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Hello from chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - this bookmark is x-rated. There are 5 system concerns i would love to discuss with anyine who truly wants

to explore the concern but I have no wish to get involved in political rows with people sponsored to cliam these concerns

are not valid

I did get an MA in mathematican statistics from Cambridge University, Corpus Christi Colege but i have always known

my brain is fine but not a candidate for appearing in the history of mathematu8cians worth valuing most

Here are 5 concerns- i will call these the world's greatest maths errors because I am assuming that the vast majority

of those if us alive today dont want extinction of our species to be the consequence of our life's combined inputs on earth

1 the west now teaches maths in a way that it would be impossible for another eisnetin or von neumann to appear

2 the constiitutions of our 3 main organsiational forms sperately legisates are noit capable of savig us from extinction - see dad's 1976 debate of this published as Entrepreneurial Revoilution in The Economist

3 There is a missing valuation metric which bbridges zerosum adminstration of the word with above zero-sum- i call this trust-flow or goodwill but we have not implemneted the audit of goodwill that  coiuld save us - its almost too simple mathematically but impossible to debate while fake media prevails

4 None of the "professions" when they apply themselves to theoir biggest clients are being 100% transparent about the greatest risk that they have actually been given a monopoly by society to protect us from 

5 Given 1-4 the 2020s would nt be a wise time to program the artificial intelligences to be the ultimate valuation designers of our human race - one way to resolve this problem is to select the main purpose if ai as being what children and teachers could achieve by demanding the ai become trainers of the skils under 30s today need to gain from what jack ma calls an education system transformed around loveq and the most postive emotional lieracies we are all capable of

I will try and put some notes in 5 columni on 5 generations of my family's log of observations from our library of sources including  www.normanmacrae.net  WRJ :: Mahatma Gandhi, Fazle Abed, EconomistDiary.com UniversityofStars.tv, AIdemocracy.com  - that have brought people i network with to these concerns

I am at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if  there is anything we can hopefully help each other with 


i know how i learnt maths is not possible from tidays multiple choice

teaxt books and stanarad examiinations- real maths frees the mind to explore

puzzles how is something solved that has never been soilved before- and indeed 

which puzzles are worth spending a large part of a lifetime on

I helped dad do boigraphy of joh von neumann- we found enough there on

his family and education upbringing to show how oppoiste that was from 

the over-examined classroom. Additionally look at research of genii by Csik- his finding

they maximise the amount of time spent at the espereitial edge of their unique pathway

through life 

 clearly a not for profit does not formally have a constitution that invests in scaling

governments mediated as eg 4 yera ploitical tug of wars may have a finction ti transfer wealth- they dont create new wealth exspecially where a consistenty investment is needeed- ironically it is the Bill Gates who has published the pattern rule always less chnage happens over 3 yera always more chnage happens over 7 yeras than can be planned for- what he is talking abouyt is expoenetial conseqeunces of relentless purpose 

so if you live in a fake news democracy the catch 22 is the corporation is the only legal form for scaling a purpose (investing in it until its everwyeher people need it to be accessible affordably  to contribute to sustainability) yet american lawyers are now briefed by shareholders to sue a corporate team if it does not maxisie 90 day extraction of money- under that legidlation instead of a model that multiples winw-ins between all the productive and demanding actors of a market leader , we have the elast sustainablemaths in the workd spiralling our corporation


we can deduce from colum 2 that the solution to the catch 22 of only corporate form scales worldwide :  the answer to this is that the corporation that leads its market puroose to optimise the sustainabiloity cintribution that industry experts makes needs to be governed by 2 audits with equal and opposite attention- the goodwill audit looks at what leades say their primise is to every segment of productuve or demanding stakeholder and then demonstate how their system design over time celebartes winw-ins between achieving all these promises as realitioes (not just perceptions that fake media propogates) 


of course the above proposition means we cant continue separably with any of the 3 old constitutions- banagldesh gorl empowerment found one suplution to this in building a nation; chiense capitalism with societal characteristics  as a apost digital form of what japanese and kotrean network capitalism appeared to be about in quarter 3 of 20th c may be solutions but only if the woprld of most sustainable purposeful networks partners these forms

there is another problem - nations themselves cannot be sustainable if their success is judged only by zero-sume scoring of currency; in otyer words nations we the european admkire most need an abpove zerro-sum metruc of goodwill too  - this could have been a youth cpoin- in other words if we valued places youth as being educated to be more sustainably rpoductive than their parents - then this not currency and gdps bowling alone needed to be how we celebrate partnering each others nations in clusters that make belt road sense as win-win trading routes - in world where distrance hhas a const and in universal knowledge apps world where distance has practically no cost to action learn (DigitalCooperation as the UN experts call it)

name any profession - dies it ever extermalise what it knows about most in represneting ist biggest clients as separable from any other system?

i dont know of a profession during the last 50 yeras that we have accelerated towards 4000 times more communicatins tech than 1946 that would be happy to be 100% trasparently judeged on do no evil- in other words is tehre one globalisatiion profesison whose members would accept a wtrldwide debate on whether they lived up to gandhi whole truth of the poverty talisma- search for the poorest person you will ever encounter and explain how what your work connects in alleviating that persons crisis of being

 well can AI be programmed by children adn educators- that's the most extraordinary innovation debate of our times- vila entrepreneurial revolution of youth being free to learn the skils they want to app as the fisrt renewable generation all over mother earth



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