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Historically, economics and media watchers know that the publication of new treasure maps has always been exciting but disastrous or dismal. To date, treasure maps have conditioned smash and grab, winner takes all: often accidentally destroying any local culture or community in its wake. They promoted cheating, dismal professional monopolies, government over people instead of serving by and for the people, soundbite image-laden global charity brands failing to recycle a single cent they collected. Worst of all, they were root causes of warring and other false system chains of behaviours –wholly untrue as judged by the trinity of faith, hope and love of our human race’s golden rule of relationship reciprocity teaches our children not to get misled into doing.

Dr Yunus’ maps are joyously and courageously different because they mix the best instead of the worst of 2 clashing human energy systems:   collaborative and competitive. They treasure human being and nurture their flows not ownership of inanimate possessions like gold or carbon. Quite naturally, the more people and goodwill communities find a particular social treasure, the more there is for mapping to co-create and sustain-  provided the win-win-wins are structured so that the world’s poorest women are first to get a fair chance at planting innovation’s kindest opportunities and least brutal of risks.

You can help co-create the wprld's open register of Social Business compounding truly human purpose. IF a social network or community tool appears below click to add a social business, ELSE tell info@worldcitizen.tv if you want to start a register at another community :


At the same time, the maps of Dr Yunus share many mathematically simple features with road maps and open space for useful systems that invite the child’s curiosity and brilliance to shine in all of us. These maps connect flows through updating very detailed local information. Whilst they are mathematical in design, they are only as worthwhile as their widest social and simplest interpersonal usability. They replicate locally until ultimately you have a worldwide atlas whose flows guide you provided you wish to help people make the most of co-creativity of you and us on all our travels of mind and body.

Today - and determining such big pictures as future modernity and innovation for the human lot - this century’s new networking world can be virtually explored way beyond sad  old administration structures –such as geographical boundaries - which conventional wisdom accounted for as the only tangible spreadsheet of management.  Now, the Uniting of Nations need not only be a leadership dream, its empowerment simultaneously in all peoples can be collaborative mapping’s integrated transformation goal worldwide. Spinning around which sustainability of all human generations now urgently and irreversibly depends as 6.5 billion people select which globalisation to draw up - and celebrate human value - wherever you favourite cultural dance may be.

Can one man alone lead 6.5 billion to human sustainability? Of course, that is not the book’s claim. First, Dr Yunus is modestly but precisely and openly sharing with us what 30000 people around him have taken 30 years to develop. Secondly, there are joyous parallel compatriots and peers of Dr Yunus who have invested in organisations compounding equal success and size over time. Third, these persistently brave eastern souls have spent much of the last few years inviting silicon valley leaders to be among the first through joyous worldwide web weaving to issue invitations to contextually deep collaborative mapping. So now world entrepreneurs can explore community rising projects -  integrated local-intermedia-global - through three-in-one open systems: collaboration mapping’s social ABC. WorldCitizen.tv and WorldEntrepreneur.net welcome news on whom you see testing out Yunus’ development game be they on America’s west coast on anywhere on your whole planet.


C is for a species of Capitalism which maps the Macro consequences of what’s possible to compound for everyone to see. So we can select a win-win-win global -a future promised by maps that openly design hi-trust into every social ABC investment. Capitalism’s future changes simply, as Dr Yunus has spent 30 years validating, along with all the truest performance metrics at context deep levels. His alumni have put this into place with microcredit’s change to banking systems worldwide. Since 1996, the most human co-creation network microcreditsummit.org so far mapped, has set and achieved a goal of ending poverty for 100 million people. Today’s safest banks invest in the productivity of people not the sub-prime’s derivatives, nor any over-heating of demand and chaining people to debt. If this can be done with such a hard global market as banking, why not try its parallel deep explorations into the planet’s other largest 100 global markets.

Future Capitalism includes a mathematical model seconded by Bill Gates wherein the world’s biggest conventional organisations can partner with the deepest grassroots networked organisations around a sector’s deepest reality for sustaining all of our childrens futures. Industry Sector Responsibility maps can achieve what a decade of communications messes with separated corporate social responsibility tools has not.
Exponentially and naturally, today’s sustainability crises in climate and agriculture, health and education, finance and government do not give us 30 years to slowly compound round. Mathematically and because my grandfather was mentored through their careers as barristers, I happily beg you to see that Dr Yunus is offering us the same exponentially urgent change media, education and profession challenges that Gandhi did 30 years into Satyagraha (leadership dramas activated by communal celebrations of truth mapping). All we need is enough citizens to be encouraged to be wholly curious by media and schools and professional hippocratic oaths to play with open sourcing Dr Yunus models around the contexts they have most human experience of and we can do exactly what his book invites: Creating a World Without Poverty – Social Business, the Future of Capitalism.

B is the simplest model – and interacting molecule which the jargon of system theories calls holon -business has ever seen if and only if you wish to invest in compounding whole purpose serving the deepest need and openly multiply a context’s truest value. It is embedded into every series of collaboration treasure maps so that human productivities and demands keep each other in win-win-win sync: local-intermedia-to global. This begins with starts ups but as we have seen in our network age can scale up very fast but also needs to do so at a pace which respects life’s communal nurturing and steadfastness.

A is the simplest game youth, or anyone, can play in action learning how to serve a specifically selected goal that builds community all around you. It involves 3 people in one objective diarising strengths and weakness of their teamworks as well as what opportunities and threats this encounters communally, environmentally and into the future should they wish to systemise their goal after year one and potentially gear up next into a prototype social business or by uniting several teams around a map of collaboration gold.

reference sites official grameen :
grameen.com yunussocialactiongroup.org

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peoplepower with ROWp.tv -Rumors of What's Possible to Viralise or broadcast so that the biggest questions on human sustainability are openly debated in ways that are cross-culturally true

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