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?Sustainability ?Trade ?Investment Banking ?Education?...

 Our family, friends and networks have been asking these questions for over 50 years. 

Why? My father believed moon landing made these the significant questions of his lifetime.

He hypothesised that doubling of spend on communications tech every 7 years which had

started in 1946 would continue to 2016-  exponential (2**10  -over 1000 times- ie unprecedented change in human futures, for much much better, or much much worse bdepending on how connectivity of human realtsionships is designed around multiplying trust or distrust.

Norman Macrae chose the name "Entrepreeurial Revolution" for the exploration he invited peoples to linkin with 




 At The Economist's remembrance party, it was clarified that Norman Macrae slayed conventional wisdom like no other western journalist of his generation-

• linkedin : UNwomens
 -host an ER party, sponsor an ER journalist from your youth-  rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Washington DC

Editors at The Economist discuss entrepreneurial revolution and why Norman Macrae supported Bangladeshi Microeducation 

system innovation: he opposed 100% certainty in any man made rule with an impudent joy - norman was no fan of big systems when something smaller could improve the human lot; after all Einstein had already proved that whenever man's science claims there is nothing left to innovate, the reality is that generation of scientific man is failing to model at a more micro level of dynamic interaction - economics will not be a profession worthy of all human trust until every hard working community nay family nay next girl born has a chance to thrive. as biographer of the father of computing john von neumann, norman was delighted to find a jotting: the problem with economists starts wherever they fail  to clarify the hypotheses around which their systems compound; thereby they expose humans to risks that no computer model can save people from.. (2008 update by failing to learn from subprime about banks too big to exist, the West has ended any expectation that youth can have of being the sustainability generation unless the East leads evry global market's purpose back from the brink)

(At south africa's remembrance party to Norman, the idea of new universities was debated based on 13 years of experience of the mandela extranet founded round friends of taddy blecher and empowered by eatern spirit of maharishi - see update wise accra new university may 2018 -eg which top 10 new universities might youth value as much as alibabauni.com?; At the Japan embassy in Bangladesh's remembrabce party girsl futures of edutech and fintech were debated - see WISE@UNGA sept 2018 for possible updates; at this collaboration cafe bbc polar exploer Paul Rose debates whether enough children will be freed from classrroms in time to experiement on renewing the planet - see wise@ paris march 2019 and the second biannual Belt Road Summits in beijing

- can we free youth to start mapping 50 win-win trading routes from anywhere to anywhere staring with spaces like girl empowred villages that eg British Empire left out of carbonised electricity grids )? EconomistDiary.com when will world leaders summits get transformed into youth entrepreneurs new action learning hubs

Back to the future of 20th C Q3: For Norman it was good news that his enemy in the world war s japan sustained the most successful growth in the 3rd quarter of the century. Firstly because this proved that man had learnt from first world war. When the victor in a war confiuscates a places peoples chance to start again, that will cause another war. Secondly because what Japan did was innovate the first opst-colonial economy out of the Eastern hemishhepre. By defintion this replaced colonisation win-loe trading pattersn with win-win ones. This came about because great civil and electronic (minaturised) engineering (without which the moon race itslef coukdnt have been staged) offers opportunities of a win the worldwide and worldwise Brfain's high society never forgave Norman (eg he was never given any shares in his achievement of turning a 3rd ranked weekly journalinto world's favorite viewspaper) for being first to spot that Japan's rising sun had become the 2nd largest economy by 1970 or more remarkably turned the chinese diaspora's regional operation of superports into the third strongest economy. For Norman by 1977, human race will be sustained at the most critical ties of the start of the 21st C if asia-pacific century is celebrated in such a way that chiense youth linkin worldwide friendships, learning becomes teh core  win-win trading economy in way that consuming things could bnever be 

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bbc oceans broadcster paul rose muhammad yunus ashden awards royal geographical society solar grameen bangladesh.


Free the 3 seas:

The Artcic Circle (Poar belt road) is a sensible model with boston students helping to mediate the 8 interfacing nations: Russia, USA ...

 The Eurppean Union's failure to mediate the med sea exlians why the G& has become the biggest curse youth have ever had to suffer-monet must be rolling in his grave

Its exceedingly good news that 100 national leaders now trust Xi Jinping to resolve 500 years of conflicts along the south eurasian belt and that Aunty May is offering to green the BBC if Attenborough's ambassadorship of mother earth  can be the most valuable use of English language 



Norman valued his purpose (in a small way) as trying to use media (The Economist where he worked full time 1948-1988) to end poverty. Why because he had spent:-

his last days as a teenager navigating airplanes in world war 2 over modernday Bangladesh and Myanmar- he felt that poverty was systemic cause of wars, and on surviving the war he was among last students of Keynes whose teaching was about system designs that end poverty and improve livelihoods of each next generation out of every community.  

 What do we know about first hundred years of The Economist?

Fortunatley in spite of war the editorial team of The Economiost saw it as their duty to write a shiort centenary autobiography of The Economoist (1843-1943). THe we find that: Back in 1843, THe Economoist had been founded by another Diaspora

Scot james Wilso with purpose of ending empire's win-lose traidng systems (first within the kingdom where vested interest inside parliament had passed corn laws that directly killed largenumbers of Irish peole as famine struck due to failure of potato crop ...and after his negotiatios with london's high society had repealws corn laws what became

for him an over-ambitious attempt to change Queen Victori'as purpose to commonwealtg. (James

died of diarrge 9 months into being sent to Calcutta by Victori, and the bad side of British Empire

caused one last trouble- by tryoing to force china to accept opium in trade forits spieces, silks, and porecelain,

China's Emperor's open trafing authority was ruined and china withdrew from world trade for over a century)  




will the next child born be sustainable?

It depends on:

if she is a girl or a boy...

where she is born 


what does sustainbiloity urgently mean as a person, as a place, as a species on mother earth 



 a big nation or small nation (diferent types of big and small, success and failure of nations0,

open and closed trading nations, trade that is win-lose or win-win 


how does investment banking (now 2016 on, or 1967 on or 1946 on0 detremine what 3 billion new jobs will next generation have chnace to spend lives on 


how does education determine next 3 billion jobs/livelihoods  (of networked generations' sustianability)




  green : ma donates 0.3% of alibaba revenues to green and promises to become ceo of green from tokyo olympics on -nb paris 2024 macron- beijing 2022; tokyo 2020; 2018 s korea (home of wonter olypics and in 2017 green big bang aiib) can all search for youth desperately seeking green celebrities


; the world will never go green on time unless the fifth of the world's most productive people linked by xi jinping turn this regional dream into woirkdwide shared reality (eg through every trading belt road); pope francis sometumes feels like the lst european standing championing youth and green futures; at every border infarstructire reconnects ensure youth on both sides celebrate green education/entrepreneurs


sir fazle's empowerment of girls can build rural economies more sustainably than boys will be for nought if bangladesh is washed a way ;

guterres is wise from ground up   (1   help find action learning  links most needed by un eminents  ) how much of refugee crises and wars are caused even by climate breakdowns or pursuing carbon's extraction economy for over 50 years longer than locally sustainable globalisation could bear


 Sarah Butler-Sloss


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yes we can replicate solar all over developing world but only if we connect microcredit too.



5 years ago 

Prince Charles

 Ghana Aluwesi Tsinghua 
 Mandela Extranet: Maharishi



 Qatar education city with BRAC


 Very few wesetrn universities value youth's livelihoods as their reason d'etre- where else can we benchark universities designed to linkin world reord jobs creation and value green as a major way to determine this

Ghana: Aluwesi won 6th wise laureates; presient of ghana is linking wise summits between accra, un and paris; this is a great time to do this with many old african leaders departing; and president of ghana co-chair of UN eminents with norway's PM and education leader solberg and jack ma's education/UN youth entrepreneur advocate

Jack Ma's investments in education are over 15 billion dollars to date

Mandela extranet/maharishi in s africa was africa's first free university; Tsinghua becaome world's number 1 university of rejuvenating nations in mid 1980s 





where will green belt road maps linkin 



after china britain has the 2 most importants gift to the sustainability generation during the reign of trumps 


1 using the english language to mediate brits must never ever ever rule the waves across the most vital seas on conflicts:

artic, med sea, the ccoastal bel along south eurasia- down the suez across the uea along pakistan -india leap; through to bangaldesh - mynmar leap to china coast as well as south to singapore

2 mark burnett hosted the wrong sort of apprentice show resulting in the trump phenomeno- we now need the bbc to host the mother of all climate apprentice shows- read chapter 6 on how we hoped the BBC could help sustain humanity, written in 1984

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    Jun 11, 2010


A British economist, journalist and author, considered by some to have been one of the world's best forecasters when it came to economics and society. These forecasts mapped back to system designs mediated so that readers and entrepreneurial networks could exponentially calibrate shared alternative scenarios. He joined The Economist in 1949 and retired as its deputy chief editor in 1988. He foresaw the Pacific century, the reversal of nationalization of enterprises, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the spread of the internet, which were all published in the newspaper during his time there. Not to get bored, his first ten years in retirement produced the biography of Johnny Von Neumann (the mathematical father of computers and networks), a column for the UK Sunday Times, and a 'Heresy Column' for Fortune. He was the father of mathematician, marketing commentator, and author Chris Macrae. Their joint future history on death of distance in 1984 forecast that 2005-2015 would be humanity's most critical decade irreversibly impacting sustainability. In 1984, he wrote "The 2024 Report: a future history of the next 40 years". It was the first book to: provide readers with a brainstorming journey of what people in an internetworking world might do, and predict that a new economy would emerge with revolutionary new productivity and social benefits enjoyed by all who interacted in a net-connected world. In this book, he wrote: "Eventually books, files, television programmes, computer information and telecommunications will merge. We'll have this portable object which is a television screen with first a typewriter, later a voice activator attached. Afterwards it will be miniaturised so that your personal access instrument can be carried in your buttonhole, but there will be these cheap terminals around everywhere, more widely than telephones of 1984." 
Y  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk :: rowp.tv  :: linkedin UNwomens :: WASHINTGON DC TEXT HOTLIENE (USA=1) 240 316 8157

chapter 6


here's more on changing education these are the most exciting times to be alive


 Changing education

There has been a sea-change in the traditional ages on man. Compared with 1974 our children in 2024 generally go out to paid work (especially computer programming work) much earlier, maybe starting at nine, maybe at twelve, and we do not exploit them. But young adults of twenty-three to forty-five stay at home to play much more than in 1974; it is quite usual today for one parent (probably now generally the father, although sometimes the mother) to stay at home during the period when young children are growing up. And today adults of forty-three to ninety-three go back to school - via computerised learning - much more than they did in 1974.

In most of the rich countries in 2024 children are not allowed to leave school until they pass their Preliminary Exam. About 5 per cent of American children passed their exam last year before their eight birthday, but the median age for passing it in 2024 is ten-and-a-half, and remedial education is generally needed if a child has not passed it by the age of fifteen.

A child who passes his Prelim can decide whether to tale a job at once, and take up the remainder of his twelve years of free schooling later; or he can pass on to secondary schooling forthwith, and start to study for his Higher Diploma.

The mode of learning for the under-twelves is nowadays generally computer-generated.


ypical CRoSSWORK of WRJC (World Record Jobs Creators




 Schwab IR4 hub san francisco

WEF -new 


 .Natures Belt Roads






 polar belt road

 Moon Jae-In









 Fu Hujiang


 Pope Francis









 Sir Fazle



 J Trudeau


 Jim Kim







 Softbank founder












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