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Belt Road summits connect hi trust leaders. They are an opportuntity to explore far more than stories of china’s greatest contributions to history and the future (though we recommend under 30s do that too)


in fake media and broken facebook world: 3 types of forbidden questions global youth must-need ask and move on:

1 can xi jinping unite 100 nations leaders the healthy way jfk did for larry briliant 1 2 in 1960s (are skoll and gore helping inconvenient truth)

2 can kissinger help make that 101?

3 if un eminents and educators are serious that 17sdgs are for everyone- ie nature is at war with human race deadline 2030- how can youth and educators end all 20th C place hostilities between elders 

 Belt Road Imagineering   (BRI.school BRI.systems) can help your children – all our children – be sustainable. The next decade is the most exciting and urgent humans have ever collaborated around. "Entrepreneurial Revolution" archives started 50 years ago at time of moon landing value communications technologies as an unprecedented era of human change. For better or for worse, humanity's last decade to harmonise with nature is approaching- will all parents support half the world aged under 30 in uniting as the sustainability generation? This will require new development banking and much more diverse community integrity than western economists or media have previously respected: this must value how girls can empower  knowledge and service sectors in ways that were excluded during industrial and agricultural eras.

At time of moon landing. opportunities to innovate were still unevenly distributed geographically. While some raced to the moon , almost half of human beings still had no electricity grids. Over the last four decades, two nations - China and Bangladesh - have been outstanding in empowering girls. They show us that sustainability's innovations involve resolving bottom-up community challenges and changing education.


History's Belt Road concerns the story of latitude 30 north as climactically the most sustainable space to be before new worlds were discovered by Europeans circa 1500. It was an overland “Road” that connected the whole of Eurasia in win-win trades. Its Western hub was in Asia on the med sea and close to the birth place of the golden rule religions. Every med sea facing nation enjoyed the opportunity to network into this hub. The whole silk road took over 6 years for explorers like Marco Polo to trek once he had landed at its starting point by sailing down from Venice

 Of course, few people made the whole trek. Instead it was a relay of win-win trading neighbors. The economic and social development of this Road depended on there being no hostile cultural borders. The Eastern epicentre of silk road in Marco Polo’s opinion was Hangzhou (today’ s epicenter of alibaba ecommerce which chinese broadcaster CGTN ranks as one of its peoples 4 great modern innovations along with hi-speed trains and mobile finance and shared bicycles). Hangzhou’s “Med Sea” was the yangtze river up to modern day Shanghai and the Chinese Coastal Belt today renowned for the world’s busiest superports. 

The two most valued currencies of the Belt Road were chinese-  spices and silks were worth their weight in gold. So much so (and light enough) that they oiled trade from end to end of Eurasia- supporting much of civilized development up to 1500..................................................................................................

Back in the 1930s George Orwell wrote up the big brother endgame to our species; we invite you to share the hope that there's is an alternative little sister's future- one in which women are valued as much as men and the way the west's G7 leaders spend a fifth of all their peoples work on arms races returns peace dividends that lennon/ono saw as young generation's dreams-

 eurasia critical roll back of what over 4 centirureis of empire colonisation led us to by 1946 is mapped below as the benchmark Belt Road map (click linkedin UNwomens here or  pic below) - but there are at least 7 more major Belt Road maps if the whole world of parents are going to unite round their children as the sustainability generation (see right)


 Can students of 100 Belt Road leaders at EconomistDiary and 1000days.world reconcile the 4 markets western thinking destroyed community self-capacity of: health, banking, education, clean energy

economisteurope.com economistrefugee.com 

nkd.JPG  singforhope healthforhope MaOlympics

Inconvenient truths  come in 2 "Gory" kinds: political/sustainable and world's biggest maths errors; 3 main crises of maths/auditng leadership systems:

designed to grow by destroying others (ie badwill maths)

designed to be more tha 99% correct

designed round laws written in stone incapable of adpating to human change



We need belt aroad maping and new development banking because the G7 represents less than one seventh of people and less than a temth of youth. You can see that its global order is systeically wrong from such observations as:

jack ma half of all youth will be unemployable unless we go beyond classroom edication

there is so much work to be done to get to systainainblity that wherever a G7 country says it can afford all youth to be working it is compounding the world's biggest maths mistake

examination cards for leadership maping of sustainability y G7 are currently - canada 4, france 3 but until macron 1, spain , italy, UK 1, Germany 0 , USA 0, EU -10 ( USA never had enough direct neighnors to see their goals as win-win with its own; the EU had enogh neigbors but according to the only jouralist at messina didnt begin to value its impact beyond its birders (hence it has caused refugee problems all around what had been to 1500 the med sea as happiest coastal belt

here are some change agendas needed for sustainability with date first known to be debated  - they can help you adjust g7 rankings if you don't like ours

68 - g7 doent need just to give nations independence it need to chnage colonial world trade systems; and it needs to get out of trapping new nations in cold war syndrome

72 - currency systems not designed for world of 1000 times more connectivity tech 

76 the west's 3 main legislative forms of organsiation - corporation, charity, givernment need total transformation

76 sustainable globalisation cannot be led by big get bigger organsaitions nor non-transparent organsiations on greatest risks theiur market knows most about

82 the service economy's key if franchsie solutions- these need to locally value small teams within a farmawork scaling the 3 E's effective efficient expading responsibity 

84 we need to seize every chance to gain peace dividends next one being fall of berlin wall

84 we need to go green

84 we need fintech to transform development economics/finance

84 we need edutech to chnage education so that everyone is a community's lifelong tacer and lifelong student

84 we need to clarify sustainability goals and brand reality (actually each market's greatest purpose matched to these goals) 

84 we need urent action networking and whole truth media aligned to deadline for sustainble sytsmes of 2030 at outside

we need to see that the world of 250+ nations as of 1984 comes in diferent shapes and sizes- they will need to cluster collaboratively with each other- there are different risks and opportunities to:

age profiles - some nations haveing more under 20s than other ages; other having more over 50

small population nations versus large population nations

nations with far more land/natural resources than their people can use versus thise with too liitle natural resources and huge desnities of popeulations

those that were made rich/poor by colonial, industrial and carbon hostories none of which can innovate the expoientials intergeneration futures we now navigate out of ecvery community as for first time man scales systems whose global scale rivals natures 






The Silk Belt Road was destroyed by North Sea Mercantile empires primarily England’s from 1500s. The two great navigational discoveries of middle of millennium two:


  • the new world of americas to the west, 
  • the fact that Eurasia wasn’t landlocked- its southern coastal belt could be reached from Europe by sialing round Africa. So for example it took a ship a perilous 6 months to get from Europe to Bombay (India) which took nearly 3 years of trekking along the Silk Road

 The problem was crewing a boat was not a popular or safe job. often sailors were pressganged by force and trading ships became armed to make sure they dictated what was traded, and soon (mainly) the English turned this into colonization of places all along the Southern Belt of Eurasia. Not only were people-cenric economies like India eroded to next to nothing from being as big as their populations but the Empire erected borders in quite unnatural ways.


Some would say the peak folly of English colonial power occurred in the mid 1800s when the Chinese were ordered to accept opium in exchange for their joyful spices and silks. The Cheinse people withdrew from worldwide connectivity for over a century because of this hostility. This China’s peoples huge network of trading good collapsed as India’s had. You can see the scoreboard of colonization- this was the root cause of the world wars of the furst half of the 20th century. Ironically these wars were truly worldwide in impact because other island nation East of Eurasia – Japan- started to be the East’s badwill empire. And the landlocked North of Eurasia with  a frozen coastal belt to the North and the end of win-win trading roads to the south became the USSR.

The transformation of Japan from one of the 2 most hostile empire forces to the start of post colonial models of world trade is an amazing if controversial story. In any event in little more than quarter of a century Japan’s development of quality electronics (without which computing and space races would have been delaed) and civil engineering innovations including supertrains and superports. Moreoever the Chinese trading diaspora were the main operators of these ports making them the 3rd most powerful financial network by 1975 ready to inward invest in a China which raced out of a closed communism to the most extraodrinary of social capitalisms




21st C win-win trades ending colonization, carboniation, and cost of distance

Remap coatal betls superports so that every community’s connected

Remap major over land roads (railroad, clean energy and cable pipelines are all most economical when straight-lined)

At every bodrer reunited celebrate with youth language, arts innovation hubs-exchanges

Value leapfrogging- where people were poorest because electricity grods or landline communications never included them mobile and solar are 2 leapfroging technologies; jack ma ways there are many more big data- community level maps to linkin – see hos worldwide academy DAMO – what DAMO’s virtual belt road look like; and is DAMO the first of many spaces grounded on earth linking the hardest working youth of the most exciting times to be alive





Lets begin with some of the other BRICS classified in 2000s as the biggest developing economies.

S=South Africa  which in the Colonial age was important to the North sea empires with ports like Cape Town and Durban, while Africa needed to be circumnavigated to reach the East before the opening of the suez canal. Hence this place became part of colonization by English and Dutch. A ray of turn of light for South Africa came in the form of Mahatma Gandhi towards the dawn of the 20th century. As a curious young man Gandhi had decided that Indiam universities could not compare with learning from the centre of empire. He chose to study to be a Barrister at the Bar of London. When he returned home to the region then known as Bombay he found himelf “too qualified”; South Africa became the main place to offer Gandhi work and Gandhi’s own knowledge networking belt became Mumbai-Durban-London-Mumbai. It wasn’t until his mid forties that being thrown out of a first class train for having the wrong skin color became Gandgi’s life changing moment (1906). His plan to go beyond Empire started up round redesigning a totally new education system before challenging Britain face to face for India’s Independence. Quests to develop post-colonial world trade across the Raj's coastal belt and south africa’s own awakening with Mandela are impacted by the ways Gandhi tried to mediate peaceful independence as well as the invention with Maria Motessori of village schooling round peer to peer action learning.


2018 is a doubly hopeful year across cultures Gandhi helped plant

 Africa’s Southern Maps: what end-of-apartheid freedoms stalled under Zuma could become a new mandela-youth leap forward especially as South Africa host brics in September wehere new development baking will feature, and neihbring Zimbabwe may be looking up too; and this year the African council is chaired by the entrereeurial President Kagame whose advances in last mile health care partnerships (world bank jim kim’s legacy in Africa with his continuing lead partner paul farmer) do Rwanda proud. A few weeks later the wise@UNGA hosts an educational transformation summit compered by the UN eminentadvisers on sustainability goals with the president of Ghana co-chairing this UN advisory council and rehearsing his own wise education summit in Accra in May 

Before that China and India c0-lead two great regional invest ment meetups – asian infrastruure inversment bankiong Mumbai 2018 and SCO out of qingdao. Additionally the same un eminet committee has been nterviewed on its creative ides for new development banking belt road by LSE professor Lord Stern. Could it be possible that indoi-a-china will invite the whole raj coastal belth to come together. Everyone can gai to India’s east if a usperport is bult at Cox’s Bazaar at boder of Bangaldesh /Myanma; a railaway line from mumbia through colcata.coz’s bazzaare, asean to china coastal belt. Another railway line from Beijing drawn traight through the gateway southern town chiengdu could hit the southern coatsl belt at cox’ bazzar. A third railway line from chengdu through delhi would hoit the coastal belt just about where India bodres paketaan. Hy presto the post-raj caostlkine now connecets with gulf suez and med sea nations to the north and back down gandhi’s ols shipping route to south Africa.


The two greatest girls hold up half the sky miracles of the alst half centiry are china and bangaldesh. So far the y have been discinnecetd by the India strip of land dividing Bangaldesh and Cina. Howebver if the whole region of the hian India bangaldesh asean corrodor is to end poverty then the deepest development solutions bangaldesh has connected theorugh 140 million female ali=mi at BRAc include the wisest and most urgentg contributions education can make to celkebrating girl empowerments essential contributin to sustaining humanity


Bangladesh’s founding of the Bangaldesh Riral Advance Committee of community development networks was designed by sur fazle abed who had been inspired by the Brazilain Pauloe Freire. At the toie fo the moonlanding most latin americans =(like bangaldeshis) had no electrocity. The latin american continent hosted a debate- what is our inheritance from latin empire that we culturally value. The Franciscan valuation of professionals gwo go and live and learn in the poerst commeunties cam top. Unfiiertuanltely for latin America,s their region beame much apart of rissia-us’s cold war – so the chances to buld a nation round franscican values were taken up by bangaldesh. Will Latin Americ renew fracsocan belt riads at the G0 hosted by pope francis fatherland Argenetian? Or at the very elast will fraciscan learning tracks become the major agenda f wise at generl assembly. Wise was founded as the education kayreates by sheihka Moza o f Qatar. The inaigugural and most imactful of all laureates is sir fazle abed.



Although it may seem ober hopeful to some- the arctic circle or polar belt raod is going to be critical to climate and energy futures. The arctic circle is te one annual meetoing process where american and rissian work side by side with another 6 smart nations including cnada and much of Nordica. A common denominator of arctic circle communities is g=how much distance has perviouslt devivided them. But if the opportintion of 1000 times more connectivity tech today versus 1946 is to be fully valued then distannt communities sharing both elearning channels and new peer to peer beyond the classroom training needs to happen -- polar belt youth can lead the way.


Back at the golden eastern triangle of china-japan-s korea, alibaba proposes to help link in community for all expos as the Olympics relays from s korea to Tokyo to Beijing to paris. It is time for the last missing coastal opportunity of the far east of Eurasia to be reunited- yes north korea could be the star of Imagineering epace dividends everywhere- dont Asians thnk?


References mahbani – can asian think; has the west lost it




win-win trade is the way to sustain growth of peoples and communities across generations;

mother earth has abundant diversity so do the cultures and skills we integate;

between 2016 and 1946 we have invested in 1000 times more learning/connectivuty technolgies

this can be a golden age for children to grow up productuvey

everywhere but only if we pass nature's evolutionary rules that involve

systems which flow bittom up and openly - the exact oppiste way

that colonisation and global data analytics of the big gets bigger  


every place's peopel should be free t map belt rads across borders;

we'd prefer all tecahers and ews anchirs to pass minimum skils on belt riad imagnieering


while this needs to be done oiur of every place, benchmark examples 

have come from teh east since world war 2 and this is a good thing as 

about 5/7 if the world's people start their connections out of eastern communities

china is interesting in that it has about 15 direct neighbors and another 10 near neighbors eg japan s korea


the sino-englsigh publication of 2018-2019 world recodr jobs creatirs votes for valuing how these these 5 woirld eladers could help a first 100 natin leaders get toogether

to publiush transprent bri mapping

xi jinipng and antnio guterres; sir fale abed and jack ma; pope francise

in china's case you could start a belt raod mao going firward with one or more of its neighbors

-how to grow trade and value sustainability gols

or you could map back from regions that have histirucally been most isolated from the east like the 2 great

souther conteints of africa and latin america as well as the far south of eg australia and new zealnd

howvere these 7 wonders seem to be  a most urgent sample of belt road engieering that women around teh wrld can vote for 

first as their skils are wholly valued as holding uo half the sky







 Due north of china the arctic belt has until recently been impossible to navigate due to ice; the arctic is also a key observational space for seeing whether humans are going forward in sync with natures climate;


History leading to cold war: in many ways peopels of usa and ussr were isolated victims of 1500-1900:

from 1776 usa rightly freed itself from british colonial ways but turned

largely inward in developing its states; ussr beceme an assembly of the most landlocked nations which 

like india and china became big losers as silk road overland routes waned and the big euroepan nations started wars to start 20thC;

it would seem by the 1930s that europe (north) had bred the 2 worst and most agressive large neation leaders ever in hitler and stalin

and there was no way to get rid of both ; and unfortunately nuclear technolgy developed so fast during ww2 that the west hasnt yet found a way of out of a cold war with russia; nobody can rightfully ask china to be openly hostile to such a huge geographical neigbor as russia; indeed as 21st C still

left china out of g7 leadership discussions it formed its own annual leadership debates at BRICS & SCO (by 2017 both kf tehse include India eurasia's

other mot populous nation and Russia Eurasia biggest nation in terms of land); 

 50 Largest Countries in the World By Area

RankCountryArea sq.km
3United States9,826,675

the polar belt could be a way for all goodwill sides to co-create a new trading space; it might take a lot of courage but advances in suoertrains suggest a beribg

st tunnel could connect the worlds 2 highest tech coasts china's east and uss west and do so in such a way that both east russian and north korean people could have new positive 

opportunities to spend their working lives in regions whose seasonal temeperatures probably need the nkirdibca spirit of colabiration anyhiw


the young people of the 8 official arctic circle counreids are quite capable of hosting positive elarning exchgnges - they chould be left


this with the minimum of land-based economics befoitting the remote communitei many of them live in - we celebrate such digita

and deeply community carfing youth at www.arcticuni.com and would love to know where you celebrate the futures of these  youth


living in wash dc for 22 yeras, i can testify to nowhere needing new development banking more than africa- by which i mean i have heard so many wonderful futures concepts - many from african youth themselves - but africa hasnt had enough servant leaders, nobody has really removed all the opposing cold war disctators, the continent doesnt have a belt raod infrastructure and goodness me if a US president with an african father could change a value chain system  to end extreme poverty in black american cities what chnace was such a thinker-not-doer going to have in changing investment mindsets that have been legislated BY G7 nations for over 70 years

probably the best thing for africa would be if chna can find 50 natiosn half african without the usa who want to replicate community solutions all over africa whilst alos accepting the idea that africa needs its own world class industry sectirs at elsst in technology , health and agriculture - whether it really ever needs to manufactire planes and cars isnt my place to meidate; every food chain its farmers leads surely merits its own youth's branding




there is good news -

africa can be a world leader in edutech -go president of ghana go; male sure every UN eminent committee members contributes if tehy have an idea on changeing education other than funding debates  go bridges go; go moringa grow; go ihub and ushahundi go; go free universities go. tear up paper nased curricular -open up worldpossible ; go brac girls adolescent clubs go (with partners such as mastercard foundation);


EconomistIndia.com american academic experts on foreign affairs

scare me- they dont realise that youth's tech is 1000 times less siloised

than they are- and anyhiw all the greatest community sustainability movements 

were connected by loving humans : gandhi worked in what became mandela's south africa;

 sir fazle abed 140 million alumni of muslim girls empowerment was inspired by franciscan

paulo freire - whose book pedagogy of oppresses was published while JFK'a moon landing

USA inspired the world including villages in afghanistan and pakistan

as they gracious youtube interview of world record health hero larry brilliant testifies

METOO-human: -ultimately human sustainability is every girl student and teachers search out of every community

even if the last people to know about this are mba professors as hacks for top-down politicians, face books and fake meda 


 liquin santa clara

dhaka- mostofa can you see if your friends who hosted the south asia summit could be interested in circulating this report; also see if you can start a discussion group within brac university particularly since they have connections with oxford and lse- if girls empowerment/bangladesh is to be fully included in major china-india events on this in june - we need to maximise understanding of who cares out of dhaka

mostofa could you please get the 2 selims to clarify was the pakistan guy who skyped in their main postive trade connector of bangladesh and pakistan and south asia

NEW YORK: amy, javeed, abby -please discuss if anyone is interested in this ; i am thinking of coming up to china-us event apr 30 before the west coast c100 event may 5 keynoted by president of asian infrastructure investment bank- 

 one third of the worlds youth are represented by india and china alone; not to bring Belt Road mapping educational curricula is to block indias' girls and technologists from being dynamic trading contributors to the sustainability generation; when it comes to poorest girls empowerment thats not going to happen across whole of south asia unless brac 140 million alumni's understanding reaches india , and if wise@UNGA is not first ladies channel for that then youth should close the new york version of un down as fake

the strange thing is if you look at china's 360 degree circumference of over 20 (near) neighbors of goal 1 end poverty THEN on climate and food security at least and probably on everything community-vital they depend on positive mediation of china and india now in every way that true pro-girls educators can bring

I understand this view may not be popular in new york or dc but exactly what is it that either of these cities has positively done for the sustainability generation so far

its time to find what 5% of new yorkers and dc-connectors want a different pathway than the endless internal pointics of eg trump versus clinton neither of whom have understood girl empowerment in bangladesh or india in spite of much noise eg 20 years of microcredit imagwmaking to the contrary

2018 united youth
tsinghua university is absolutely the key place for sustainable youth in private-public partnerships to visit before september; it looks as if we are not going to find the optimal tour group before june which is a pity but brics out of south africa and un general assembly are the last timelines assuming we have missed aiib mumbai, sco qingdao in june and argentina g20 in july

chris macrae linkedin UNwomens
more about 7 continents views and china's 360 degree world trade routes of belt roads here  
belt road mapping makes it simpler for youth to thrive as sustainability generation

CSIS content heads

CHINA’S MARITIME SILK ROAD Strategic and Economic Implications for the Indo-Pacific Region Michael J. Green 
KYAUKPYU Connecting China to the Indian Ocean Gregory B. Poling 
GAME OF LOANS How China Bought Hambantota Jonathan Hillman PAKISTAN’S GWADAR PORT A New Naval Base in China’s String of Pearls in the Indo-Pacific Gurmeet Kanwal 
CHINA’S MARITIME SILK ROAD INITIATIVE Economic Drivers and Challenges Matthew Funaiole and Jonathan Hillman 

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