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what is world's most valuable lesson  (WMVL) our nomination: 10 minute lesson that saved the most childrens lives how illiterate mothers ended disease killing quarter of infants in humid developing countries


asia's other heroic win-win lessons since 1946:

electronics could become twice as small fast and reliable every 2 years ( although known as moore's law - deming america's leading quality system engineer found no clients in usa and so built his 20th C Q3 networks out of japan folowed by Korea and China; while US NASA raced to apply this to space gaming and most small computing/mobile manufactiring became asian-led ; alas poor trump is about 50 years behind in trying to turn this tide) 

in 1946 most small fatmers of rice could learn to be 10 times more priductuve and sustainable thereby ending local famines 

 trains can go 10 times faster, safer, greener;

coastal superports are 10-100 times more economical than airports except for perishable goods

 what are consequences for societies free to debate WMVL
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consequences of networking WMVL


  • sustainable girl empowering nations
  • not big brother community destroying nations


how biggest internet leaders are valued -bye bye mr zuck 





how many experiments were needed to share the world's most valuable lesson  lessons for future of education summits lessons for highly networked youth of 21st century coming of age       
 consequences of experiments for worlkd's leading charities for governmentsfor futiure of sustainable societies        

if this isnt of interest please say and we can search again for who's girls coding schools who
10 years of reserach has shown me that educators who dont fully understand sir fazle's contribution to the world are not going to help youth be the sustainability generation in time

 - all the best chris macrae

Monday, December 31, 1979

worlds most valuable lesson

Thanks to Oral Rehydration:
quarter of infants no longer need to die in world's poorest nations

mothers can be empowered to life saving role in communities

youth's world's most valued organisation will be: the most collaborative education networker and youth can start the 21st century dream of sustaining the human race with their livelihoods and learning rising up from every community

smart nations , cities, 
ecovillages, friendly
border cultures,
  multi-win world trading route will be extremely careful to value their largest internet companies as most trusted by educators and youth...


Who's fanning Chinese solutions to sustainability:1) by country,2) valu...

?<a href="http://www.chinathanks.com/1977">Entrepreneurial World's Greatest CASE : CHINA 2017-1977</a> worldwide...

year of child 1979

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UNESCO proclaimed 1979 as the International Year of the Child. The proclamation was signed on January 1, 1979 by United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim.

International Year of the Child - Wikipedia

innovating how to massively celebrate the world's favorite lesson - thanks brac's sir fazle abed and Unicef's James Grant 1979 became the greatest ever year of valuing children and especially girls hold up half the sky



This leaflet offers an overview case study of BRAC – since 1972 Sir Fazle Abed’s life-changing work around the new (8th most populous) nation of Bangladesh. How did empowerment of grassroots poorest village womens networks help develop Bangladesh from a new nation born poorest to a benchmark wherever solutions to ultra poor sustainability challenges are sought? Consider why BRAC can be studied as the most exciting case wherever you dare to learn with people that history had most left out from progress and trade.


We think of BRAC as the mother of all action learning networks –through which education drives the economy (not vice versa). To help think thus through wee compare 7 ways of viewing BRAC education with other systems namely:


BRAC 7 learning systems in one

1 Bangladesh villages poorest community-skills-sharing capacity building versus top-down standardized education systems

2 searching how grassroots networks can efficiently scale small is beautiful to the world’s happiest economic transformations- eg 1970s productivity of rice and  gains in last mile health due to viral understanding of oral rehydration

3 Financial services hi-trust focus in prioritising poorest villages development as opposite process to regulating nation’s biggest banking transcations  - pre-digital

6 Towards 30000 microfranchises Transparency value chains of markets mapped by servant leaders – compare how girls hold up half the sky with Sir Fazle and President Xi.

5 mobilise poorest apps by never separating classroom from community experiential learning and joy of families thriving

4 iterative post-digital banking for poorest development priorities versus bigger banking

7 How brac’s edutech and adolescent girls livelihood clubs connect with other edutech and fintech models such as youth jobs-creating hubs, especially where new win-win world trade routes are being mapped  and youth are critical resource wherever  borders are turned from historical conflicts to win-win future celebrations. See why Bangladesh’s South Coast is a missing piece in sustainability goals mapping of  5 billion eastern peoples win-win  trades with 2.5 billion in other hemispheres.

Dear Emil Levendoglu

I attended the wonderful AIIB 2017 in Jeju. I am writing to you in connection with UK (and English-Speaking) participation in AIIB
2018 is a critical year of mediations for youth and our futures. Would a meeting be possible if information below is worth more detailed clarification? 

Chinese and English speaking students are 10 years into the last journalism project my father Norman Macrae (also a close comrade of Lord Stern) started. This media project concerns how did the miraculous development of China and Bangladesh connect with women holding up half the sky, and what are the educational, technology and investment implications for win-win trading nations regionally, worldwide and among under 30s wanting (livelihoods aligned) to being sustainability generations

I have summarised in a footnote how/why my fathers 40+ years The Economist made him his generation's most connected Keynsian end-poverty searcher of postive East-West trading models. His globalisation dialogues starting with Japan in 1962 for which, on retirement, he was awarded The Emperors Order of Rising Sun  , reaching celebration of exponential rise of China from 1977 - as well as his debates from moon landing onwards of what changes could positively happen if the world invested 1000 times more in connectivity technologies 2016 versus 1946

Here are our main conclusions relevant for 2018 as a year in which the Sino-India-Bangladesh-Asean corridor is one of the important neighborship arcs of china's 360 degree trading compass as the middle kingdom. If you or anyone would like to meet to discuss the details of about 100 hours of student interviews/videos mainly in Bangaldesh, please say. Visa issues notwithstanding I can usually travel anywhere appropriate quickly.

1 Bangladesh location on south coastal belt of Eurasia hasnt yet been linked into positive worldwide trade primarily because of historical partitioning of India that my grandfather Sir Kenneth Kemp was accidentally responsible for in a legislative sense

2 If there were not national barriers, logical Belt Road moves would straight-line rail and pipes from Beijing through Chengdu to the coast probably intersecting  in the need for a superport at Cox's Bazaar (near the Myanmar bodrer in world war 2 this was a key american port)

2a A straight line "Road" East of Cox's Bazaar through Myanmar could connect trading to Hong Kong-Shenzhen; West of Cox's Bazaar through India to Gwadar. A third straight line from Chengdu to Gwadar would pass through Delhi integrating South Asia, China and Asean.

2b Historically the whole coastal belt from Singapore across Bangladesh leaping over to India-Pakistan coast then across to UAE , Suez facing nations through to Med Sea was primarily turned into win-lose trading zones by British Empire's mercantile business model. If we accept that, this is a good time for Brentrance (at least english-sino language learning youth networking hubs) to help positively mediate south asia and china and gulf/suez/med sea facing nations. China's extreme innovations in edutech make this good news story easy for cultural entrepreneurs to celebrate artistically and in other ways that Jack Ma,  DAMO &Tsingua alumni networks, Taobao and China G20 promised to Expo at all future Olympics. Back in Marco Polo's Silk Road times most of the borders now with extreme refugee problems were diversely positive win-win trading areas

3a How China and Bangladesh from 1971 started valuing womens livelihoods as much as men is complementary and miraculous. Every 5th grade teacher should be current with its conseqeunces for all our children. By the early 1970s the operation of regional superports made the Chinese Diaspora the 3rd biggest investment network. They inward invested in China mainland with perfect win-win infsratructure moves on all sides, as well as indomitable Confucian Spirit. Over a billion people leaped out of poverty. Over 90% of the future impacts of these peoples is not jobs-competitive with old industrial age markets: instead with edutech linkin worldwide youth to collaborating around being the sustainability generation - growing people , renewing every local comunity and racing to align with mother earth's exponential designs

3b Bangladesh is a miracle starting with next to nothing. Here after our hundred of hours of interviews with leaders at Grameen and BRAC which included work for the soft launch of journal of social business with Adam Smith scholars at Glasgow University we monitor how and why Sir Fazle Abed BRAC est 1972 always enjoyed deeper trust and tech partnerships than Dr Yunus in spite of Yunus becoming a family friend celebrating my father's last public birthday party in  London St James 2008.

It is the knowhow of BRAC and partners (the world's largest education system grounded in community's livelihhods not just academic classrooms, the economic origin of both conditional cash transfer and postive cash flow models of girl empowered aid) that can value girls in the most desperately disadvantaged communities: to unite the whole region - ie much of the poverty alleviation still needed in India is not likely to resolve the deepest exclusion problems without some Chinese students and technologists knowing how BRAC's 45 years of girls lift up half the sky is networked. Ironically in the 1970s BRAC and China did collaborate on rice science needed to end local famines and prioritised preferential attention to barefoot doctors - something that (as Jim Kim and George Soros testify to) BRAC remains a world benhmark for in many diseases most challenging in the Indian subcontinent. Aditionally those who took leapfroging experiments of mobile and microsolar to Bangladesh in 1996 also shared these catalytic mechanisms for rejuvenation dreams with China at the same time.

Norman Macrae Footnotes
obituary video The Economst Boardroom entrepreneurialrevolution.avi

obituary 2010's British Ambassador to Tokyo David Warren: East obituaries of Norman Macrae  

Dad served as tenenager navigation RAF planes over Myanmar/Bangladesh in world war 2; he had an intinerant upbringing in British Embassies notably in Stalin's Moscow and Hitlers Europe of the 1930s due to  his fathers work as a diplomat; he studied economics from an india correspondence course while waiting to navigate airplanes; he married the daughter of Sir Kenneth Kemp the Mumbai chief justice Britain assigned to 25 years of mediation with Mahatma Gandhi - Sir Kenneth's last job was to write up legalese of India's Independence; surviving the war father was among last students mentored by Keynes  at Cambridge Corpus Christi (a few years before Manmohan Singh enjoyed the same tutors minus Keynes) ; fathers lifelong work at The Economist started in 1948 ; it was his belief that the east innovations of post-colonial and post carbon models offered sustainable world trade maps; and while he understood Orwell's and John von Neumann's (in retirement Macrae wrote JvN's biography) concerns that a technology networked world might vicionsly spiral to big brother endgames he argued the opposite little sister community-linked in global economy was both possible and would need urgent innovations in financial and education technologies anchored to action learning with the poorest 

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