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We don't mean to offend - today we are urgently talking about mainly an emotional loveq (that which eg young parent need communities to link in all around them if they are to parent valuably even as GDP measure such value as less than zer). This is a different metric of the colapse of nations than the explicit physical wars on youth seen in the world wars Europe G7's wasted first half of 20th century in by not  and which anyine like me born at the sceond half of the 20oth is profpundly freatful to the americans for saving us from hitler

understadning how evil (anti-entrepreneurila) colonial empire's 4-century impact on colonies was - also Japan appears to have turned a corner - it has so few youth that iis begun to see they

are a nation's most percuous resource- hopefully the world series of events which japan is in the middle of through the student year 2018-2019 coinciding with jack ma's 

first year as youth's facortite educator (and the first full student year of UN digital cooperation  (B B G sophia) voiced by melinda gates, jack ma and 20 other concerned peoples from every hemisphere  can multiply openly joyful opportunity across all generations and borders. These events include

G20 -and citizens networks before and after action networking; the pope's vist l the japan olynpics - all bundled into a time of cultural revolution as the very name of

Japnaese people changes with the handover of Emperors. (For those whio deeply know british history we rather wsh the king charles era could start at the same time-

this is not a sleight on the mist gracious 90+ year old woman alive Queen elizabeth- rather the opposite quest for commonwealth facing a Euroepan Union that hates youth especially girls Entrepreneurial Revolution co-translated across Europe by Romano Prodi offers 45 years of youth and small enterprise reserach on how this EU hatred spead - if you are concerned chat with chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk )

 What is the war on youth?

Half the workd is under 30 but they have less than 10% of voice in the future even as they are the ones who will have to solve erisks oif epcies exciction and navihate 40000 times moore tech 2030 vs 1946

This half varies- in uganda because of a lost generation to aids and genoci9de- half are under 20; in some G7 the modal age is incrasing over 45 -therefore the exact lists of genuine quesries youth have of elders devaluing them varies but take this typical list america youth might start to apply

huge student debt especually for those who study the longest- ever more worthessl certificates in the sense that they dont match skills of the Aidemicarcy age

Unaffordable or unsafe housing in cities making it nigh on impossible to start a family at the age prevuious generations did- extraordinary pressures on women 

guns guns everywhere but not a school or church thats immune from automatic weapon disease 

Requirement to bail out every ponzi scheme of elders vested interest from subprime banking to health and pension schemes that poppulation dynamics make ever less sustainable -especially when you understand the cost of health services to very old people versus the cost to youth

the absurd nonsense of making training to be a last mile community health or youth worker ever more expensie aggravated by ambulance chasing lawyers and bureaucrats whos every rule adds costs just as mobile technology's sane use needed to be judged round health service affordabilty as foireseen in thsi 1984 survey 

Better care at one eighth the cost?
Cover Below
The Economist. Saturday, 28 April 1984.
Pages 23,24. Vol 291, issue 7339.


Why is beyond the classroom education hubs the answer searched for since 1984 

although hubs now take almost any form from start up incubatiors to think tanks where hopefully youth are free to examine elders- bakn in 1984 the 2 main hubs we hoped to see emerge :

beynd classroom spaces- in a workld where by 2010s outside of schools apprentuceship of shkills and youth celebrations of arts and fashions locally needed to be valued as much as classroom schools

hubs that made digital cooperation work across cities oir vilages facing same sustainability crises- let us be clear as of 2019 solutions exist for every sustainability crosis but they in the westn g7 are neither being financed nor celebrated by people controling education 

the problem is at some stage the loss of loveq and the big brother control of both public and private investment becomes irrersble- since the toime of the moonlanding we have benn counting down verus 2030 as a time of 4000 timesn more coms tech than 1946 - maybe irreversibility kicks in at 2037 - 8000 tiems moore etch but when we look at what the period 2016-2023 of 1000 to n2000 tuimes  mre tech is bringing - by 2023 humans will be in a minority compared with the artificaisl - not just the iones made to look like robots but any that g5 links into the internet of things- all these things can choose from the same pool of coding- but who's intelignec is being coded- if its mr trumps that world or inteligent things is going to be very different from womens top under 30s heroines of sustaining families be those bangaldeshi girls or an ai researcher like 

a country like finlanmd probaluy hasnt used the language of hubs but has just got on with making the average community zing wioth poveq so that beyind the calssrioom youth activities are valued more in develoing youth than teh calssroom ones

tje chalenge of hubs is very diferent in the world ricjest citioes to cities with huge slums to vilages that even today are only just being linked to electricity grods let alone telecommunicatuons and everywhere mapping a nations infrastructure involved both who people and goods move around and how culturally joyous place to place and faith oto fath exchnages can be- which in turn depdns on arts far more than any post-world war macroeconomits- ironically keynes was the last famous western economkist to value teh arts- hos legacy the cambridge arts theatre and the few heoric bbc corespondents like micaela palin whose anthroplogical tours have no equal and who also found time to head up the royal geographical society and its connections with rpince charels awards for green and sustainble microsolutions 

 What has the loveq testgot to do with this


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