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Jadgish Gandhi is the school teacher who lives what needed to be the greatest social and economic rule of the second half of the 20th century;

the child is any place's greatest investment be that place a community, a nation, our whole planet .

Hi is supported by his wife Bharti - arguably the greatest child psychologist to run a city's schooling system - and their 2 daughters (Sunita, Geeta) produce of the school whose twenties were spent in one case as a young profesisonal at the world bank and in the other case pioneering new teachings on the economics of labor through oxford and london universities 

There are 3 ways tp cross-check the system whole truth of Gandhi's idea:

the economic -in 1972 The Economist's Keynsian's map of the next 40 years pointed out that the global finacial system will collapse in the 2010s unless global newscaters stop prpagating the lie that corporate zero-sum games and paper currencies are a nation's main investment.



By 1972 it was possible to deduce that humanity was compounding its greatest gamble ever- doubling spens on global vilage communictaions technologies/inbfrastructiures every 7 years. If the next 7 doublings to 2030 designed way above zero-sum models into going beyond the industrial revolution of consuming up things then not only would milenials be sustainable but they would celebrate being the most creative generation ever benefiting ftrom how knowhoiw multiply values in use unlike consuming up things

the mathematical- back in the 193-s these are the most exciting freedoms that Ganshi's lie work proced and which any teacher of children should be freed to value:

lasting / sustainable will only be eladers liek gandhi dedicated to public service of ending inequality

unless the ideology of the end of 20th c world undesrtands how gandhi's satyagrha discovered in 1906 that professions compound the greatest risk where they comnpound a rule that may have provided hoistorical order (much of the british empires rules) but decelaued diversity of human future s(many of the british empire rules) it will turn out to be impossible for all societies to simulataneously value sustainability of being empowered by technolgy to be motre humanly connecetd than seprated -see education systems most valuing mandela as late 20th century's greatest public leader or maharishi as numbver 1 education curriculum of valuing the seld's positive emotional intelligences

whenever scientiyss say there is no more innovatyion space, model  at a more micro level of interaction and there will turn out toi be plenty more to human ingenuity and baural evolution - see also United Nation Academin Impact - nanotechonoly partners of amma


the practical. unesco credits city montessori school as the only one with a world caklss peace cyrriiculum - when racial riots came to lucknow of the 1990s it was the childrens marches in the streets that broiugh comon sense back to agult affairs


the extraordinary - almsot any illterate adult can be mebtored by children to read a newspaper within 50 days 


the personally fulfiling - what cross-cultural abnd demographic confuidence a chiled takes into adoplescence is critical- fcrom there on that attitude accelerates so fast that it is sometimes impossible and always non-economic to have to try and intervene later in a person's sfatety to self and others

because jadgish gandhi has been elected by citiznes of lucknow to run the world's largest non-governmental school, the 40000+ children of city montessori are not only the greatest investmenbts of any schooling system but theiur 1000 teachers love change. Thjs matters in our era of unprecedented change. The truth is that almost evrey government run system around the world based on examining standards accidentally evolves teachers who hate change - at least the entreprenurial revolution changes needed for teachers to lead world class job creation beyond the dictates of political masters and professional who have abandioned hippocratic aths to count up the money schemes of the richest 


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