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upload FEDICS file - 3 page feb 2019 update - questions chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

lists of @obmauni and world record jobs connectors can help girls (who end poverty) do FEDICS one two or six at time -eg so as never to be suprimed again
a lot of brilliant youth have been doing FD eg bkash of brac-gates-ma (sometimes called Fintech)   linkedin Unwomens,  chris macrae, 2019 DC, year of pig and living at the end of Mr Trump's nerves #metoo beam us up please
F is for finance-what do parents, little sisters and families save for? if wall street isnt delivering this send them to jail (or a million hours coding service at amazonun.com) do not pass go..E is for edu for livelihoods not for professors to rule the waves 

D is for Digital: G5 AI IOT singular computing cloud dig data small platforms Blockchains augmented sensory experiences and trips around world, biotech, cyber

.. as Pac-west's chips acclerate into trillions times moore capacity than 1960s moon race in 2020s science foction no ,longer exists - every sci dream or nightmare can henceforth be webbed into reality- lets hope more of us humans are dreamakers like Ms Yo - converge with her on the road TO-k-YO - see EconomistDiary.com (new emperor celebrations g20 celebrations pope francis celebratikons olympics)

2020 will be 59th year of celebrating how Japan started the East Rising Suns through microelectornic win-win trades - reversing ober 400 years damage to communities across Asia that Britania rlpes the waves with slaves and opiod currencies had spun.

I is for infrastricure mapping across 13 most exciting world gtrade belts (90% of world trade is shipped so you need to map which nelts your communitie linkin on feb 1 2019 jim kim declared he would #metoo have a go at being new yorks most joyful infrastructure banker for healthy girls africa- we wish him luck in wall streets and mr trumps world of walls and silos and big brothersC is for cooperation UN1 Ma2or collaboration- there is no point having trillion times Moore if we are not connecting what human most need and most want to work onS is for expoential valuation of sustainability goals (you dont need to play all 17 at a time - tell us which one you make tyopur talisman for life and livelihopod) as intergenerational crises of doing now- imagine of the tokyo olympics opening ceremony is joined by 17 new flag carriers- one for each sdg - who would vote for which fla- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk www.womenuni.com www.amazonuni.com www.maolympics.com wash dc +1 240 316 8157- my 10 fav supercities to rehetrase for the most exciting games ever played -which are yours

pilot notes from the fedics whats app of alumnisat.com - hey the good news is we are all alumni of the sustainability generations greatest jobs hits- tghe day when universities divided us is gone

[11:15 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris.Macrae@yahoo.co.uk: please dont look at 3 slides attached in FEDICS februarty update- unless you have some time and a printer-they try and put 75 years of my family's best work (including 20 clickable surveys from The Economist) - as we race into singularity of trillions moore chip power (ie chip has capacity of human brain albeit an empty picture to program) on moores exponential and through 1000 to 4000 more death of distance consequences on my father Norman Macrae exponential index- mapping sustainability of 4 billion youth and 4 billion parents on 3 pages is a thankless task- if you know anyone who might want to discuss simplifying this so eg new infrastructire bankers (jkim ji )  or edutech people (ma fu other top 50 china edu-for-youth-tech) can linkin please say -

anyone know how to crack this big data small challenge-? - i have 2000 twitter lists  (eg Ten-oneTuskHell ...)  that i some how need to code-search to match maps on these 3 pages -so i realise a lot of this is still messy- but it aims to send tusk to hell for never valuing goodwill and just forcing youth to bail out every mistake his bureaucrats and trumps mean big brothers are drowning bangladesh and chinese girls in as just 2 groups of humans i have spent last 10 years observing- so why another acronym FEDICS?

[11:18 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: well you can perm any combination of the 6 multipliers so Finance Digital is probably what people call fintech and ecommerce of the last 15 years

[11:19 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: but Digital is also everything that could ne cooperative of next 7 years eg AI G5 IOT Blockchain 3d virtual senses mixed up or transporting you across worlds cultures - cyber risks biotech etc

[11:21 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: i hope that EDC is jack ma's rest of life - in other words all of the d stuff just mentioned anything outside classroom education could be and cooperation valuation needed so that big datas sets help comminities thirive as sdg economic zones or spaces where science fiction no longer exists only girls dreams get realised

[11:24 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: i hope that somehow jim kim although he says hes working on african infrastructure banking of new york is really the bridge to the head office of aiib and particularly president jins daughter at the lse- as i prefer her team futures- they largely form the journalism of 2 women on cgtn and interconnect with ren's daughter

[11:26 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: if you look bottom left of page 1 you will see the simpelst maths of goodwill as a value multiplier and any purposeful holon that is prepared to be audited by what purpose would everyone uniquely miss if this system did not exist- what would the worked miss if alumni of sir fazle did not exist might be one audit we could all do between the 3 of us until we decide that we need to go and see sir fazle or iqbal

[11:28 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: bottom right are about 15 of my fathers surveys across hemispheres that you can download starting with his 1962 work which the emperor of japan awarded him one of first 20 international honors from japan - order of rising sun with gold bars

[11:32 AM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: i really wish we could do a join tour of tsinghua and wherever else interests you most- i dont know how to get there- any questiions or ideas- oh my naught 2000 listings are at twitter @obamauni - including this jim kim subnetwork https://twitter.com/obamauni/lists/ten-cities-i-explore-most/members -are you each on twitter

[1:41 PM, 2/7/2019] Chris Macrae: a public guide to playing FEDICS is emerging at http://www.fedics.net 



  1. Why Young People Pretend to Love Work? nyti.ms/2HKWg4P serial tipping point - do AIdemocracy.com humanly co-create livelihoods end manic hustle- so far under 30s ripped off by bigtech - bend curve of #digitalcooperation sdg economic zones



What is DC and what is Cooperation -The UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation Secretariat hosts Virtual Town Halls on every first Monday of the month to share updates from the past month, an overview of upcoming activities, and provide an open forum ...

  • WISE
  • Jaci
  • Li Jin
  • Hitachi
  • Intelligent Health AI
  • The Commonwealth
  • Girl Develop It
  • Thierry Lorho
  • William Ury




xwhen nations politicians close down discussions of how to help other peoples winw-in with their peoples they destroy all youth future sustainabilty- europe needs to rid istelf of tisk disease and us of trump disease- such dismal creatures serve nobody and reflect complete inability to value opportunities of racing towards trillions times moore silicon cell capacity

seeing how to celebrate each others futures in surveys from a time when racing to the moon filed the world with hope that humans could achieve anything if they loved each opther more than the slavemaking colonial and world war era


 The Economist’s 33 year debate on future of education www and sustainability of being human 1986 began

with Consider Japan1962 and 1967 for which the commander of the British Empire was awarded in Britian and the 

Emperors Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Bars was  awarded from Japan- this led to www tech back from future value of youth dbetaes:

 1972    the NEXT 40 YEARS   Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution 1976; the latter was translated for Europe by Romano Prodi

 americans were asked to celebrate the strat of their 3rd century by recalling that from 1860 Queen Victoria has designated the main

global purpose of the english Langiage as reconciling the conflicts the colonial era had caused - see how singapore's mahbubani discussed the

absurd traagedy of all but destroying livelihoods of the half of the world's people living around the south and east asia coatsal belts

 1977 survey China Asian Pacific Century 1975-2075  1977 survey of Two Billion People- Asia

Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong  & 20 countries East of Iran

a celebration of The Valley as a benchmark for the future of everywhere can be seen in 1982 1982 why not Silicon Valley for all


which brings us The 2025 Report on the 3 billion community-gronded livelihoods that milennials would need wisdom of elders 

in mediating tech changes in education and finance chapter 20hapter 1

chapter 6 chapter 7 chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10

chapter 11 part 1  chapter 11 part 2

chapter 12

chapter 13

chapter 14

chapter 15

chapter 16

chapter 17

chapter 18

chapter 19


chapter 21   chapter 2

chapter 3 part 1  chapter 3 part 2

chapter 4

chapter 5


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