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The Economist saw successful moon race as accelerating post industrial revolution

- over 4000 times moore comstech 2030 versus 1946 - satellite coms death of cost of distnance being

first infrastructure accelerator along with moores law of doubling of silicon chip power

IR4wins.com  3 Genevae future tech leadership networks of globalisation have invited jack ma's networks to be the 

fourth to bridge their language of industrial revolution 4(wins) - while there is not exact agreement of each leapfroging era

you can question 1) what did satlillite and silion bring; 2 what did personal computer networks and www bring

3) what did mobile telecom text and smart computing in your mobile bring

4) what are AI's 4-in-one bringing (eg AI & Blockchain &%GCuyber & Biotech) 

such unprecendented sustemm change brings best of times if under 30s half of world become sd generation, or the worst if we elders make them th extinction generation- below we table 40 moon races - 20 are connected with disporae acottish family trees and Economistdiary.com - we offere space fpr 20 nominations- does your family tree have one?

20 moon races nominated by we free scorts- dedicated to adam smith and economist founder james wilson  name, web location and short purposeIR4wins.com kingscharles.info how can queens english help reconcile conflicts of 400+years of mercaatile colonisation, which world war ended and sgd-generation still needs to tranform beyond quarterbilliongirls.com half of world's pop lives on asia's south and east contiment includinging poorest quarter billion girls  universityofstars.tv - from 1962 the east has contributed engineering leapfrogs in civil engineering (bullet trains and containerisation shipping routes), microelectornics, and win-win trades from tokyo olympics 1 - arcticuni.com asia's north and west offer huge land resources as well as disperse population chalenges- how can new infsratrsure banking first proposed by the nations with the biggest lands sustain their peoples as well as preventing arctic meltdown  bri.school -if chia's 15 neigbors shape half the wporld people land and tech solutions, how do citizens in the rest of the world also sort out neigboring maps- note that 90% of world trade of things is shipped - so sharesd vaostal belts are critica- up to 100% of learning is app'd sans frontiers economistdiary.com what upcoming global events are being staged by old and new worlds- h0ow does this tick gown 2018-2019 is 2 0'oclock rock on sustainbili9ty golas last 12 hours greenbigbang.com it has been proposed by a governor of one of korea's autonompous regions that a club of 2000 mayors , autonomous governors and other new suburb designer of supercities benchmark all the ways they can het to zero footprint economisthealth.com since 1984 we have been asking whether 10 times more affiradble basic universal healthcare is possible and if not what is 4000 moore tech for            
 longer story geneva's wef, ITU Unctad with Jack Ma and other digitalcooperation and new educationtech networks how does britannis G1 story -especially colonisation of old world's eastern silk-spice world trade routes map other imbalances spun during era of coloniisation (Britannia France Italy Germany Russia USA CAnada Japan)  slave trading and deep cultural conflicts  what are qbf's ultra poor networking solutions - anchor bangaldesh and sir fazle abed since 1972- since digital world's largest ngo partnership and digital banking for poor vkash.com has linked in gates and jack ma foundations what contributions can east make to true new media and engineeringing for humanity- can celebrity value chains be redesigned so that youth's greatest heroines and herpoes link tech and every youth's community plarticipation in arts, fashion, sports and conscious wellbeing what some people call the polar belt road is also overlapping geopower muddles- cna china japan koprea and russia ever make peace- if so cam we brodge the bering strait between the coldest lands of asia and america- are peace and climate dividends an interlocking endgame? will we resolve ice and landlocked crises of the arctice and desert land locked crises of the guld- what if instead of OPEC, the triad of nations that will determine oil markets futures are riussia,sauidi, ysa  how does any world leaders event go beyond PR and linking new learning networks for teachers and studnets- see tyhe un-uae report which imagines that from 2020 the most life critica info will be dounlking every day- and somehow AI will need to analyse that data and turn into clarifying next livgelihod skills youth need in every locality does the west and nort have analagous movements to the east's twin supercities which share green solutions as well as sharing economy models - mobile bicycles helpo greenify a city as does quality of its underground system- smart youth tourism and colege studies may choose locations where green/nature expereinecs are part of the joy of travel- note that what marco polo broght back from the east's old world was artistic and spiirtual diversity- we can pre-travel through virtual reality anywhere- whats real travel best under 30s uses for all the halt securities - food, peace, nature, spaces where community thriives are one value map thats opposite fro what gdp and cabon value chinas count up- unless we get smarter and ending extrenalsiation- there is no chnace of mans globalsiation and mother's natures evolution rules ever syncing- can we precvent extinction as greatest mathematical and healt market error of all generations           
 your 20 moon races                     


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