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5 greatest traps blocking net generation from being humanity's most creative

 In most curricula examined at universities today there are not jobs waiting for those who pass

there are exceptions: doctors, nursing, pilots but note these also involve a lot of practice/apprentice and peer to peer modes- that most top-down university courses dont offer; in 1984 when world class system transformation alumni innovated open space, it was demonstarted to people at top of usa universities- they said if this approach is the future then 95% of our modes of teaching are wrong - go away! you can also verify how far away command and control mindset of teaching is from www.thelearningweb.net 

Why do nations trap their brightest millennial minds in student debt and non-livelihood curricula?

 In part its because since 1980s digital organisation changed everything- big slow moving employee organisational bureaucracies have no new value, ever fewer jobs to offer examinees

But mostly its because universities have monoplies to certify, and professors afraid of students searching out content from world leading authorities have  combinded with adminstrators whose only interest is to claim the certification from their brand of university matters.................

 whats trebly cruel is that one of the most valuable things for any millennial is their own unique personal network; and universities have done everything possible to close off their alumni networks and the empowering connections these hub

In a mobile world, what a student should be doing in their last few years in an education system is maximising their collab network and actioning real world service or team projects; all of these things are blocked off by the possesive university network.................

case when yunus found top-down economic theory wasnt working he took students out of classroom, turned communities into social labs, built a bank staffed by barefoot young joyful graduates 

 Then half of the most valuable skills are changing every 7 years and old professors are often the most remote from understanding this; worse much of new value is cross-functional making endless siloisation and referential systems of academia poisonous 

so everywhere in the system old people have an incentive to examine not to co-learn with youth - all of this needs to be assessed by whether your nation is joining in spending 4000 times more on global vilage communications technolgies  (2030 versus 1946) in ways that multiply way above zero sume trades - open source , knowledge , app networks multiply value in use whereas pre 1946 almost every trade involved consuming up things and scarcities

hi-trust educational systems need to be ahead of way above zero-sum value trading instead of old monopolies that trapped students in zero-sum non collaborative modes  ..............................................................

There are specific challenges by curricula and indeed by how each profession needs totally different practices if it is to design preferential option poor or preferential option for sustaining whatever makes a community most at risk of not  improving future livelihoods. see www.amychina.net for why  parrterships with world's poorest university hubs that are innovating sustainability's greatest mobile value multipliers the net generetion is capable of delivering as potentially the most creative ever

also relationships between government and universities can be unhealthy in many ways- often they are only part of population on big pensions; politicians issue grants to -academics to defend errors not to innovate wholly new systems.  Back in 1930s economists main job was to design savings to invest in next generation's livelihoods; somehow the whole way that youth have least voice in political and mass media systems has destroyed designing innovative futures just when bodreless net connectivity could have empowered man and nature to evolve sustainably ....................

In the 44th year since The Ecoinokist and my family first started quetsioning whther the learning netwiork age would sustain or ruin millennials, we now klnow that education systems all ove the world are broken- and the most peculiar reason for this is parents havent been keeping professors on their toes

adAM smith 1748 the econoimists must help society ensure that no single interest groiup is ever in monopoly charge of certifying who is brightest of next generation


EverY curricula that i know most about is comopekletekly broken- not nmaximising jobs Nor sustainability -nor emotional intelligence's hope, love m courage or joy - for its stuents. These include

maths - i have a ba in maths firs class honours and sisrinction and postgrauate masters in statistics

media and mediation  which 5 generations of my family have made a libving on 

cultures which i love exploring from locailties up, and hasd privilege of contributing to first databank on using mit software created in late 1970s


risks compound whole truths

valuing goodwill and sustainable open/collaborative sysmes as core to way above zeros sum models if trade - essential to millennail sustainability and goals such as uniting human race to end poverty

 end poverty curricula - before 2001 i knew nothing about this other than my father's economic writings on it being millennials greatest risk- since 2001 i have volunteered half my time to mapping real soikutuions versus greenwashing and other ways advocacy can lose its purpose


is there a curriculum whose errors moist scares you> pleas teel us, and please note as keynes explained often what was a perfectly right curriculum is chnallenged by an unpredented chnage which the practioners have to try and innoicate throuigh but which theoiriests actually prefer to iginbre soi their monoply to rule conytinues noi matter what the cost to students 

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