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tenmoore.com with 4000 moore tech 2030 vs 1946

why not 10 times moore healthy, safety, livelihood ecucation ? EconomistDiary year 50 of EntrepreneurialRevolution

 GIRLS SUSTAINABILITY OF NATIONS- tenmoore.com                                       EconomistDiary.com linkedin UNwomens
  Interhemisphere win-win trading maps (UNCTAD lists leaders subwebs)

Death of Distance Infrastructures Triangle;

Transportation, Digital, Energy & Water

 IHUMAN- tenmoore.com and 100 moon races on earth -changing education &
35 years ago my father Norman Macrae's book - The 2025 Report on future of education mixing Ihuman and AI had the above impact on his fellow journalists at The Economist (obituary by The Economist chief scientist)

So here's the human race's meta-context which student communities hope you will have time to explore . Good Luck

IHUMAN- tenmoore.com and 100 moon races on earth -changing education &
Dreadful as it was world war 2 started something Ihuman beyond all historical belief and imagination. It gave birth to coding and computing (see our biography on Von Neumann) and all sorts of new communications technologies including what Entrepreneurial Revolution called knowledge co-working  economics death of the cost of distance through satellite technologies.

 Roughly speaking landing on the moon was achieved with ten times moore connection of human and machine intelligence than 1946. Today, some media labs now invite teenagers to innovation contests where the prize is to send a small experiment into space (the cost of which is now under 10000 dollars!)

Between now and 2030 IHuman and Artificial Intelligence  accelerates through thousand times moore to an estimated 4000+moore by 2030. Science fiction may be disappearing as a genre, what can be imagined can be made reality if enough people have time and goodwill to network its action learning 

So what do the purposes of the first 100 moon races on earth need to revolve round? iI worldwide youth - the half of us humans under 30  -are to develop the best of times not the worst? Our greatest risk may stem from not knowing how to measure progress of exponential multiplication. Macroeconomist measures like GDP place no value on intergenerational community learning because most of this profession and its media is fake- it does not truly measure whether peoples are increasing happiness, and all the female prized conditions that celebrate family building - an urgent puzzle which one of the world greatest innovators in education jack ma calls loveq. 

Dare we accept the worldwide future history challenge that Eastern and Southern hemispheres first started exploring as "whole truth" at the start of the 20th century with youth cooperation heroes like Gandhi and Maria Montessori. All kinds of future possibilities have been locally experimented with somewhere - can humans and AI choose the right stuff in scaling networks that mother earth will judge by her operating (open system)standards as supreme leader of how our planed evolves?

 Training humanoids in open space 1 2- the next frontier?

Does anyone know a robotics company that might train a humanoid in open space? Its actually a seriously urgent question if IHuman and AI are to make most of each other's spaces edu and belt road mapping make it simpler for youth to thrive as sustainability generation - last year chinese leader xi jinpings joyfully big idea was to make education and AI the same thing- 

on my 9th trip to beijing i discovered that this month china has started AI curricula in girls primary schools as that's best way to feminise the future of education let alone of robots - as a child my favorite game was consequences if you can help with what the world said about girls ai please help with UNwomens articles at linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hack-world-bank-now-jim-kims-gone-chris-macrae/

Now that jim kim has been ejected by trump from DC he's spending next week linking in over 300 youth hubs at world economic forum- down the road in geneva they use a humanoid called sophia to welcome 5000 people conferences on what is sustainable future of trade

pop1 pop2 pop3   chris macrae norman macrae foundation -
if economist journalists cant end poverty who can - bethesda  whatsapp +1 240 316 8157
 Exponential rising purposes

of markets and investment

  Intergen Valuation Youth half of www

Education for skills-SDG gravitation

Mother Youth and Community Health

World Celebrations – arts sports fashion

 know4big.jpg Local reconciliation including laws of faith/culture

4-language literacy – English, Chinese , mother tongue, coding

Peace and safety

Micro Cooperation life-saving info doubling daily by 2020

UN report Knowhow Quad


  1. AI 1 2
  2. Blockchain 
  3. Cybersecurity 
  4. Biotech




10timesbetter.jpg  mapdown.jpg


BRI.school map top 13 sdgworld trade routes inside china, 1 East-Belt,  2 South-Belt; 3 NorthBelt  

4 centre eurasia &E.Euro; 5 WEuro 6 N.Am; 7 MidEast 8 MedSea 9 Africa 10 Latin Am 11 Arctic Circle 12 UN-urgent.. 

youth valuing hubs etc 1  


















 wef global shapers -claims 381 hubs as of jan 2019 m-jim kim launches global gen (GG charter) hubs with WEforum (list 1) IR4 hubs IR4 Beijing IR4 Tokyo with GG Osaka    IR4 and wef hq geneva  1  2  ;3; GG stokholm hub IR4 san francisco 1GG Chicago (hunger hub)GG Iraq Ebril Hub  GG Kakuma Hub KemyaGG Colombia Bogota Hub  
 some favs to visit      clubs at imp london       


10 puzzles from UNwomens at linkedin - the loveq test


it has been determined that man spend 4000* times moore money and time on media and tech 2030 versus 1946

so is it too much to demand 10 times bettter health and livelihood education for and by all girls and boys? 

will the human race be  extinguished uf we dont demand this from digital cooperation without borders

here are some world record jobs creators who have inpsired us most during this expoenetial race- mapped by who they are helping - eg china and india soluitions support half the wpoerld peiopkes sustainability- china russia cengtral asia arctic cirle silution must make most sustainble use half worlds undeveloped land- coungtries like japoan singapore korea and chiuna look set tio determine whethetr he humanise AI in the era of indormattion doubling every day as clarified in this UN report

Region Person 

before 1946 



























 2 9 5 12 edu & health Gandhi >             
 8 5 1best ever youth peace summits premiosciacca.it    1          delhi  <>  
 2 7 8 edu Montessori >             
 5 12 edu & health berners lee        < < < < < < 
 2 12 9 10 health & edu sir fazle abed     (>) > > > > > > > ... ,,,
 12 5 8 guterres         ... ... ... < < <
 0 12 edu jack ma      < < < < < < < < <
 0 6 edu friendships  committee100 music belt road and architecture              
 6 4 0  kissinger albright              
 6 12 intel moore barrett ...              
 1 6 japan soc  joi ito (mit medi-arch lab), takei (star trek)              

What if the world's most valued leaders were judged by what livelihood lesrning cuuricula their alumni helped under 30s co-create? why obamauni didnt live up to what ameruican girls and youth citizens needed 2008 and 2016

after 2016 best professors will roll up sleeves team work with students frealising that students need to be 10 times smarter than they are by 2023

by 2020 students both individually and in hujiangs 20000 classroms will ask AI teacher assistants to prep what skills and learning they need next

by 2020 graduates who are best digital cooerators for suatainbility generation should expect maximum 1000 dolars for degree certification- world calss virtual tutiotrs will charge maximum 30 dolars pre hour per person per 10 student online group

on-demand best for edu and health curricula moocs will be free 

this leaves primarily accomodation and alumni fees - these should largely be controled by students themselves 

b\lockchain or dig data analytics can give control of studnts updating certificae and skills dashboard  back to yojung people wherever universal digital id is coded

90% of western universities will be too high cost unless they start prepping for this now - which after all simply asks them to return to  costs to studnet that were the norm up to the time of moon landing

clues to places where this future is already exponentially accelerating

nordica region

why else do you think china started artifiicial intelligence curiculum in primary schools in 2019 to be mainly female edited - why else do you think jack ma is returning to edu full time from sept 2019 

 further reference - Ms Jingfang Hao is the Founder of WePlan, a non-profit education platform focusing on preschool children. She puts forward the concept of sharing education to promote education equality and children’s creativity. Jingfang is also the deputy director of research department at China Development Foundation.In 2016, she was the first Chinese woman to win the Hugo Award for Best Novelette for Folding Beijing. Her publications also include Stray Skies and Born in 1984. She got her bachelor’s degree of physics from Tsinghua University in 2016. Jingfang graduated with a doctoral degree from the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University. 
 9 2 12  edu audrey cheng           < < < <
 9 5 1 12 health ola brown 1 2           < < < <
 1 12 health miki yakata sk48 nhk/1/13 26 yo breast cancer diary UOS            < < <
 5 12 health & edu monica yunus           < < < <
 1 12 gordon dryden edu gordon dryden        > > > > > > 
 1 12  edu lee kuan yew    > > > > > > > >   
 1 12 edu deming > > >           
 0 12 edu xi jinping       > > > > > < < <
 9 12 edu mandela     > > > > > > >   
 7 12 edu sheikha moza           < < < <
 6 12 edu harrison owen practice of peace CO-int       > > > > > >  
 10 12 edu paulo freire     > > >       
 7 12 edu varkey         < < < < < <
 1 12 edu mahbubani          > > > < <
 5 1 12 edu health jim kim        > > > > > < >
 0 12 fu            < < <
 6 0 12 : 1 greenbigbang elon musk 1              
 1 12 


 j gandhi family unesco

peace curriculu

    > > > > > > > > > ... ...


 there are 100 ways to join in AI - aidmocracy.com or follow up articles linked to these quotations:

 AI=something historically new — a human-centric engineering discipline.

 identifying the predictive strategy of the resulting A.I. is insane. -watch this 5 minute demo



what if leaders valued by SDGs curricula alumni help youth livelihoods action map www tenmoore.comworldclassnations.comchris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 

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ory- Dr Ola Brown (Orekunrin)

Number of children (World Leaders) Modi: 0 Shinzo Abe: 0 Macron: 0 Merkel: 0 May: 0 Salman: 13 Trump: 5 Erdogan: 4 Xi Jinping: 1 Kim Jong-un: 3 Putin: 2 Buhari: 10

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The Ministry of Innovation & Technology is revising its 15-year-old national science, technology and innovation policy in partnership with UNCTAD in a bid to digitise #Ethiopia’s economy. ow.ly/zy9r30nesln 


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