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grameeneducation.com : imagine what job creating education can do if parents truly value millennials


 Is DR Muhammad Yunus the most misunderstood man in the world? see report below -goal of Banking on poorest village mothers livelihoods?

#2025Now - last decade to answer Gandhi's century old global village question - will a generation of parents ever be courageous enough to invest in their next generation worldwide as the most connected and practically educated the human race has ever served?  (help map alumni of Gandhi - eg montessori 1920s, Einstein and Keynes 1930s, ... Soros and Mandela 1980s ...

Can 4 types of liveliehoods-led educational change converge so that education fully supports the lives and livelihoods millennials could be enjoying?

the change in practices of teachers and communities and government

the virtual tools and value of universal access -see MOOCYunus for vision - try eg yazmi.com or khan academy to see gamechanging platforms

the missing curricula of 21st C livelihhods- see such partnerships in vocational skills and blecher/Branson/Google out of S. Africa

valuing those who design the web (eg berners lee) as smartest open educational innovation not just an adjucnt of  television advertising battle to own peoples minds - see worldclassbrands.tv


Imagine 2 opposite education dreams come true- how could this impact millennials generation and value their gtreatest goals like #2030now? 

PERSONAL SCHOOLING If Gandhi or Mandela or Luther King could come back to earth, what city-wide schooling systems would they love to see first? How would it help children, teachers, parents, communities sustain the 21st C and love all human diversity? Cases of Live your life for eternity and ..

We believe this experiment's most trusted  realisation is going in at City Montessori School Lucknow India- a system where parents choose for 50000 children go to school. Questions: what happens at Lucknow from the child's viewpoint? If you have an alternative nomination of a dream-becomes-real schooling systemplease tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com YouthCreativeLab Blog worldentrepreneur.net womenuni.com

VIRTUAL SCHOOLING What if you owned a satwllite capable of ceaming down learning to 5 billion people including almost all poorest or previously disconneceted. What content neeeds to be prime time to maximise valuation oif every youth's potential 

This is a live situation at Yazmi.com - the satellite is owned by an Ethiopian who shares this extraordinary worldwide opportunity to value miillennials out of Washington DC 

x Join the call for microeducationsummit as the most collaborative process of #2030now 2025now 2018now 2015now - 2030now blog

lets empower millennials to value their own goals and productivity for humanity post 2015 -what's open education's role in this economically , socially, humanly and in borderless celebration of every goodwilled local culture?

 Back in 1972 our family first saw students experimenting with elearning networks. Our father who was passionate about ending poverty started writing up the coming of the internet as the greatet entrepreneurial revolution the human race had ever needed to mediate. The rest of our family has had an amateur curiosity for education, Here are 10 other most joyful hapenings linking in the education valuing millennials -please vote for others that we could be celebrating here. The idea that we find most joyful to explore comes from surveys of people recognised to be most accomplished - finding they maximise the per cent of their lifetime spent at the experiential edge of their own most unique competence. If you are able to score %% or up on that metric you will be a ,ost accomplo=ished being to walk this planet. Dismally pre-networlked world averaged less than 0.1% on this metric. Just impagine what could happen to human productivity and sustainability of we valued millennials networking in such a way that every youth was free to score at least 1%


 Banking on livelihoods of poorest vilage mothers and their children 1.0

Here's Muhammad Yunus sharing his views with 10 would-be New York disciples January 2008 - a month after he had invited me to travel to Bangladesh

IS MY The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD MAN IN THE WORLD? Now I trust as a minor family friend, you read this as a rehearsal of a big problem i have with the 21st C- why dont we help every young person who wants to have a mindset like Yunus social action small experiments to see whether their peers see them as good at building community and sustaing the future in a way that ends poverty and values potential of every livelihood.


This is what I heard Yunus say. Now there are much smarter people than me like the Clintons who fisrst visited Yunus in the late 1980s, and to the extent that they hear different lessons from Dr Yunus is something I'd happily post your coments on at ClintonUni.com

Microcredit as inaugurated formally by Grtameen Bank in 1983 was about training illiterate village mothers to earn livelihhods- it took nearly 10 years of research before Yunus dared promise that if circles of 60 village mothers would each take a loan they would be trained for a job wiating for them in a volage market they would also own.  begum final.doc begum final.doc, 75 KB  Read Mrs Begum's interview on how much hard work it was to design this. Note how forming health club networks preceeded any idea of mediating each circles savings and loans. And note the purpose that by 2008 nearly 8 million vilage mothers had linked into- income generation will help you move the whole community beyond the poverty line and your chilrens potential way beyond because everyone promises to seend all children to primary school

By 2008, Yunus had a bigger dream. This was to be the benchmark investment bank for all millennials collaborating to put poverty in a museum everywhere NOW!. He would seek out global partnerships with any hi-trust firm with brillant technolgy and open source an app  that villagers most urgently needed.  Well just 2 years later the ownership of such idea was taken away from him - I am not wise enough to understand global and local politicians to fully understand why.But I do suggest that we learn that investing in the next generation's livelihoods is a long-term chalenge that global accounting metriucs are worst in the world in sustaining. This is something I as a maths guy had 10 yeras of experience of working on intangibles valuation in the 1990s with most of the then Big 5. It saddens me that the biggest maths error in the world destroyed Yunus continued orchestration of his dream - if you have ideas on where we can reassemble goodwill valuation of millennials , love to hear them

 Banking on the Livelihoods of Poorest Village families 2.1 Primary schools worldwide training curriculum on finacial literacy that originated in an Indian orphanage How kenyas banking on the livelihoods of slum youth stared changing the world from 1999How maharishi institute came up with an empowerment process which can chnage the confidence of the most abused youth in 3 months Other missing curricula that Blecher and Branson partners out of south africa have linked in with a goal if innovating a million new jobs by 20920 

The longest (since 1984) internet-cam0change schooling  experiment linked out of New  Zealand and celebrated by 10 million Chinese families www.thelearningweb.net

extraordinary is Gordon Dryden. He took my father and my 1984 ideas on future of education and has spent 30 years experimenting with how tomake new zealand students and teachers the most curious questioners instead of the mast examined . The Learning Web - Home Page
Book Contents Page Author biography: Gordon Dryden 8 How to quit school at age 14 and end up writing the top-selling...


 The greatest contient-wide youth entrepreneurship competition and mentoring networks sustained across a cointunent for over a decadeMIT  Open learning campus at world bank - mashup of ondemand coursera and khan academy style tools- where learning moduloes are viralised by job seeking youth not as a certificate endgame




Please help us map who's opening up missing practice curriculum of livelihoods and at what age does the first curriculum intervention need to occur

#1 Question for netgen class 2014-2015 - before and after 20000 youth, 500 educators, 20 Nobel laureates meet

Atlanta Nov 2015- what top 10 missing curricula do you want to see youth action networks question

and MOOC with Yunus  (and Khan) and who . . .


Who's Free Edu Who 

 summary of maharishi uni.doc summary of maharishi uni.doc, 556 KB - summary of the most exciting entrepreneur curriculum in 43 years since my father at The Economist encouraged coming net generation to search for open education' "Entrepreneurial Revolution" -please tell us if you know of other job creating curricula


Bset News of 2014 -"edcation innovation revelas almost any illiterate adult can be helped to read a newspaper in a month; worst news- 0.000000% of formal educators know about this breakthrough - question why wouldnt breakthrough education modules be number 1 homepage on internet - what could be more social, more value impactful, gravitate more collaboration on povery museum race













 linkin here: job creating entrepreneur curriculum and apprenticeships


partners in south africa's job creating education have found 3 curricula that need to go all way back to primary - finacial literacy, empowerment, entrepreneurship that  serves societies positive imoacts


BRAC Informal village primary



Make blist


Schooling systems built from independence of a developing country are critical to inter-generational sustainability


BRAC is a benchmark for informal primary school system that joyfully values students and parents. Note Sir Fazle Abed was selected as WISE's inaugural laureate of education, and this led WISE networks to a year's search/report for job creating education models.. BRAC's schools today are the educational network Gandhi and Montessori would recognise as closest to their vocational vision for village schooling. Sir Fazle Abed notes that in BRAC's early days, his search for training suitable for illiterate adults led him to Paulo Freire's action learning approach. That breakthrough of educational mindset made it natural  that BRAC would evolve a montessori type model once it needed a solution that could replicated as a 40000 village schooling network,


How did this development happen to be trusted to BRAC? When Bangladesh was born, the government didn't have enough resources -let alone relationships with teachers - to do schools in villages. So BRAC prioritised introduced bottom-up primary schooling - the third of its first 3 villagers grassroots networking services- which started with bottom-up disaster relief and scaling of bottom-up para-health workers (see oral rehydration microfranchise 100).


Biggest and most colab ngo see fazleabed.com


City Montessori -world larest school and only unesco peace winner


Intriguingly India's continuation of nearly 90 year of Gandhi-Montessori knowhow is now stewarded by City Montessori school in Lucknow.; 50000 students a year keep this alive and ahead of any cross-cultural and peacemaking curriculum. This education treasure has been curated by one family- father, mother , two daughters and a son. Their education was so valued by Hindhi and Muslim parents alike that more and more of the city's schooling system is sustained by their public service. CMS has an UNESCO award not just for its peacemaking curriculum but its children practising this to save Lucknow from riots in 1990s. Various miraculous social-economical innovations out of CMS as a student-friendly teaching lab which hosts international exchanges and collaborative student competitions through the year .CMS has also been the most active participant in former India President Kalam's 2020 visionary search for missing curricula of India's future  Latest gamechanger  finding that almost any illiterate adult can be helped to read a  newspaper within a month. -brain is like a muscle-practice


Missing Curriculum: Financial Literacy


 One of the most interesting missing curricula of primary is financial literacy. The benchmark primary curriculum for this Aflatoun was developed out of an Indian orphanage.

images for aflatounReport images
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One of its most massive national scaling partners is BRAC in Bangladesh... An example of a financial literacy adult network is Australia's 10thousand girl






How to network


Eg vertes - 12 grades of email- maximise time spent at edge of own unique experiential competence


Bridges Primary Kenya- fastest growing independent primary system in world



Bridge International Academies
Bridge International Academies is a chain of nursery and primary schools delivering high-quality education for just $5 a month (on average)


Secondary scholarships and other interventions of Grameen Shikkha


The microcredit culture Bangladesh village mothers signed up to was while we try to move ourselves beyond the poverty line, move our children way beyond it by breaking generations of illiteracy. The bridge beyond the literacy goals of primary is actioned in secondary scholarships - an innovation of grameeen bank members. This is how Grameen Bank has emerged as an example of girl power investment banking and education as well as poorest village mothers banking. Grameen relationships with its 8 million mothers also connect with which of their girls are most capable to change the world through eg nearly free nursing college and which of their sons will be the greatest job creating entrepreneurs


Missing Curriclum - finding self among those with an abused childhood




Open space


Einstein collaboration missing from our system design


Missing curriculum - value chain transformation and social movements- microfranchies




Greatest jobs creating curriculum from age 8 ups


Starting as free university of entrepreneurs in 1999, south africa partners of taddy blecher (including brtamson and gogle) are redesigning whole curricula for 14 million choldern from age 8 up; and apprenticeship structires. Goal 1 million extra jobs by 2020 and life long elarning for small business owners; and maharishi belief in self


IHUB kenya

Media Lab MIT


5 economis- most potential direct youth win-win


rwanda conference


IHUB is Both natural partner for connecting beyond southa frica; and open tech space for entrepreneurs that schools and universities alone could not provide.Meanehile ofr open tech wizards with leading nation resources- MIT media lab is benchmark




Mit every lab ist own entrepreneurial competition centre as wellas interdisciplianry ones of poverty and milennaisl edges eg dlab  d mit100k


Media lab and square mile of industries of te future and berners lee and open every source thing- greatest jobs creating alumni and parner netwwirk of an western university


Khan Academy




Open Learning campus -world bank with coursera


Accelerating the hint for all the microeconomic curricula opposite to macroeconomics; social mba and other ways of transforming value chains in line with jim kim transcript


Yazmi- satellite freeing edu for all




BRAC University








 Curricula that mediate millennials to be at social action epicentre of their millennium's goals and invest in banks with values aligned to this

how to host a community collab event every week and linkin to worldwide youth job creating summit every year 

how to convince those that spend the world's biggest media budgets that net generation values something more than hosting olympics, world cups -namely twinning cities in livelihhoods summits and sustainability impacts

 nurse curriculum - Khangrameen nearly free nursing college: top of the 10 yunus-edited youth have a dream postcards- the farmer-kim training hospital in haiti connected virtually by listerves of Brigham Women's hospital boston

for societies to demand nearly free nursing colegers, girl effects and interest/right in health need to be nurtured pre-teens - the more mobile apps can dmeonstarte this in rural areas the more health apprenticeship start outside of school as well as inside

 nutrition and food sceurity curriclum

 water and clean energy curriculum


brazilz foz curriculum 50000 tecaher 500000 children living around thrid of world's fresh underwater ersearves and biggest dams 

 financial literacy curriculum

100 countries now use primary curriculum innovate out of an orphanage 

 team  or microfranchsie service curriculumbeing a peer to peer teacher especially of little sister  joy of cross-culture and peace curriculum; one level down from superstar as community regeneratot=r and youth to youth leaderpublic servant curricululum  arts and crafts curriculum - makers curriclum last mile distribution curriculum- mobile within arms rech of desire for essential servicesother 

 Gkobal Social Health & elearning.ppt Gkobal Social Health & elearning.ppt, 319 KB

www.yazmi.com provides a tipping point opportunity -currently the only elearning satellite that 5 billion people can beam down from

as well as standard educational curricula traditional educators may want to share, how about of we provide at least demonsratton information on the how to work with the back from the future global social value chains that jim kim commends to millennials as being integral to making 2015-2030 the most exciting years on  -and for sustainability and end poverty on-  planet earth

for example if the knowhow for the networking actions that have been pioneered by  such global social health connectors as those mapped below started to be .linked together in a course that yazmi beamed down, how wonderful for millennials to share could that be?

x Dear Friends of African Millennials at World Bank

 am writing to ask whether some members of both African Societies might be interested in seeing a demonstration of the pan-african elearning satellite yazmi led by Ethiopian Diaspora (founder Noah Samara who Naila and I finally met last week)
Originally in radio version in the 1990s Noah's driving purpose at that time had been to share info so as  to minimise hiv. What was huge was negotiating across all african countries a common frequency- an advantage no other continent in the world enjoys for information programming as far as I understand
When I see the parallel challenge  (eg jim kim's video this week)  of ending ebola as fast as possible and need to restimulate the effected economies it seems to me that the 30 year knowhow of jim kim's and paul farmer's partners in health and our friends at BRAC who are active in both liberia and sierra leone due to support from George Soros needs to be distributed as action learning across grassroots networks
x job creating economics curricula - grameeneconomics.com


 Dear All,

We would like to inform that from now on Grameen Shikkha web site will be available in its new domain:


Best regards,

Nurjahan Begum
Managing Director
Grameen Shikkha


search MOOCYunus.




The Pro-youth educator celebrates 41 years of testing job creating opportunities of online education - search MOOCYunus.

The Anti-Youth educator clings to 4 monopolies -what is researched, what is taught, what is examined, what is acredited


Curricula sources for pro-youth economics of energy include www.ashden.org Beijing thinktank for energy www.gshakti.org rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  washington dc hotline 301 881 1655 if you have a nomination

 Pro-Youth Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist since 1972

Q) where did energy first get debated in the 41 year collaboration research by The Economist of the net generation


A) Probably 1984 publication of the next 40 years - relevant chapter on energy to be lasered here soon  -more below


Norman Macrae Youndation Hotlines -phone washington dc 1 301 881 1655 or email http://normanmacrae.ning.com/forum/topics/pro-youth-energy-curroculachris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 


 Associate web sites sponsored by norman macrae foundation for pro-youth economics, education and journalism. transfers from our village web-bak from youth journalists to responsible experts include GrameenIntel and GrameenVeolia ......... ConsiderBangladesh.comlaunched to celebrate The Economist's Remembrance party of NOrman Macrae (unacknowledged giant, enetrepreneurial revolution mediator since 1972, pro-youth economist) www.globalgrameen.com  launched to celebrate dr yunus as chef guset of norman macramé's 85th (nd last public) birthday, RAC,Saint James, London 2008 - the hypothesis of entrepreneurial revolution borrows from Schumacher and Keynes- globalization and net generation will only be sustaonble if every global village is sustainably interated into the global economy so that everyone can lead a productive and happy life............................................


part 2 of a series of webs that link the 3 billion new jobs maps of Norman's 1984 work with the first 42 years of grassroots networking innovations of bangladesh

 www.grameenenergy.compart 3 of the 3 billion jobs serieswww.microeducation.comaimed at making education and collaboration core to post 2015 summits on poverty museum -supporting webs include www.grameenuniversity.comwww.grameeneducation.comand the 4 Unis: YunusMandela Obama Clinton along with the youth website of the 10000 yunus yes we can dv www.yunus10000.com




aka http://moocyunus.com  

 www.grameenheatltcare.com celebrating idea that Grameen is the home of free nursing college curriculum and as much as pro-youth possible of all community healthcare and nutrition and emedic curriculumgrameenuk.com www.grameenscotland.comwww.grameeneurope.com www.grameenasia.comwww.grameenamericas.com  www.grameenafrica.com - helping correct any mistudeies or misapplication of grameen or microcredit modls outside of Bangladesh with particular focus on how technology from 1996 changed the way that networkers connecting pro-youth investment banking were free to operate -aloso maiintaing a league table of top 10 nations eg Japan China Scotland Frnace Kenya South Africa Singapore .. helping youth and yunus replicate microfranchsie solutions that save the sustainability of worldwide global villages.....................................................................................................  



yunuscentre uploaded a video 5 days ago



Earlier videos in this series have demonstrated that the biggest powers in energy markets are blocking clean energy, and the biggest powers in food markets are stifling nutrition and local food security. Are there other multi-trillion dollar markets that are putting the sustainability of our childrens; children at risk?

Back in 1982, editors of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist issued a report on the first 10 years of dialogues on the coming of the internet. This report concluded that the worst crisis of all would be compounded if biggest powers in education prevented a revolution in job creation. Specifically pro-youth economists see the coming of the internet as the greatest opportunity to design a smart educational model whereas anti-youth economists see the internet as an extension if the television advertising age in controlling and dumbing down people.

Job creating educators are going to need the courage to give up 4 monopolies:

number 1 what knowledge is researched

number 2 what knowledge is distributed by their teaching

number 3 what knowledge is examined

number 4 what knowledge is accredited


In 2013,  the crisis of job creating education appears to be at a tipping point. For example, search MOOC and the celebrations around Salman Khan, Taddy Blecher and Muhammad Yunus hosted at the 10th Skoll world championships hosted at Oxord April 2013,



The search is on for: whose life experiences do millions of youth now need to interact around to create jobs and collaborate around the millennium's most exciting goals?




Pro-Youth Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist since 1972

Q) where did energy first get debated in the 41 year collaboration research by The Economist of the net generation


A) Probably 1984 publication of the next 40 years - relevant chapter on energy to be lasered here soon 



yunuscentre yunuscentre·13 videos

http://normanmacrae.ning.com origin of entrepreneurial revolution and net generation pro-youth economics at The Economist since 1972 - explore energy and the 7 urgent wonders of multi-win economics - is clean energy the simplest win-win case of all?

(banker)默罕默德尤努斯Muhammad Yunus-格莱美银行的创始人-杨澜访谈录

穆罕默德·尤努斯(Muhammad Yunus,1940年6月28日-):孟加拉国经济学家,孟加拉乡村银行(Grameen Bank,也译作格莱珉银行) ...

  • ultimatemicrocreditdebate.avi

    1. who would have thought that Bangladesh would spend 40 years developing world's greatest invention only to have Wall Street ...
    1. Bangladesh and Muhammad Yunus are searching for 5000 Youth Ambassadors to help sustain the planet and make the race to ...


     Draft Submission to Inaugural Brochure of USADBC.org summer 2014 -african diaspora's and maryland legislatuires (eg Bcorp) ideas on helping jim kim's millennialsl transform value chains
    50 years after his first social networking through colleges in the deep south, Atlanta's 2.1 role in future history of western culture charges Dr Muhammad Yunus with both the trust and the delight to re-empower youth with "I have a dream". The movement's opportunity is occasioned by youth entrepreneur networking gravitated around a summit uniting Nobel Laureates,  youth's open worldwide networks and the Southern colleges that first made Dr Y a professor in the late 1960s when USA's practical civil rights were in their infancy. Civil Society isn't just a tag phrase to twitter out of Georgia. Come shake hands with the amazingly graceful lawyer of Rosa Parks to see how locally grounded love of global village trust-flows needs to be if sustaining a borderless planet is our net generation's united race, and capitalism's whole truth direction.
    Good NEWS? Represented across hemispheres by OsloDhakaAtlantaCape Town - The Twin Capitals movement of Youth Jobs summits can spin more valuable exchanges for youth to enjoy than 20th century Olympics and World Cups. But the critical microeconomics and civil society question remains: is your capital interactively banking on being a leader or a laggard of 7 billion peoples' freedoms? 
    US African Millennials NOW
    by Chris Macrae,
    Family Foundation Norman Macrae The Economist's pro-youth economist; fan of women4empowerment.org
    Last year US congress celebrated voting for the 21st Century gold rush proposed by Dr Muhammad Yunus - investing in women and youth who develop the freedom and happiness of sustainable livelihoods and peaceful trade starting with those with least resources. The review below searches out some of the best news this century that African millennials are primed to co-create and mobilize if we invest in their goodwill. And relates this to the unique proposition made to Dr Yunus during recent Martin Luther King anniversary celebrations: Atlanta wishes to be his favorite pro-youth Collaboration Entrepreneur Lab.
    NOW : dare we go beyond the first wave of millennium goals that were grand but did not consciously invest in youth's freedom out of every community?  
    Converging the 15th year of the Nobel Peace summit engagement with millennials coming of age is the bottom-up way ahead. Top-down are the invitations to millennials being made by the Korean alliance of Jim KIm and Ban Ki-Moon: with the mediation work being done 24/7 by the young professional associates at the World Bank and mobilized around the UN Global Partnership with Youth (GPY2015). Around this compass, let us map where African (& American) Millennials are turning the dream of ending poverty into reality of an united human race?
    Bravo Kenya:
    K1: In 1999 Jamii Bora starts up a worldwide revolution - the first microbank to put all transaction records on mobile thus bringing down costs of serving end-slum networkers- what microcredit designs were previously thought possible only in village mothers networks (eg Bangladesh). we now see how gangs of youth can be heroes of urban regeneration. In Africa's huge extended family settings, orphans demand family health insurance  integrated before  trusting microfinance- so Jamii Nora led the way with one of most economical group health insurance ever made by partnering missionary hospitals.
    K2 Kenya's firsts in banking-for-the-bottom-billion progress through JB to mpesa/safari (cashless banking apart from last mile) to kiva zip, to nanocredit inventor Julian Kyula- winner of 2013's IBM Entrepreneur of the Year award; NY patient capital funds like Acumen have also been inspired out of Kenya. 2013's report on mobile money for the unbanked reveals: there are now 60 million cashless banking accounts, with majority in sub-saharan Africa.
    K3 Ingrid Munro founded Jami Bora (JB) in her retirement after a professional life serving UN Habitat and a personal devotion to serving orphans.  So at the Kaputei branch of Jamii Bora (JB) just outside Nairobi's beltway, it was natural to demonstrate how to empower youth to build their own ecovillages. With a little knowledge multiplying help from Ingrid's friend the late great Nobel Wangari Maathai.
    K4 The Economist's 2012 Xmas issue asks: Is the Kibera slum the most entrepreneurial social lab on the planet?  Three years earlier in the run-up to Spain's global microcreditsummit, Queen Sofia demands testing of the JB model in over 60 southern nations faced with the challenge of slums. In the same year, JP Morgan NY headquarters stages JB's founder Ingrid Munro as trainer on sustainable billanthropy let alone pro-youth banking!
    K5 Years before Kenya's youth star is born, the social business pop group TheGreenChildren can be found celebrating with Ingrid; the joyful cluetrain rolls on in New York with Monica Yunus' singforhope and the UN's fashion4development offering celebrities unprecedented reach to grassroots movements including those tha US-Africa and US-Muslim millennials value most. Seattle's 2014 film festival premiers the movie of Ann Dunham's contributions as an unacknowledged giant : pioneering microcredit in Indonesia and helping found womensworldbanking

    K6 Kenya's youth ihubs design ushahidi software ("twitter plus GPS") - so that in Kenya, youth action networking ranges from helping to end riots caused by politics of elders to open sourcing solutions with youth wizards around worldwide exchanges of collaboration entrepreneurial revolution. As The Economist foresaw in 1984: the net generation can be defined as that which searches for 10 times more economic value in collaboration between peoples than competition over things
    K7 The Bridges primary schooling system (goal to serve 10 million poorest children by 2023) becomes one of the fastest growing, effective and economical on the planet

    E1 Beaming knowledge to everyone: 
    Ethiopia's launch of Africa's first satellite was led by Noah Samara whose dream was to free life critical info (eg how to prevent spread of aids). He is now focusing on elearning. Also last time we checked in with $100 laptop/tablet friends at MIT's Media Lab, Addis Ababa was becoming its African epicentre.
    E2 Ethiopian's coop farmer structure provides one of the 2 loci (farmers & spiritually/consciously linked customer communities) that whole truth value chains are composed round. They need to take back (as the French would say "entrepreneur") most of the 90% of costs caused by middlemen. For how, see DC's Inauguration of the US Africa Diaspora summit June 2014
    A1 The continental satellite tv broadcaster africa24tv aims to search out good news of industry leaders trying to develop sector self-sufficiency by and for africans;
    A2/K8 Africa24tv's co-founder was inspired by Mo Ibrahim - the first mobile telecoms billionnaire to sell out of telecoms (cellnet anchored around Kenya) and devote his family's future fortunes to prizing bottom-up leadership
    A3/K9 MIT team linkin with Mpesa's tech wizard NIck Hughes so that cashless banking can come to Bangladesh bkash.com. BRAC's world leadership of banking with values gives it the authority to hunt out massive partnership entries into Africa and across girl effect networks - like Mastercard Foundation in Uganda , and Gates Foundation in Tanzania.
    A4 Partners in Health worldwide intervention in developing a drug for HIV taught Jim Kim why and how to rework Porter's Value Chain maps from top-down to bottom-up. Without Africa's urgent need the World Bank wouldn't be emerging today as leader of pro-youth economics
    A5 Enjoy the web hosting of the UN's Global Partnership with Youth GPY2015 is staged by the ITU led by African IT activist Dr Hamadoun Toure
    A6 Monitor Yunus partnership with the African Development Bank as an incubation network of young social business entrepreneurs is launched starting out of Tunisia and Uganda

    SA1  Back in 1999, 
    South Africa's own entrepreneurial revolution took a leap forward with  the foundation of free universities for job creating entrepreneurs thanks to Porter's former value chain accountant Taddy Blecher. Watch out for free university partnerships  starting with E-cubed
    SAE1 Blecher partners with Maharishi -curriculum of Empowerment
    SAE2 Blecher partners with Branson - curriculum of Entrepreneurship and Bteam and Mandela Elders reconciliation methods. This good news celebration came about after Branson's TV reality Apprenticeship discovered Sara Blakely as its Social winner. She not only linked Branson in with Blecher but has become Atlanta's youngest billionnaire through her own womens enterprise Spanks
    SAE3 Blecher partners with google  -whose curriculum of E-includes offering free web site to South African small enterprises that host youth apprenticeships
    YEEES: with the approval of the South African government Youth Entrepreneur curricula are now being extended to 14 million school children with the goal of creating one million jobs by 2020
    SA2 Cape Town Oct 2014 hosts the Youth Nobel Laureate summit -a best for the world chance for African Millennials to train up to social action networking  Mandela's legacy
    SA3 Cape Town youth also motivated George Soros' 1978 transformation into a philanthropist. Structurally his last 35 years of investments have focused on open society and ineteconomics.org - rethinking economics from the ground up. Practically it was Soros who provided Yunus the funding that started Grameen Phone- ensuring the pro-poor focus of Bangladesh's first mobile telecoms network.
    SA4 Rewind the world to 1906 and it was South Africa that turned the mindset of Mahatma Gandhi from that of a Bar of London barrister to
    "The inventor of a completely new and humane means for the liberation war of an oppressed country, and practised it with greatest energy and devotion. The moral influence he had on the consciously thinking human being of the entire civilized world will probably be much more lasting than it seems in our time with its overestimation of brutal violent forces. Because lasting will only be the work of such statesmen who wake up and strengthen the moral power of their people through their example and educational works." Alfred Einstein.
    The whole concept of Satyagraha (Satya is truth which equals love, and agraha is force; Satyagraha, therefore, means truth force or love force) was profoundly significant to me. As I delved deeper into the philosophy of Gandhi, my skepticism concerning the power of love gradually diminished, and I came to see for the first time its potency in the area of social reform. ... It was in this Gandhian emphasis on love and nonviolence that I discovered the method for social reform that I had been seeking. Martin Luther King
    ROA1 Rest of Africa- space doesn't permit me to begin to do justice to this wondrous youth continent but if ever there were to be an election for premier under 25 changemaker, I would vote for Ola Orekunrin whose star-spangled livelihood to date has navigated British and Japanese medical schooling to found Nigeria's Flying Doctors, and caused the founder of MIT's entrepreneurial curriculum at Sloan Management School to leap out of his chair with glee.
    BOOKMARK TOUR OF AFRICAN MILLENNIALS NOW - item to add rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  AfricanIdol.tv
    K1 jamiiborabank.co.ke ; K2 search mpesa , search nanocredit julian kyula , zip.kiva.org ,  acumen.org   gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/state-of-the-industry-2013 ; K3 greenbeltmovement.org  ; K4 search economist.com for boomtown slum,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqCrZLFeBHY ;  K5 TheGreenChildren.com , Fashion4Development.com , SingforHope.org  http://vigilante-vnm.com/  womensworldbanking.org , cluetrain.com ;  K6 ihub.co.ke  , ushahidi.com  trilliondollaraudit.org ; K7 bridgesinternationalacademies.com
    E1 Yazmi.com  E2 usadbc.org   blessedcoffee.us
    A1 Africa24tv.com  ;  A2 moibrahimfoundation.org  ;   A3    gabv.org   brac.net/content/where-we-work-africa  A4 search #2030now and "world bank live millennials"  pih.org  A5 un.org/partnerships crowdsourcing.itu.int  A6 search Yunus & African Development Bank
    ROA1 flyingdoctorsnigeria.com , search entrepreneurial impact role mit
    SA1 search blecher maharishi,  search branson bteam africa  SA2 nobelforpeace-summits.org , theelders.org;   SA4 search gandhi einstein , search gandhi satyagraha 1906 , cmseducation.org/
    Selected Yunus and Youth Tour: YunusCreativeLab.org  NobelforPeace-summits.org SocialBusinessPedia.com Women4Empowerment.org GrameenEconomics.com ;  -search Atlanta Nobel Peace, search moocyunus
    2015 is 50th year since Yunus arrived in the southern states - the same year that US universities were first integrated; the 15th year since Atlanta has staged the most collaborative black student entrepreneur competition; and the 5th year since the state educators of Georgia and Alabama asked yunus to help turn Montgomery County Alabama into a social business zone - this being the usa's poorest county and the one where Booker T Washington's University Tuskegee is currently less than half filled





    collaboration exercise - preparing a tour for yunus around the future of 7 grameen businesses if understood by youth as star cases of open online university - all depends on reconnecting with right contacts first who could expand collaboration with youth's hunger to create jobs all over the planet http://wholeplanet.tv


    tour 1 edu i guess these are the main contacts to survey first on open edu but happy to know if i have left out anyone passionate about open online uni


    A1 online channel  A1.1 Yunus & A1.2 Skoll & A1.3 Khan (language partners eg carlos slim spain) & A1.4 Doerr & A1.5 Blecher (Mandela/Branson.Google Africa) & A1,6 Kalam/Gandhi family /Begum & A1.7 Father's friwnds-Pearson CEO Scardino with Sarah & Economist at 170

    2a, b, c... practice fame : Yunus &


    if you can help improve massive youth and collaboration tours for muhammad yunus round any of grameen's 7 wondrous business as cases most needed at moocyunusfree uni - then please contact Norman Macrae Foundation  - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc region 1 301 881 1655

    tour 2 www.thegrameenbank.com



    NEW FOR 2013

    Can you help with the most urgent search in our world? - wanted top 30 twelve minute presenations on viral ideas that give adolescents ways to earn incomes other than violence or drug dealing - do you share the feeling that if we really lived in democracies the peoples would sustpend congress until they helped find and cenebrate such ways?


    Timeless for 21st C About 1 results  Search results for

    • mrs begum

    Listen with Mother of Microcredit

    If you feel moved by Mrs begum, one of Dr Yunus' 4 co-founders of Grameen Bank, microcredit, and the leader of education projects you can

    contact her here 



    discussion at http://globalgrameen.ning.com/forum/topics/wanted-top-30-twelve-minute-presenations-on-viral-ideas-that-give

    example 1

    Jamii Bora provides one way. It invites Kenyan youth in slums to help regenerate the country through this sort of approach

    show that you can earn something by anon-violent means and we will invest in your business growing and after that if you like we will recruit you into our community banks staff or appoint you to build and property manage an ecovillage for the poorest or link you in to whatever are your generation's most wonderfully colaborative ideas on growing the sustainability of kenya

    the slums where jamii bora began in 1999 are according to The Economists's last issue of 2012 one of the most entrepreneurial places to network out of on the planet

    when 2008 elections caused violence it wasnt facebook or twitter that youth use to reconcile the nation but jamii bora methods and homegrown crowdmaps of usahidi and IHUB - fingers crossed that 2013 elections have enough youth protecting their after action transparency that Kenya's leading collaborations around africa and the world (eg mpesa's cashless banking) go from strength to strength

    global viillage education discussion exercise 2 jamii bora was founded in her retirement by the redoutable Swedish lady Ingrid Munro - how do we collect a top 30 twelve minute presentaions on the life lessons of ingrid and mrs nurjahan begum or other greatest mothers of microcredit which include the pioneering contributions that President Obama's mother made in Indonesia-  would it be wonderful if what began in banagkldesh, indoensia and kenya could alos help put youth back to work all over the world's cities

    email me chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk and tell me what email of introductiion you want me to send between you and her; or ask me any questions you may have -eg how to access whole transcript or 45 minute film interview of mrs begum we made in 2008 in Dhaka; I have since been back to see Mrs Begum eight times- if there is a greater heroine in the world I would love to hear who you think that is!

    cmacrae3 years ago635 views


     may your 2012 new year joyously invest in youth and the most extraordinary education entreprenuuers we can linkin
    our current league table of 10 greatest educators of youth's most productive deacde maps like this - nominations and questions always welcome
    Ingrid Munro - African Youth's joint most replicable job creator, and peer to peer womens empowerment college  Sir Fazle Abed - winner of the first and biggest prize in education- network founder of more schools than anyoneThe Gandhi family at Lucknow- the family that created a city's favourite schooling system with over 40000 children a year, and monthly world class festivals celebrating students as world citizens; the only schooling system to win unesco peace prize for cross-cultural empowerment 
     Team Bhuiyan - 1 -  Youth 1000 Job Creation brainstorms - our of atlanta, the 21st C most productive media for youth to network Mrs Begum team - the education soul of banking for the poor women entrepreneurs  and jobs-education for the poor's next generation 10000 thousand girl - the australian worldwide movement of economics and banking curricula for schools and young women
     MIT - the number 1 job creating edu in the world, with extraordinary entrepreneurial competitions and digital media labs (eg negroponte, berners lee ... ), and open course ware Harrison Owen - how to optimalise the live innovation brainpower of up to 5000 people from 9 year olds up Gordon Dryden - since the 1984 netfure report: the most radical innovator of education anywhere including new zealand and china http://www.thelearningweb.net/
    & Taddy Blecher- founder of the free university, and african youth's joint most replicable changemaker , nay gamechanger
    Thumbnail 23:08Add to 

    TEDx Johannesburg 2010 - Taddy Blecher - From free to freedom

    Free education can free a nation. Taddy Blecher's miraculous work. This talk received a standing ovation.TEDx, x = independently organized event ...

    byTEDxTalks10 months ago574 views

    Taddy Blecher - Uncommon Heroes

    Taddy Blecher was ready to emigrate from South Africa when he took a second look at his native country. "I saw aching poverty," he said, and he ...

    byHeroicImaginationTV2 months ago16 views

    Dr. Taddy Blecher Talks About Success

    Dr. Taddy Blecher interviewed at the Launch of the new Napoleon Hill Book Think and Grow Rich Three Feet from Gold. He is the founder or CIDA City ...

    byStarAlerts2 years ago277 views

    Global Hero Taddy Blecher

    Taddy Blecher, Founder of the Maharishi Institute in South Africa, the first free university in South Africa. Taddy was the Global Center's first ...

    byCUSEpacific1 year ago101 views

    Global Hero Taddy Blecher P.2

    Taddy Blecher, Founder of the Maharishi Institute in South Africa, the first free university in South Africa. Taddy was the Global Center's first ...

    byCUSEpacific1 year ago52 views

    Global Hero Taddy Blecher P.3

    Taddy Blecher, Founder of the Maharishi Institute in South Africa, the first free university in South Africa. Taddy was the Global Center's first ...

    byCUSEpacific1 year ago36 views

    The Education Project 2010 (TED) - Making School Cool Session - Part 1

    , Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA (moderator) • Dr Taddy Blecher, Founder, CIDA, South Africa • Dr Kathleen Hagstrom, Principal, Walt ...

    bybahrainvision20301 year ago918 views

    The Education Project 2010 (TED) - Making School Cool Session - Part 2

    , Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA (moderator) • Dr Taddy Blecher, Founder, CIDA, South Africa • Dr Kathleen Hagstrom, Principal, Walt ...

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    The Education Project 2010 (TED) - Making School Cool Session - Part 3

    , Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA (moderator) • Dr Taddy Blecher, Founder, CIDA, South Africa • Dr Kathleen Hagstrom, Principal, Walt ...

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    The Education Project 2010 (TED) - Making School Cool Session - Part 4

    , Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA (moderator) • Dr Taddy Blecher, Founder, CIDA, South Africa • Dr Kathleen Hagstrom, Principal, Walt ...

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    The Education Project 2010 (TED) - Making School Cool Session - Part 5

    , Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA (moderator) • Dr Taddy Blecher, Founder, CIDA, South Africa • Dr Kathleen Hagstrom, Principal, Walt ...

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    Re: A Vision of Students Today

    Meet Taddy BlecherTaddy Blecher was ready to emigrate from South Africa when he took a second look at his native country. "I saw aching poverty, ...

    byRuggedLike3 years ago2,644 views

    MBA student about Invincible Outsourcing and Maharishi Institute in South Africa

    Africa as a project manager for social entrepreneur, Dr. Taddy Blecher, who created the first free university in South Africa and is ...

    byiamuniversaltv2 years ago1,322 views

    "Russell Simmons with the Maharishi Institute students in S

    to Missing Link, Ruth Hill-Jowet, Nadine Naidoo, and Taddy Blecher for the video production ... russell simmons cida city campus diamond ...

    byDiamondEmpowerment3 years ago1,517 views

    Dr Taddy (Adam Paul) Blecher --- Part 1

    Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) FSSA

    byknowldgehorizon1 year ago118 views

    Dr Taddy (Adam Paul) Blecher --- Part 2

    Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) FSSA

    byknowldgehorizon1 year ago86 views

    Dr Taddy (Adam Paul) Blecher --- Part 3

    Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) FSSA

    byknowldgehorizon1 year ago79 views

    Thank You Servochem!

    A student at the Maharishi Institute thanking Servochem for the generous donation of paint for our 8- story building downtown Johannesburg. Thank ...

    byMaharishiInstitute1 year ago117 views



       This site   The Web 


    Nobody I have ever met inspires me more on innovation of and dedication to village education that Mrs N Begum. Being a parent of a teenager of this extraordinary net generation -and one who is most frustrated about the rotten curricula and modality of 21st C education in the worlds richest schools - I have spent quite a lot of my last 7 years searching for grassroots opportunities to meet great educators. I have found that those who do the most with the least actually have a lot that youth in schools governed by politicians in richer places need to action learn from. So this web is about:

    1 who else inspires me

    2) what might be Mrs N Begum;s next world class projects;

    3)  what has she already given the world.

    One remark before proceeding; I know that both Mrs B and I are most inspired of all by Dr Muhammad Yunus- part of what he does is of course education but he's got much much more to do in changing investments all round the world to be pro-youth instead of disinvesring in youth the way that errant macroeconomics is spinning . You can see examples of his heroic networking at spaces like http://leadersandyunus.ning.com or www.sbdays.com - so back to my number 1 heroine in education's world

     1 2 3

    more of educations most promising revolutions:

     open course ware at MIT is huge idea- I am not aware if any worldwide student communities connect to it by sharing peer learnings - eg is there a wiki of what students in different parts of the world have learnt that they feel they wouldn't have if open cousre ware didnt exist - please chat with us if you are fans of open course ware

    intriguingly (a few yards away in boston) one of the best wikis I have ever see connects gthe community of practice of the $100 laptop- I wish I understood the full story of where Negroponte hasn't wholly been able to test $100laptop the way he wants and whether the rumored $100 tablet and increasing use of addis abba as an african meta-hub will be ways forward ; what amazes me is the things that wouldnt exist in their present form if it hadnt been for timely interventions of Negropronte - eg MIT's Media Lab; I also wonder if it was inevitable that Intel and Negropronte as the 2 of the most exciting explorers of microedu for the poor had their fallout- by which I mean I wish that their peer networkers would increasingly find ways to get back together

    sir ken robinson is one of the clearest explainers of why we need an educational revolution but more info is sought on where the practice networks of sir ken are to be linked in

    now that sun is no longer direct scott mcneally baby, his newer baby curriki is well worth following

    its worth tracking what newark is doing with the $100 million it reportedly got from facebook's founder to do some radical changes in education -news welcome; if I could have a chat with the likes of Gatses Fpundation I would wish yto foreward the motion  that there are system interventions needed in american's consititutional and understanding of microentrepreneurship before we can empower worthy teacher movents like Teach for America to be paradigms that the erst of the world needs to look at first

    I am interested to hear views of which funding foundations bet the most chnage for the buck with the focus they choose - perhaps because of all the troubles linked into youth employment by banking;s recent subprime failures, some financially linkeed foundations are doing interesting projects, but mostly not in america  - see eg MasterCardFoundation  DiscoveryCardFoundation.S.Africa


    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk wash dc 1=301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc 



    Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    The New York Times today has a piece on by Randall Stross titledComputer Science for the rest of us discussing the growing movement to have computer science courses that build’s on Jeannete Wing’s paper on computational thinking.   I would argue that it’s not computer science for the “rest of us” but for everyone.    From basic science to the humanities, understanding essentials of computer science has become more important to student’s understanding of the world than the calculus is.  In fact, while I think calculus certainly has value from the hard to social sciences, its more essential that students have an understanding of computer science.

    more http://www.forbes.com/sites/startupviews/2012/04/01/computer-science-is-essential-for-everyone/

    1:14 pm edt 

    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Melanie and everyone interested in linking accra in as major good news hub of africanidol

     - I am passionate about quickly studying the case study of CEIBs in Africa - chinese business schools have a different learning model and Accra has become their experimental centre for this- try listening to the podast at http://econaud.prohost.mobi/21705/show/aeb336aa00eed1ffa665cae9310f0b9f&t=alormsm4btcrre987b5uulf0m6

    it doesnt work in all brwosers

    do you have a contact in accra who would be interested in doing some intreviews with cibs- I want to publish something in journal of new economics and have budget of $2000

    if this can be a way of seeing if CEIBs will partner your april summit then all the better

    chris macrae www.erworld.tv skype/instant chat chrismacraedc tel wash dc 1 301 881 1655

    10:29 am est 

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