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India MH AS AM



SA: Amma has exchanged more joyful hugs with more millions of disadvantaged people than anyone alive today.


In India Amma's calling started in her youth. Her international voyage has been a long one too - eg her first US Ashram was opened near San Ramon CA 1989.


Culturally, her open faith in every individual being may only be emulated in the 2010s by Franciscan  Preferential Option Poor


Through her life's process wonderful things have happened around her networks' meta-hub in south india www.amma.org. These include:


Poverty solution and womens empowerment movements aligned around her, as have some scientists who value consciousness as well as capital


E The former Indian president Kalam, leader of 2020 vision at of 3rd millennium, donated half a year's salary to her, and   chief scientist inspired innovation leaders to match him


Amma has been linkedin by scientists, from universities in Singapore to Oxford to Stanford ..,  who want to reconnect spirituality with valuation of their life's work. Amrati is the world's epicentre of extreme innovation in nanotechnology- surely the science that Einstein and his pen-pal Mahatma Gandhi would now back as sustainability critical


The UN Academic Impact value partnerships projects with Amrita University as exponentially unique across its transformation compass of millennials' sustainability goals


AS AM : Intercity millennials clubs of Amma are collaboratively more joyfully grounded than any young alumni action network that I have so far found in 20 years of searching the web





other world scaling partnnerships in global poverty or global social value curriula and value chain transformation


other reunification of science and consciousness 


signup to alumnisat monthly newletter of amma


sample sept 2015

 Dear Friends of Amrita and Millennials Sustainability

Please tell me if you don't like this format in which case I will adapt or end it -equally if there is some shared discussion tool you prefer to use please tell me where it is

1 i will add 2 or 3 names to circulation list each month- of course this is temporary pending both on their and the group's confirmation that this is a mutual win. This month I added

 Pri who dr ranga of yazmi introduced me to. Her parents live in Kerala and she has over 20 years of relationships with researchers and centres of Amrita but I better leave it to her to summarise. Naila Pri Dr Ranga and I are due to meet in washington dc 4 september- the end of september becomes very active  for eg women empowerment at un summits includingFashion for Development where leading ladies are due to celebrate Amma (if memory serves this is 3rd year Naila has nominated womens number 1 hero - 2014 sir fazle abed brac, 2013 muhammad yunus)

Pri and DR Ranga and I had half a day together during the world bank millennials accelerator last week which Naila is a co-director of. I have added 2 people from this accelerator. An old friend deeply connected with great and good in Atlanta, if I may call him that Navneet, one of the millennial mentors . His extraordinary entrepreneurship focuses girl orphanages in india and already digitalises educational content for his girls primary education. Pri kindly asked whether Navneet and I would like to visit Kerala in November - our understanding is Naila has a formal visit a month later with many days of scheduled activities .  Ivonna is an extraordinary medical millennial, winner with Gusto Gum of the accelerator grand prize and innovating solutions to anaemia in developing world. 

Amy (alizee) is an extraordinary chinese millennial introducing massive change to education, the lead youth connector for china-japan-midle east region of the 20th year in which china has led 100 international delegations to join in washington dcInternational Child Art Foundation - harnessing children's imaginations for positive social change  celebrations of creative children. Although she graduated in biotechnology she has found languages teaching combined with empowerment to be the main curriculum millennials need to interact both ways with chinese millennials (for example we are studying networks supporting chinese students when they land in silicon valley at age of 20ish ; as an other way round we are studying which of the 15000 strong university of disadvantaged students in dubai need help as potential leaders of trade with china). Moreover Dubai in December has a leading nanotechnology summit. My understanding is Dubai has a nascent centre of amma- should I be introducing our local millennial connectors?

2 A major question open learning designers and I have is how to navigate the Amrita organigram by practice-partner leadership. For example I would ask whether this is the right time to approach google.org and google on life science curricula now that they are making that its own network.  
  • Google (GOOGGOOGL) plans to spin off its life sciences team into a standalone company within Alphabet, according to a Google+ post from Sergey Brin.
  • Brin says Andy Conrad will head the business which is focused on using R&D to develop solutions for diseases.
  • Conrad is a former Project Manager at Google X.


Mountain View as epicentre of silicon valley is a very active collaboration search area for Amy, Chinese millenials and me not only with google but since the main us-china's womens tech hub is located there as is the main epicentre of MOOC online learning out of which China's Baidu has recently headhunted co-founder Andrew Ng

3 Myself I will next be in New York nights of 25 thru 29 september - sri, sonia is it possible to meet?

4 Regarding Bhavani's kind mail:
My last meeting with Yazmi's founder Noah Samara (whom Naila knows at higher levels of active partnership) was 2 weeks ago. I asked about Amrita and he assigned all Yazmi process on that to Dr Ranga. Regarding Paulo Freire his famous work was published in Brazil around 1968. He is no longer alive but both BRAC and Muhammad Yunus began their empowerrnent of village womens networks with ideas specifically adapting Paulio Freire. At the 20th Open Society award by George Soros to ur Fazle Abed out of Soros Central European University in Budapest, i videoed Sir Fazle specifically explaining Paulo Freire's design impact on origin of BRAC. Interestingly Jim Kim and Paul Farmers great network www.pih.org specifically is designed around the other late 1960s latin american societal ideology Preferential Option Poor- and Jim Kim takes the whole start of 2015-2016 of the world bank and IMF year to Lima Peru during first 10 days of October immediately after the Pope Francis's visit to Congress in DC and UN in New York. The week after that Naila's summit in San Diego is attended by a Cardinale thanks to Amma's interfaith courage

Amma signs Faith Leaders' Universal Declaration Against ...

Mata Amritanandamayi Math
Dec 2, 2014 - Amma joined Pope Francis in the Vatican and 10 other world religious leaders this morning, in a ceremonial signing of a declaration against ...

A final note i should make comes back to BRAC. Over the last 4 years that i have attended an annual debrief with Sir Fazle he has been quite desperate to ensure succession of his knowhow. I havent been able to demonstrate an open learning platform and coherent partnership to him yet but he gets that can be part of the solution he needs. Again naila has far closer contacts with Sir Fazle than I and with potential Bangladesh investors in Yazmi

chris macrae dc 240 316 8157 satellite learning alumni year 42

PS my father Norman Macrae and i started studying how satellite learning would determine sustainability of the net generation in 1972 with father writing up research at The Economist. Whilst this paper was founded in 1843 by a scot concerned with mediating an end to poverty, with the Pearson split up The Economist is up for sale with final decisions likely made london 22 september. (day after my interview with chairman of The Economist Group)

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