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 The World Records Jobs Creators series 101 features womjen4empowerment and POP solutions P101


Dahl Ophelia 101

POP Health - women empower

* education alumni 

* Energy 


To say that Dahl is the female connector of Partners in Health is an undervaluation but note how much goodwill responsibility Dahl's network connecting includes:

Connector of paul farmer and jim kim (all 3 were partners for over 20 years - Kim is now trying to celebrate POP at world bank and empowerment of young professionals)

Connector of  the world's most imaginative stories - from her father's fiction to her partners real life heroics

Connector of womens networks -  sustainable end poverty village networkers integrate trust's foundation through maternal and infant health - see oral rehydration

Connector of wellesley alumni- and the new england and old england homes which have cultured her beliefs and actions

Witness to some of the most violent individual health challenges imaginable - which nobody lives through more of than directors of Preferential Option Poor health servants. This is why all of Dahl, Kim and Farmer POP with hope as an intangible value driver of all the greatest social innovations sustainability goals world needs now. video references https://vimeo.com/132446931 2015 dahl's update to partners in health across africa;  from 15 min 20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AchBTlFt_4 dahl on how sustainable global service solutions start up with devotion to one community; farmer on hope

 101 videos

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PINxZQwde54 -will rwanda gateway teaching hospoital to africa be even greater for partners in health than mirebalais in haiti? - influencer maps armin at athgo, noah at yazmi, naila at w4e



Cuba Health System




2015 was a hopeful year for Cuban livelihoods with the Obama administration's rapproachment nudged by the Socially Active  networks of Pope Francis. At the same time, Cuba Health system announced a world first

- P101

ending transmission of hiv from mother to new-born. Paul Farmer and his PIH friends have long reported Cuba as a benchmark for inspired and economical health service i(n effectiveness the who reported it 2000 as about equal to the US system). Lets hope millennials students of global health get every chance to transfer what works from each country to the other , and thence worldwide

 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8eNJkzGx9Y why women of  china among first to celebrate cuba health breakthrough for all best reasonings

Amazingly Cuba is 90 miles away from the world's most expensive health system -and thus the primary benchmark for destroying sustainability of millenials, let alone womens and maternal wellbeing

   .references to how Pope Francis is becoming millennials sustainabilit champion for one sixth of the world or more

Francis on Cuba, Peace, Health, Climate .......World Bank - 2015 us visit 24 september congress, 25 september UN ..

october world bank starts its year in Peru- home since 1968 of Franciscan POP (Preferential Option Poor)


Preferential Option Poor


While many saw the 1960s as a hopeful decade with the race to the moon, back on the ground, South Americans were asking what could the Catholic faith do if it wholly served the poorest. Whilst most of this region was no longer under colonial rule, most Latino countries were poor and still largely run by the richest or dictators (often pawns to The Cold War)


By 1968, Preferential Option Poor (POP) was celebrated at a summit in Colombia and written up in a book (Liberation Theology) by the Peruvian Gustavo Gutierrez. Historically, this practical ideology matched the Franciscan branch of Roman Catholicism. POP's simplest code is that a profession/faith that is to be trusted to help the poorest needs to live and learn with them bringing 24/7 hope to their situation.


At the same time, a key to China's Cultural Revolution was based on barefoot doctors- namely sending medical workers to go live and serve in the poorest villages (typically places without electricity etc) . By 1972, similar ideas inspired Sir Fazle Abed's in forming Bangladesh's grassroots networks to end poverty (he had also been inspired by Brazilian Paulo Freire's book - pedagogy of the oppressed which advocates POP in education)


Mountains Beyond Mountians

Ten years later saw the graduate student Paul Farmer's first visit to Haiti and the start of his life work (to be heroised in the book MBM) . Paul values POP applied to community health services. The network Partners in Health was named in 1987 by Farmer, his friend Ophelia Dahl, and Jim Kim - who since 2012 has challenged millennials to implement POP through young professional networks of the World Bank. When Pope Francis was elected in 2013, Jim Kim was an early visitor and discussions ranged over how POP could be celebrated wherever millennials join in the race to end poverty. 2015 as year UN transforms around sustainability goals also sees the Pope visit the UN and US congressman and the Jim-Kim led world bank start its year in Lima, Peru.


Back in 1208, Francis deliberately launched the womens network of Clares alongside the male network of Franciscans. If POP has a weakness, it may be that its cultural DNA didn't directly invite women from day 1.

neighboring map 

will happiness mindset of paul farmer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PINxZQwde54  .. repairing the world- move to min 7 of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI5mouRRaEw to understand how roots of world's most affordable health service parnerships (eg PIH with boston brigham women and haiti) started in squatter settlement over30 yeraqs ago (one caused by aid - the us built a big dam for haiti leaving thise peasant farmers behind the dam in conge with nothing)

kim   (worldbankyouth.com - WRCJ alumni of POP by value chain : combinations health & ...tedx of end poverty; collab transcripts at world bank 1   2) and pope francis

be celebrated by open learning networks in time for net generation to be most creative, healthiest ever- and the first to teach macroeconomits to value women's lives and livelihoods as much as mens- please dont call me sexist but the greatest investemnt any society makes isnt in corporation, governments or charities it is through families -whwre a child is fortunate to be sustsined by loving parenting education systems should play supporting not comopeting role; where children do not have sufficient family structire community pride in POP education is critical to any place's sustainability across generations 

High society female netwirkers of POP



101a sarah "sainsbury" - networks microenergy summits at www.ashden.org video ashden2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzEajBQ9gmQ 

    - co-workers prince charles , bbc's paul rose nature correspondent -alumn of Yunus 69th birthday party sponsored by NMF - previpoiusly while heal or royal geographic society bbc micheal palin - his latest book brazil puts latin american climate and siustainability goals back in prime time prior to and after the olympics  


  1. 101b laura "turner" - ted turner foundation gift of billion dollar to make un more partnership accessible to womens empowerment and millennials sustainability- please help us rate which un agencies transformed - cnn hero format ; ....


Mrs and Mr Toure

They come from Mali. During his ten years of ITU leadership (the UN's Network of telecoms and satellites), Mrs Toure got at her husband: why not zero mothers die if your experts are valuing their skills and new technology optimal?. Now that the ITU leadership baton has been passed to a chinese man, it is to hoped that he respects the number 1 personal goal of China's first lady which appears to be in the same orbit as Mrs Toure and Ophelia Dahl. cubaworldfirst


10/10s include fashion4devlopmentITU under Toure familyUNAI ...  votes welome rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

 ashden2 related videos according to google..........................................................................................................................................



next 102 AMMA

2008-2015 notes on green energy for poorest billion

 bangladesh web called www.ghshakti.org - WRJC friends web www.grameenenergy.com -off grid poorest in world asks why not solar for electricity when same cost or less than kerosene; related why not health of biogas ovens when same cost as kerosene (cooking's killer of lung diseases of vilage mothers and childrten)

book by nancy wimmer - green energy for billion poor - additional reference mit dlab 2013 sponsored by abdul latif

yunus moore's law doubling of siolar continued to million units instaled by 2010 but why didnt whole future happen:

yunus grameen bank starts to be taken over by hasina government from 2010

row between yunus and dipal  barua end 2009


original source for solar knowhow neville wiliams- originally jimmy carter's champion of solar-see also atlanta netwirks, hi society coordinator laura turner; new billionaire women empowerment connector sara blabely (confederat branson - see also carbonwarroom) 


why didnt atalnta 2015 nobel peace summit with 20000 studnets happen? and continue green energy and end poverty millennials joy - ask 1 mayor, 2 yunus, 3 bhuiyan , thurgood marshall

yunusreedbhuioyan.JPG  nobeldreamers.JPG



- how can we next help laura turner, jimmy carter family, other great and good to celebrate atlanta as a top 20 millennisl futire capital

.next 102 AMMA

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