generation as Einstein hoped that discovered huamity never runs out of innovation space provided it always dares model dynamic interaxtions at more nano level than prior science assumed; the generation when economics beleived its scope was to sustainably multiply value of every human livelihood; the generation when answers united human race beyond nations in reconciling the greatest problems of emoire and industrial revolutions raised by such great open society systems mapmakers as adam smith, JB Say in french culture entrepreneur was originally coined after guilloting the 1% monopolising productive assets as the social study of liberte egalite sororiety freeing every being's livelihood- see also context of happiness and freedom in usa 1776 declaration of joy that french had helped americans remove the english from controling new world's,,arkets), james wilson and maynard keynes (or ganddi, luther king and mandela) - the generation that slayed every incon truth of macroeconomic mindsets with whole truth transpareny mapping of micro .

 Compound Opportunity and Threat of Humanity's Greatest Sustainability Expoentials

On the left we offer a grid of some of worldwide good news of innovation during the twelve 7-year periods from 1946 that global village coms tech and infrastructire doubled with 2**12= over 4000 times more  spent. We need your help - what have we left out; where did we get the date or the origin of the open source not wholly correct as far as your mother tongue or culture can search. Advanaces of alumnisat generation have not been evenly geographically distributed- use the sexond xolumn to timeline ops and threats that surrounded a places people that matter most to you. On the right we question a most peculiar xase dud americas of 1960s during era 8 to 22.5 times more spend peak as a worldwide goodwill connector 

Examples of worldwide good news during alumnisat era of spending 4000+ times more on global vilage communications tech and infrastructure

Compound maths

Your nation's navigation of era on 2030 vs 1946

Von neumann fathers concept of open programmable computer; Japan starts to rise as first nation to become major by spending nothing on arms



Japan rises round quality systems especially transistors made ever smaller



Emergence of superports out of east

West goal of moon race -period of greatest bit for bit collab between man and computing tools



Programmable silicon chip invented and starts more law of imp[roving computing power

Man on moon


China's agrarian keynsianism revolution -first step beyond top-down communism

The Economist's keynsian is moved by seeing by radical online learning experiments led by students



Economist's severe questioning of entrepreneurioal revolution leaders in full swing- Unconventional future shocking lenses include:

China diaspora would already rank as 3rd wealthies nation; in population analysis alone, millennaisl ssustaionability needs mapping around china leading asia pacific ww century



Birth of mncrocomputer- publicatiion of 2035now - how worldwide webs can mobilese open source tech wizrads around opposite end game of orwe;;'s big brother



Worldwide web born open society networks envisioned as most joyful celebration



Open society leaders ensure world's earliest parthers in mobile sustainability goals are grameen's poorest village mothers -their second infrastructure leapfrog values microsolar


Dreams of dotcoms and millennials goals



Mobile connectivity 2.1 and first significant innovations in open learning networks since 1972



The world bank POPs in 2012 as Jim Kim explores how to transfer POP from global social health to global social sectors integral to end poverty and sustainability goals; Pope Francis pops faith (and public service mssions) in 2013; 2015 sees month of POP festivals begin with Francis masterclass on comversion of congress and climax in lima where latinos lead world's largest unified belief system in celebrating how 1968's rebirth of franscican POP led to most economics parterships in health, and pro0youth world banking

The Economist is sold

China launches elearning satllite and headhunts chinese co-founder of MOOC/ and makes first transfer bid for Kim whose health service it would balue most. The greatest ever billionaire investment in education 15000 disadvantaged youth to be a nations leadin edntrepreneurs and social world trades begins to be the happiest of social action movements in 175 years of human energy










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