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The Games of World Record Jobs 

Help us search WRJ across every continent's caotalt Belt and overland grids.

NB know why we value all the help we can get from China and other most youth populous nations in what is the greatest real and digital cooperation game ever played by mother nature and her favorite species to date...

BRI.school map top 13 sdgworld trade routes inside china, 1 East-Belt,  2 South-Belt; 3 NorthBelt  

4 centre eurasia &E.Euro; 5 WEuro 6 N.Am; 7 MidEast 8 MedSea 9 Africa 10 Latin Am 11 Arctic Circle 12 UN-urgent.


 Opportunities to innovate became more and more geographically unequal during millennium 2 . This crisis in wasting human lives multiplied for 3 main reasons:


  1. Mercantile empires from 1500 (led eastwards across the old worls by Britannia ) designed trade on their own terms - even staffing their gun ships with slaves
  2. When the steam engine was invented, big nations gramebbed more and more carbon, iron and naturale resources to make themesleves bigger
  3. - seldom did the engineering apply to the colobies except where bureaucrats  wanted toi live and rule over the peoples of large lands by releatively small Euro countries in the old world never needed to innovate contiinet-wide scale of electricity, water , sewerage pipes etc


 two world wars could have seen the end to this unsustainable inequality if it wasnt for the fact that one of the teams on the winning side was led by stalin- whio's evil was pprobably only rtivaled by Hitler.

 America saved the old world from its world wars and did its best to protect the whole world from stalin and the nuclear age. But surely we can see that the solutions to go beyond the colonial age urgetly needed for human sustainability goals were locationally invented from 1950 onwards in the East by Japoan then Korea then the chinee diaporas superports -taiwan, hoing kong and singpaore. The whoe world traded win-win around beter quality engineering and particularly microelectornincs without which the moon race and all of the investments in 4000 times moore information technology would never have raced forward the way they did. By the end iof the thriq uarter jaona was second welathoest to usa and the diaporas suoperports were the 3rd stringest finacial investors.

FRom mid 1970s the Chiense Dispora inward invested inmainland china- firstly in more superports along the East Asia Coastal Belt belt through the 1980s. Its extraorduary that across china there were almost no landline telephones to start the 1990s. This decade became one of masive telecoms investment across the continent of china and most of this leaped beyond landlines to mobile. What happened in 2000s was china started investing in amazing railways again transfering  innovative technolgy that the Jjapanese bullet trains had pioneered. By the time that the peoples chose Xi Jinping tio be their next leadcer China had become a bemchmarlk continent for logically placed ssuperports (coastal belts) and continent wide grids (Roads) and digital solutions desugned for all the peoples small enterprises. The logic of these designs included reaching oout to poorer neighbors (China has over a dozen around its inner heratland. Call this inspired by Adam Smith's invisible hand if you wish- china's realised its heartland ppeople would end up ever poorer and poorer versus coastal peoples unless win-win tradeing routes were developped overland. It wasnt just china. The idea to linkin in 26 nation across rueasuia with rail emerged from a summit in Korea. It turned out this didnt need to be a costly invetsment in gterems of tarsporing non-persihable goods. Dry pports were inveneted at national bordess wherever traditional railway guages changed. In other words one train load of containers was trabsfered to the next train's coaches in a system which mimiced the efficiencies of xoastal docking of goods.

 When you look at population figures- one and half billion uidner 30s live in chian and south asia - nea;ly half the world youth. If we dont use technolgy to maximise ;livelihood educatipon -no sustaionability gaol will vere be achioeved. Bjut betgter yet education from pre priomary to 12 th grade can be a cooperative digital celebration across frontiers. Wht=y would any nation not want their youth to be celebarting how to do this. It will happen around development of artificail inteligences. That is good news because oif we can hujmanise the aIs with our childrens development the chances are the Arrtifiacials never go off course and turn against humans/ So lets do it. If there are a few congresses who dont want to get invoilved- then tyheyu should explain why to their people but not get in the way of those who wanty to map education belt raoids and value gills contributions tio the wprld as much as boys


For more details on how technolgy accelerated from anout 10 times moore (moon race versus end of world war 2) to acceleratind

upo to 4000 times moore by 2030 please look at www.tenmoore.com or ask questions chris.macfrae@yahoo.co.uk

My father was one of the first people to start assemblking game rules for woreld frecord job creation which he did  at The Economsit form 1962 with hos first survey consider japan.

You canm see another 20 yeras of sureveyhs where as a dispora scot he loved trying to help celebratye each others nations youth at www.normanmacra.net

you can help us co-blod diaries of events where worlkd eladers dont just turfn up and tgalk but they tirn their own bhtraisnbtorming

intoi action learning curricula for youth  to be inspired t co-create the right sorts of stratups needed for every community to throive

You can join us in friendship exchnages- i have spent mlots of my time since 9/11 devekoping exhnges between peoples in china and banmgaldeh and english speaking nations. The young people oin all tghese countgruies are heroines and heroes in the eyes of all the people i have connecegtd with. Worldwide development of girks abnd boys iks not a subject for politgiocs in the way we try and celebrate each pothetrs futures and tiday the tech opportyunities tio biuild on apps that go worldwide are so exciting. I have quite a lot of twiter lists you can help improve - eg worldwie youth hubs which we sgtarted editing a good guide of in 2002 as part of 3 yeras of volunteer resarch for theeuropean union knowledge biard on colabkiration cafe and collaboration city

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