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mirror mirror on wall who's greatest (happiest) public servant of them all


of course there is a paradox truly great public servants are humble- not the sort that

court fame in this world where we are spending 1000 times more on media than 1946 


medic paul farmer says the most vital value a deep-crisis sustainability network can have is hope

thats why 2 young anthropolgy graduates farmer (probably an atheist) and korean jim kim in early 1980s chose:

1 franciscan values 2 to start escorting bostons smartest medical students to the world hardest places to practice health eg a hoatian vilage hours from any electricity

or a peruvian outbreak of a disease the world health prganisation said was unaffordable to treat

or a russian prison where dissidents were sent to spend the rest of their lives

or an african country trying to entrepreneurially recover from genocide

young people however smart and theoretically brilliant need hope as soon as they are experiencing the hardest challenges to their profession


about one fifth of the worlds people rely on catholic faith to help the build communitoes

for ezample soon after 9/11 the world social forum came to london

i met a brazilian whose ife is dedoicated to water as a human right

his problem was about a thord of underground freshwater resources of the world are situated in a border area of brazil

far away from the rios of this world and big corporations were buying up this natural resource -brazil ike usa is 99.999% dominated 

by comercial media so there was no chnace of mass media helping brazilains understand the story of would their children still own

any freshwater- so his friends had asked the catholic church to celebrate  year of water and pretty much 10000 local community branches

not only preyed for water but helped teachers develop a 5th grade quiz on why we the peoples need water as a human right


i am not an expert but tere are rival ideologies of the catholic chirch oitself- the frabcsican branch is the one that most

celebrtes leaders who go and live woth the poorest and work out 1) how to adapt their profession and technolgy to those

deepest human challenges and 2 loves natirs and 3 originated with a gorls serve the wprld network the "clares" not just a boys network 

the franciscans. I confess i am no expert in gods but nothing in exploring the world makes more educational sense to me

thn extraordinary community building servant; if you are to lead a fifth of the wprlds people around celebrating such servants

could we just be thankful as to Francis being around in these times when youth are faced with the challenge of putting 

mother earth cback together around 17 sustainability goals futures - i love marmets when they sustain the greatest

purpsoe we could all be serving and demanding; i am terrifiued by markets when they are audited by people who believe

that how  much money you take from peope every quarter can lead anywhere but to extinction of our species; I dont know how

to explain this view in a hopeful way exceptbwhen i see profesisonals inspired by the franciscan culture or ones that can be translated

round the same trust in human spiriut- confucian seems to me to be wonderfful; vilage girl muslim seems to me be wonderful;

maharishi indian students show me to be very good for those who want to serve others; i am told japanese zen was sort

og whjat enable japan to be the first win-win economy that took the easy beyond colonisation; i doint know for sure who

is leadiung any of these or other cultures so thet chldren know themselves before they need to be jobs creators and 

connectors ofthe sustainability genertion but someone like pope francis is worth examining

for how he does what he inspires others to lead bottom-up 


back in 1970 a milion people were killed by probably the most localised cyclone ever seen (it happened ib bangladesh) ; maybe hundred square miles that had never been connecetd by

electricity now was completely flattened in this part fo bangaldesh- a young man who had just been apointed oil company =shell's national ceo happened to get caught up in this crisis, next a war started but he went back to london sold everything he had andin 1972 started a network living in the middle of this space with next to nothing other than people desperately trying to survive

fortunately sir fazle abed had 3 thins goind for him; he knew how to develop project terams; h e was trusted by the global relief agenceis to apply their funds to a local region they had no ability to rach; and he read the fracican educatirs book pedagoy of the oppreesed by paulo freire; 44 years later at sir fazle's 80th birthday what could 2 chinese feale graduates see as part of their expoloratii=on of girls lift up half the sky and girls belt doared imaginnering 




Partners In Health Co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer shares his views on hope, a prominent theme in a new book co-written with Fr.
Dr. Paul Farmer talks about saving lives in Haiti, Rwanda's thriving health care system and how to improve humanitarian aid
Paul Farmer's "This I Believe" recording from NPR with photos taken at Partners In Health sites around the world. Learn more about

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