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Alan I think I have finally worked out the interview question we need to ask dad to get his knowledge of community rising economics flowing in the transcript you need to start our mapping book with

what are economics' 3 all-time grand challenges?

I am hoping he will say :

C) reconciling a place/society after its land or productive capital has been monopolised- the origin of adam smith free markets, the french coining of the bon mot "entrepreneur", the 1843 launch of The Economist, Bagheot's and others constitutional changes to the UK that belatedly ended its imperial system, the premature death of the founder of The Economist ten months into trying to reform Raj economics in calcutta 1862 -of dairrohea that BRAC solves at 10 cents per does ... Gandhi's truth triangle of post-empire reconciliation requires system transformations to education*media*business and government professions  

B) ending world slumps - which I assume where keynes demand economics started to overtake designing productive systems ; also why big media cant see its what's ruined community up economics

A) empowering the next generations greatest interactive challenge, which since 1976 has been ending poverty with the emerging internet offering the means http://www.normanmacrae.com/netfuture.html

Not being an economist I expect there's fancier language for some of the above but if 7 billion people could vote for what they assume whole truth economics -let alone peace - aims to find compound models for - might not they start with flowing these 3 future capitalisms so simply that everyone's a social action participant from 3rd grade up?

chris macrae http://rowp.tv

alan have you time to interview dad july 7 or 8 while I'm in London en route to Dhaka?

chris macrae http://rowp.tv

alan have you time to do this interview with dad july 7 or 8 while I'm in London en route to Dhaka?

perhaps mark can do a 2-minute youtube interview with Dr Yunus on this question July 14 -the day the french word entrepreneur celebrates - hip hip SMBA!


Dear Mostofa


A few rather big maps to try to catch up with. I put down what flows I recall so others can choose to tell me what I have failed to recall or got plain wrong. For three years I edited part of the European Union's knowledgeboard.com until my group came back with the proposal that the best way to make hi-trust KM actionable was to change job title of Directors of Knowledge Management to Centre of Unlearning. It didn't go down well with top people at EU (except for Ronald Mackay funder of intangibles crisis research http://euintangibles.net/  ) However, if organisational designs and leaders are to wholly value and communicate the context enriching maths of goodwill's exponentials,  I am comfiest when alowed time and meetings to help practice unlearning before worldwide action. 

1 SOCIAL ACTION LONDON MAP (& New York Possibilities)

The first 5 of the london's first 20 that we presented in dhaka on January 3

Forum & Intercitizen Collaboration FC’s Everyone’s an Entrepreneur

Social Action -ad hoc committee

Social Business Hub (Hive)


Bangladesh-London, Yunus 1000 Forums

Sofia  : Southern Hemsisphere,

Youth, Women(flows- eg Lesley Africa)

Chris Macrae, UK<>USA, 

Brand Chartering,

dad's economics and maps of sustainability exponentials, Y1000 bookclub

Modjtaba Sadria:

London  epicentre of east-west reconciliation,

cultures, faiths, modernity 

GRN/ Aga Khan Uni; Ad hoc Social Action Committee London


Brixton regeneration over proven 20 year period, youth, government & culture resolution

are now integrating at a higher level orf practical harmony- now that everyone's curiosity and emotional intelligence knows that they want to try to serve dr yunus social actions in ways that flow sustainably through each other's deepest missions

Also Brixton Hive (which for transparency's sake I should say I gave a social business loan of 15000 pounds to) is happy to try to support/connect with Mark and all video possibilities, the future of social actions london (something I have very little practical experience or persence in) will fly much deeper and more joyfully if sofia joins us in dhaka too, which she has phoned me to wish to do

Its also an unique opportunity if sofia and all of us can meet alexis because the social networking action rehearsals emerging in new york is very different. At a constitutional level of what the city facilitates social actions:  very much less about future historioes of cross-cultrural and hubs giving physical space to faith/youth problem conflict resolving, very much more how to protect the deep social business model that 100,000 Bangladesh's service community leaders have change banking and the whole economics of development with.  As you may know Alexis is literally threading together what a 21st century course in

  • NYU '11
  • Human Rights and Economics
  • needs to connect across disciplines by studying and practicing it and on microfinance she is mentored by Rachel a person who's networking influence is formidable on what new york under 30's believe microcredit can do and choose whether or not to reform new york banking particularly now one of her own mentors Marriah Star is back up at Harvard and deeply committed both to youth social actions and health in the community (interests that the head of grameen america in boston also prioritises). So there are many potential games of snap to play, and Peter and I are too old to be responsible for having to remember them all, let alone see how they multiply future-back maps.

    Mostofa do you also have any updates on how dhaka sees updating of chapter 11 promise that dhaka wanted to be centre championing youth social actions. If there are more people than Kazi Islam's role with the yunussocialaction group portal, it would be a good time if we could meet them in Dhaka.


    Also I am accutely aware that apart from yourself Mostofa the rest of ad hoc social action committee in London hasnt met many of the core Bangladeshi social action community in London who have always been one of Dr Yunus number 1 social action groups. Is there someone that eg Modjtaba and Mitchell should first meet in London to see if these flows can rapidly improve?

    ...I apologise and I am at fault as I only have a first grade level in understanding all the good work of muslim networks- I know hardly any of the who's who announced as world's top foreign policy influencers


    During nearly four weeks of voting, more than 500,000 people came to ForeignPolicy.com to cast ballots.

    Such an outpouring reveals something unique about the power of the men and women we chose to rank. They were included on our initial list of 100 in large part because of the influence of their ideas. But part of being a “public intellectual” is also having a talent for communicating with a wide and diverse public. This skill is certainly an asset for some who find themselves in the list’s top ranks. For example, a number of intellectuals—including Aitzaz Ahsan, Noam Chomsky, Michael Ignatieff, and Amr Khaled—mounted voting drives by promoting the list on their Web sites. Others issued press releases or gave interviews to local newspapers. Press coverage profiling these intellectuals appeared around the world, with stories running in Canada, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Spain, and elsewhere.

    No one spread the word as effectively as the man who tops the list. In early May, the Top 100 list was mentioned on the front page of Zaman, a Turkish daily newspaper closely aligned with Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen. Within hours, votes in his favor began to pour in. His supporters—typically educated, upwardly mobile Muslims—were eager to cast ballots not only for their champion but for other Muslims in the Top 100. Thanks to this groundswell, the top 10 public intellectuals in this year’s reader poll are all Muslim. The ideas for which they are known, particularly concerning Islam, differ significantly


    The work Mark does with filming can also become an ideal way for us all to understand how life stories overlap in Action flows- Bangaldesh's London's Youth's Women's and so on.

    I believe it is now valid to do one 10,000 dvd printing a year of top 20 discussions youth need to host wherever as undergraduates or other coalitions of youth have at least a year to network debates and start actioning their choices. This medium is low cost, portable to a few large trial social action epicentres, one that Yunus1000 needs to own before another group if we are to plant the most scalable spaces to action an end to mini-professordom as well as other conventional mistakes big global systems risk trapping youth -as well as poverty and women - in.

    so Dhaka's first 2.5 weeks of July are as a great a chance as we have yet seen to rehearse http://yunusforum.net/ the yunus 1000 forum value of impossible becomes possible if right action time place people 

    4 climate -still trying to find photosynthesis action epicentre and high visibility london theatre!!


    chris macrae http://rowp.tv/ rumors of what's possible

    (// mail later today on the missing jigsaw pieces of exponentials mapping and global professional conflicts alan mitchell and I have spent 10 years muddling with) 

    footnote from chapter 11 of Dr Yunus:-  XXX means I am making outrageous guess that they probably wont happen until a citizen group does an unstoppable experiment

    Social Action Forum – will Yunus & You create a worldwide happening?

    yunus book 228

    Having a dream about a better world is fun. Why not interact to help make the reality closer too? My suggestion: create a small organisation we call a Social Action Forum.  It can be as small as three people who band together to address a single, manageable local problem. If others want to join that’s fine. But if you feel comfortable with three, don’t try to expand that number

    XXX I am planning to create a website where you can register your social action forum. On the website, you can describe your plan for the year, record you thoughts, mention the frustrations and excitement of your work, show the progress you are making, and display pictures relating to your project. To start a Forum –all you need is the willingness and initiative to make a difference.

    You might start a forum around a neighbourhood improvement. Or if you live in a developing country, the action forum might be built around helping a beggar find a job or self-employment. Some social action forums may remain small, operate for 2 or 3 years and then disband. Others may grow bigger and bigger, and some may become successful businesses.. An idea from one forum may inspire other forums to replicate the idea. A few forums may grow into major programs with the potential to transform societies.

    Aside from launching a Social Action Forum, there are may steps that individuals can take to help promote the social-business idea. If you are a teacher, you could help launch a course to teach young business people about social business. If you are a member of a civic or faith group, you could help arrange a series of lectures, meetings or conferences about opportunities for social businesses in your community. If you help to oversee a pension fund, you can propose that part of those resources be set aside to invest in social business. And of course, if you are a business executive, you can explain to your CEO the value of creating a social business.

    XXX One way to generate social business ideas is to host competitions. Any organisation or person can sponsor such a competition: a school, a foundation, a chamber of commerce, a civic group and so on. I can picture local, regional and even global competitions with hundreds of thousands of participants vying to create the most practical, ambitious and exciting concepts for social business. Prizes for the best business designs could include investment funding for the project, or connections to social investors. All the proposals submitted could be published on the internet to inspire the designers of subsequent competitions or to provide ideas for entrepreneurs who want to start social businesses.

    XXX I have been promoting the idea of a social-business competition for a while, and now the Taiwanese magazine Business Weekly has announced such a competition. It has raised $1.5 million to provide seed money for the top 10 submissions, which will be announced November 2007. I am absolutely delighted by this initiative.

    World (Brand Charter) 2050 : Communal Action Wishlist  (yunus book page 213)

    Today’s rapid pace of change makes it crucial that we, as individual citizens, have a clear idea as to where we want our world to go. If we hope to find and stay on the right course, we must agree on the basic features of the world we want to create. And we must think big, as big as we dare imagine- lest we waste the unprecedented opportunities that the world is offering us. Let us dream the wildest possible dreams and then pursue them. Here is my wish list for the world I would like to see emerge by 2050. How many of these dreams do you share?

    Poverty will be gone. Every country will have its poverty museum, and the global poverty museum will be located in the last country to eradicate poverty completely

    All people will be global citizens of equal status.

    War will be obsolete; Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction will have been eliminated.

    So called incurable diseases from cancer to AIDS, will have been eradicated. Disease will be a rare phenomenon subject to immediate treatment. High quality healthcare will be available to everyone, and both infant mortality and maternal mortality will be things of the past.

    A first rate global education system will be available to all from anywhere in the world. All children will experience the excitement of learning, and will grow up as caring individuals dedicated to the wellbeing of others as well as themselves.

    Each person will have the full opportunity to explore the limits of his or her potential, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion or family heritage. People from all nations and backgrounds will have a fair chance to participate in te great adventures of te human species and to expand the horizons oh human knowledge and creativity.

    A global government will resolve conflicts between nations and regions, secure the quality of life of all people, and ensure the environment is protected.

    The political system will allow every citizen of the world to participate in collective decision-making while minimising interference by the state in individual activities.

    The global economic system will encourage individuals, businesses and institutions to share their prosperity and participate actively in bringing prosperity to others, making income inequality an irrelevant issue. “unemployment” and "welfare” will be unheard of.

    All people will be committed to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Sun, water and wind will be the main sources of power.

    Humans will be able to forecast earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and other natural disasters precisely, and in time to minimise damage and loss of life

    Free wireless connections will facilitate communication among peoples anywhere in the world. Language barriers will be eliminated on the internet etc through simultaneous translation software

    There will be no discrimination of any kind, whether based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political belief, language, culture or any other factor

    All cultures, ethnic groups and religions will flourish to their full beauty and creativity, contributing to the magnificent unified orchestra of human society.

    XXX The process of imagining a future world of our liking is a major missing element in our educational system. We don’t prepare out students to think as individuals about what kind of world they would like to create Each student could explain to the class why he wants the things he wants. Other students may endorse his ideas, offer better alternatives or challenge him. Then the students will go n to discuss how to create the better world they imagine, what they can do to make it happen, what the barriers are, and how partnerships and organsizations can be created to promote the goal. The course would be fun, and more important, it would be a great preparation for an exciting journey


    Poverty & Democracy 2.0   p187

    It’s most important impact may be on the political realm – since the elimination of global poverty can never truly evolve until the poor take their rightful place as fully empowered citizens of free societies.

    Unfortunately, the political process in many countries has been very frustrating to say the least. Investing huge sums of money to buy government offices, manipulating the media to create false images of candidates, and dirty tricks designed to smear opponents or even steal elections have become all too common. In some countries, units of the armed forces or private militias have seized control of the mechanisms of government. All too often “people power” http://peoplepower.jp/ seems to have disappeared from politics replaced my money power, muscle power or even firepower.

    We see these troubles with democracy in some of the world’s largest countries including USA and Russia. Similar problems exist in Bangladesh, where political corruption, distortion of the very purpose of governance, and self-dealing have been rampant.

    As a result of the problems with democracy, people around the world are losing faith in the political process. Young people especially have been turning apolitical, rejecting a system they regard as hopelessly compromised. In this climate, politicians feel driven to consolidate their power by stoking hatred between citizens, ethnic groups. Religions and nations. When citizens are forced to confront their own governments in an antagonistic way or must struggle to surmount needless barriers built by the state just to live productive lives, then neither freedom nor enterprise can flourish.

    Yet democracy is the best political framework we have to unleash the creative energy of the people, particularly the young. Today, the new IT offers a powerful tool in support of real democracy.  Information s power. This is why governments that seek to rule over people instead of serve them are so eager to maintain their control over information. By making such centralized control far more difficult , the new IT, especially the internet, creates enormous obstacles for would-be tyrants.

    Thanks to the internet, a single individual can now speak to the whole world without the control f any intermediary. This makes IT a powerful amplifier of the voices of the people, especially minority groups, the poor, and the geographically isolated. It also reduces the costs in time, energy and money of communicating with a large number of people.

    IT can give voice to the voiceless, eyes to the politically blind, ears to the politically deaf. It is a reason why governments, businesses, NGOs and ordinary citizens need to join forces to make sure that the power of technology is put within reach of everyone in the world –including the poorest among us, who need its help the most


    the more those who understand micrcredit's 30 year social business revolution can protect microcredit from not being misapplied anywhere in the world the more yunus can move over to his new job of leading internetwork for the poor from the bottom billion while gates leads the same innovation from the top billion- whether you use the C-word (capitalism) or the D-word (democracy) they are both the same social action stage and both requite turning media, education and professions' syststems other way up imo

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