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Elon Musk treated like rock star in china - reasons china supports world leaders of electric cars;

elon is in to supertrains 

it turns out that space science has so many apps back on earth that usa has often faled to share with its teachers and kids - china

doesnt want to make the same mistake 

elon is also well placed to choose his own network of west coast ai partners - as a south african american elon is a worldwide belt road imagineer


Elon Musk's Boring Company has released a computer-generated video showing a network of underground tunnels vehicles can
As Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk announced to a silicon valley audience that one of his organizations had come up with a
New York to Shanghai by rocket in less than half the time it takes the average commuter just to drive to work in Beijing. It's the latest
SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he envisions test flights of his Mars spacecraft next year, though he cautioned that early trips
To further discuss Tesla Motors' new master plan, CCTV America's Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Ashlee Vance, author of “Elon Musk:
According to NASA, urban population growth and traffic gridlock is expected to double within ten years. Detroit based #AIRSPACEX
It was an historic day for SpaceX, which successfully launched the world's most powerful rocket from Kennedy Space Center in
A UFO? No! It's a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket despite Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, saying it's a "nuclear alien UFO from DPRK."
Elon Musk has been called a visionary. The billionaire entrepreneur is on a mission to save the world. His name has become
Elon Musk became a household name because of his electric car company- Tesla. So what's behind that name? The company got it
The historic event could make the company's CEO, Elon Musk's vision of human residences beyond earth, in reach. CGTN's Sean
SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced his company will be the first to fly (paying) tourists on a trip around the moon in 2018. It will
Silicon Valley artificial intelligence investor Howard Love said he's not concerned about advances in AI. But others are worried.
US private rocket company SpaceX has succeeded in launching its "Falcon Heavy" rocket, which it claims is "the world's most
CEO Elon Musk said the semi is capable of traveling 500 miles at the maximum weight at highway speed.The truck will have Tesla's
Tesla shares jumped nearly 3 percent on Thursday after Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted that the company would be unveiling
SpaceX is a private company spearheaded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. After last year's disastrous launch of its Falcon 9 rocket in
Tesla's CEO Elon Musk announced on Wednesday that his company's entry-level Model 3, estimated to cost 35000 US dollars, will
AlphaGo's winning streak against human Weiqi players continued on Tuesday with Chinese master Ke Jie suffering defeat, albeit
Instead of fighting AI with more AI...
OneSpace, one of China's first private aerospace companies, is expected to launch a homemade rocket in June 2018. Established
Since he took office, Chinese President Xi Jinping has visited Africa three times. As CGTN's Chuck Tinte explains, each trip was
Artificial intelligence is drawing attention for its potential and pitfalls. Tesla founder Elon Musk recently called for greater regulation of
Last week, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy blasted into space without incident, to the major relief of the space company's exec, Elon Musk,
Hosted by Alibaba Group, the Computing Conference is a worldwide annual event focused on cloud computing. It covers all the
CGTN's Mike Walter spoke with Christopher Yung, the Donald Bren Chair of Non-Western Strategic Thought at the Marine Corps
China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. (CASIC), one of the nation's major space contractors, announced that it has launched
Watch CGTN LIVE on your computer, tablet or mobile http://america.cgtn.com/livenews Subscribe to CGTN America on YouTube
American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company SpaceX has announced it will fly two passengers to the
The development of China's strategic high technologies is approaching the world's best, and fundamental research has also been
Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with U.S. philanthropist Bill Gates in the southern Chinese island province of Hainan. At the
CGTN's Mike Miller captured the sights and sounds at the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment SXSWXDC Super Hero lair. See how
African-Americans say they are witnessing a massive surge in support for Africa and diaspora communities in the United States. The
For more on China's economy and world trade, CGTN's Mike Walter spoke with Martin Jacques, the author of "When China Rules
As the global middle class expands, so does their travel itinerary. Soon they could have a chance at a real stretch to all the way to
In 2017, the Chinese government issued the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan. The CPC Central
Artificial Intelligence continues to make worrisome headlines with Tesla CEO Elon Musk calling for the need to regulate Artificial
Blue origin is the latest privately funded space venture. Others, such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson have also formed their own
Chen Baosheng from Chinese Ministry of Education summarized three figures that illustrated the fast educational development in
Yunnan Province is home to beautiful landscapes and traditional architecture and it is currently experiencing a clash of progress
Will the development of artificial intelligence (AI) open up new potential for mankind? Or will it take over our society? How should we
The Mexican city of Guadalajara, known as the country's "Silicon Valley", is hosting the annual International Astronautical Congress.
Manufacturing was one of the forces behind China's economic rise. It is a major pillar of the economy, a gauge of technological
Burlington, Vermont recently became the first city in the United States to use 100 percent renewable energy for its residents'
For more insights on China's educational reform, CGTN's MIke Walter speoke to Jiang Fanghua, founder of Children's Cooperation
In his first speech before the United Nation's General Assembly, United States President Donald Trump didn't hold back. He
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Wenran Jiang, president of Canada-China Energy and Environment Forum, about China's
Affirmative action began in the early 1960s in the United States to combat inequalities in employment, pay and education. Recently,
The world's first utility tunnel crossing two running subway lines was recently finished in east China's Jiangsu Province. The tunnel
The theme of this year's Summer Davos forum in Dalian is the advent of the fourth industrial revolution through innovation. How can
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Dan Ikenson, director of Cato's Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies, about China's
A senior US official reportedly said that Trump was keen to change up his cabinet team before launching into the upcoming high-
Watch CGTN LIVE on your computer, tablet or mobile http://america.cgtn.com/livenews Subscribe to CGTN America on YouTube
CGTN's Susan Roberts spoke with Nick Nuttall, the director of Communications and Outreach for the U.N. Framework Convention on
Virgin Hyperloop One proposes to move passengers and cargo over longer distances at roughly 1000 kilometers per hour.
US space firm SpaceX on Saturday launched supplies to the International Space Station (ISS), including an experiment device from
CGTN's Susan Roberts talks with Sara Hsu, professor of Economics at SUNY, about China's campaign to eliminate poverty by 2020.
China on Tuesday unveiled a major restructuring plan in a bid to make the government better organized, more efficient, and service
Supersonic train travel may be moving a step closer to becoming a reality. An American company owned by entrepreneur Elon Musk
Tesla, US electric car maker, has won an Australian contract to install the world's biggest grid-scale battery, in what experts say will
To discuss more about full self-driving hardwarethe's influence on the future of Tesla, CCTV America's Karina Huber spoke to Bill
287 views8 months ago
The Banking Association of South Africa says it has noted statements made during the ANC National Policy Conference about the
SpaceX on Thursday launched the first satellite designed and built entirely in China's Taiwan, a spacecraft that aims to boost
Electric carmaker Telsa Motors is moving beyond the automobile. CEO Elon Musk is now launching Tesla Energy, which seeks to
India is changing gears, but it's not a normal change. It probably means going straight from first gear to fifth. In a surprise move, the
Gaokao, China's national college entrance exam, was reinstated in 1977. With 9.4 million Chinese students taking the test this year,
6.9K views8 months ago
On the other side of the world, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has just opened its unmanned and futuristic new store: "Tao Caf "
The U.S. says new imports on steel and aluminum could go into effect in as soon as 15 days. On Thursday, U.S. President Donald
The Trump administration has set out ambitious goals for space exploration. It's directed the U.S. space agency with taking humans
It's a test launch that might be a new leap for the space industry. On Tuesday, SpaceX will launch a new rocket, the Falcon Heavy. It
CGTN's Asieh Namdar spoke Lecturer and Birmingham University School of Physics and Astronomy, Haixing Miao PhD,about the
For latest trend in the auto industry and its growing use of technology, CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with automotive expert and
Guangdong Province is leading China's drive towards an innovation-driven economy. Tech companies are sprouting up all over the
Intellectual Property Rights protection plays a significant role in technology transfer of new economic drivers, including smart
I'm Robert Lawrence Kuhn and here's what I'm watching: what China calls its "constructive engagement in foreign affairs," a
Insults flew this week at the 2017 U.N. General Assembly. U.S. President Trump started by lashing out at Democratic People's
For more on China and Russia's joint space exploration plans, CGTN's Elaine Reyes spoke to Keith Cowing. He's the editor of
Has success spoiled South by Southwest?
Robots and automatic assembly-lines could see millions of people lose their jobs across Southeast Asia. That's a warning from
El director ejecutivo de Tesla, Elon Musk, emitió una advertencia sobre la inteligencia artificial y agregó que debe ser regulada
US President Donald Trump's announcement that he will withdraw the United States from the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord
Traveling at the speed of sound might seem like science fiction, but it may soon become reality for ordinary travelers. Dubai is
An explosion has rocked the launch site for Elon Musk's Space-X Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida. The
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Deng Zhonghan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, on the development of
After 18 days covering Hurricane Maria in her native Puerto Rico, reporter Nitza Soledad Perez returns to Miami, her base - but her
The United States announced on Thursday that it would issue anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders on aluminum foil imports
Since its founding in 2003, Tesla quickly rose to join the big leagues as a technology and design company with a focus on energy
Neil Shen Nanpeng is the founding and managing partner of Sequoia Capital China and one of the biggest names in China's
To further discuss Tesla's Master Plan Part Deux and U.S. car sales in general, CCTV America's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Levi
US President Donald Trump signed a bill in March to promote his country's efforts in space exploration and take space technology to
China will continue to improve economic cooperation with Belt and Road countries and encourage the development of e-commerce,
For the second month in a row, the aerospace upstart SpaceX landed a rocket on an ocean platform on early Friday, following the
Join us in Crossover with Professor Yu Cao from the University of Massachusetts, Dr Mei Marker of Neurolink and Lancelot Guo, VP
Some of the tech world's greatest minds worry machines taking over mankind might not be pure science fiction. At a speech last year
Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said China began to set up major science and technology projects in 2001,
Hoh Xil, located in China's Qinghai Province, is listed as the largest and highest plateau in the world by UNESCO. Even though the
As the World Political Parties Dialogue concluded on Sunday, CGTN spoke with former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien,
CCTV America's Elaine Reyes spoke with Ryan Faith, Contributing Editor at VICE News.
CGTN's Elaine Reyes spoke with Scott Schober, President and CEO of Berkeley Vari-tronics Systems, about the development of
461 views3 years ago
The Beijing auto show is a treat for tech geeks -- many carmakers are showcasing their latest electrics, hybrids and in-car
The Africa CEO forum has come to a close in Geneva, Switzerland. The forum brought together more than 1000 participants and key
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest technology buzz word. Now people can not only read about it in the news, but also experience
Russian and Ukrainian immigrants discuss why they came to work in Silicon Valley. In order of appearance: Olena Matokhina,
Watch CCTV America LIVE on your computer, tablet or mobile www.cctvamericalive.com Subscribe to CCTV America on YouTube:
CGTN's Mike Walter spoke with Scott Schober, president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, about the artificial intelligence
Tesla has been on a tear lately. Its stock is up more than 40 percent year to date and now has a bigger market valuation than US
With China aiming to become the world leader in developing artificial intelligence by 2030, many British companies are looking to
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Peter Xing, founder of Transhumanist Australia, about the future of artificial intelligence.
CGTN's anchor Mike Walter spoke to Hugh Dugan about the reaction to Wang Yi's UNGA speech. Dugan is a visiting scholar on
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Amy Zalman, owner of the Strategic Narrative Institute and professor of Strategic Foresight at
US President Donald Trump has backed away from a demand that Congress include funding for his planned border wall with
To discuss the changes and growth in Chinese outbound travel trends, CCTV America's Sean Callebs spoke with David Becker,
Co-Founder and CEO of Anki, Boris Sofman, discusses the future of artificial intelligence in day to day life.
The bulls-eye landing of the Space X booster rocket back at Cape Canaveral in February was remarkable. But even more amazing
China has been the largest global market for new energy vehicles since 2015. And in Wednesday's draw for ‍new energy vehicle
A new Italian made robot is promising to shake up the world of deliveries. The self-driven robot uses artificial intelligence to pick up
Crucial China-U.S. trade talks are set for next week in Washington. Ahead of the talks, Beijing's top diplomat in the United States is
The cost of wind power has come down significantly in recent years and a major Chinese wind turbine company is trying to further
To talk about self-driving car safety, CCTV America's Karina Huber spoke to William Messner, professor with the Department of
US President Donald Trump said in an interview on Monday he would be honored to meet DPRK leader Kim Jong Un under the
Chinese policymakers have announced that the country is planning to ban fossil-fueled cars. However, no clear deadline has been
US President Donald Trump heralds a "new American moment" in his State of the Union address, singling out Russia and China as
The giant Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba is transiting to be a data company with multiple sectors. To talk about the future of
The possible future of transit zipped along a short track in the desert outside Las Vegas on Wednesday before sliding to a stop in a
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Henry Guo, vice president of M Science, about Baidu's earning performance in the second quarter.
For more on Shinzo Abe's visit and what we can expect, CCTV spoke to Shihoko Goto. She is the senior associate for Northeast Asia
NEU China, the country's first international future festival, is underway in the capital Beijing. Taking place on August 25 and 26, the
Hong Kong has one of the highest densities of electric vehicles Tesla anywhere in the world. And some analysts have predicted that
A small town named Erie in the US state of Pennsylvania has been enjoying an economic recovery brought on by refugees from
The founder and CEO of American e-commerce giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has announced plans to reinvest one billion US dollars
Monday marks the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and the UK. Bilateral trade has jumped 200 times to 550
Muslims from around the world are gathering in Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage. The religious event is one of the five
One of Xiamen's biggest attractions is Gulangyu Island, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage in 2017. Its long history,
Take a look at the new-generation electric airplane in China! It completed its first trial flight on Wednesday in Shenyang City,
U.S. transportation company, Hyperloop One, is looking to revolution travel with with its unique tube system and is holding a
The largest software conference in the U.S., Dreamforce, wrapped up. Still, one of its most anticipated events was the Dreampitch,
Hundreds of firefighters are battling a fire that has engulfed an old-growth forest in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous
How would you like to go from city to city at more than 1000 kilometers an hour without stepping onto a plane?The Hyperloop may
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with former NASA astronaut & ISS commander Leroy Chiao about the future of the space industry.
U.S. private spaceflight company SpaceX has successfully launched a rocket carrying supplies destined for the International Space
The second Global Space Exploration Conference is being held in Beijing from June 5-9. Emphasis of this conference is on deep
Universal Basic Income is a regular payment by the government to every citizen- with no strings attached. However, some critics call
More and more parents are sending their children to training institutions so that they "Don't lose at the starting line." On this issue, Yu
The Hohhot-Zhangjiakou high-speed passenger rail line, the first of its kind in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, began
The Renault EZ-GO concept attracted lots of visitors at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland on Tuesday. The vehicle can be a
American electric-car giant, Tesla Motors, has its sights set on China. It's relatively low prices and high profile designs are giving
China is promoting electric cars to cut pollution, but sales have been disappointing over the last 3 years. One Shanghai company
Electric car-maker, Tesla has overtaken industry giant, Ford in market value. Shares soared 7% following the announcement of
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday visited Chinese warships and appeared impressed with the vessels docked in his
CGTN's Phil Lavelle explores Harman's foray into autonomous vehicles. The company mainly known for making speakers is
CGTN's Susan Roberts spoke with Alexander Wan, a senior adviser for China Daily, about the innovation and the start-up scene in
The media faces a host of new challenges in the digital age, particularly the scramble for viewers and website hits as Internet and IT
Chinese firms aiming at entering global markets are doing more than just establishing their names and products – they are also
US President Donald Trump has vowed to create more jobs for American workers. He recently signed an executive order attacking
The Chinese government plans to transfer some state assets to social security funds. The decision comes as an aging society puts
The US company SpaceX has landed its 10th rocket after launching a top-secret government satellite into space. A SpaceX Falcon 9
U.S. private spacecraft company SpaceX has successfully launched and landed a vertical rocket from Earth. It's a notable
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Friday urged Japan to "make a clean break with militarism" after Japanese Prime
During a recent MIT talk, Elon Musk likened artificial intelligence research to summoning a demon beyond control. Follow Jasmine
The killing of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh continues to draw reactions worldwide. The Arab League is demanding
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully lifted off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, California on Sunday. The rocket carried ten
CGTN's Rachell Akuffo spoke to Shawn DuBravac, president of Astra Insights, about advances in artificial intelligence.
South Africa's first hybrid, a human and artificial intelligence app, is aiming to go beyond any available application to offer you digital
A recent US think tank report compared China to a "fat tech dragon." The new term underscored what could be a big discrepancy in
Steve Bochinger, the Chief Operating Officer at Euroconsult, joined Biz Asia America to talk about why we should care about space
All countries should carry out reforms and embrace openness, said Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin in an
After decades of planning and seven years of construction, China's newest spaceport, the Wenchang Space Launch Center,
Artificial intelligence takes control of mankind in some Hollywood sci-fi films. Will AI be "our biggest existential threat?" Karina Huber
A SpaceX rocket has successfully blasted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Station in Florida. The Falcon 9 is the first commercial
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been replacing human efforts in a wide range of industries, and journalism is no exception. Subscribe
Shocking video has emerged of the moment a car driver fell asleep and hit two people riding on a scooter in China. The dash-cam
Bitcoin was created eight years ago, and at the onset, it was worth pennies. But over the last year, the price started to soar, peaking
Greater cooperation between Chinese and American scientists has been an important goal in the two country's scientific
China's State Council released its 13th Five Year Plan for information technology at the end of 2016. It highlights the role online
The Presidents of Russia and Turkey met in southern Russia. Major points of their talks are the fight against terrorism and the war in
In Brazil, union-led nationwide strikes, protesting against President Michel Temer's austerity measures, have crippled the public
An SUV was involved in an accident where it crashed into a supermarket glass-window, damaging goods stored inside early
579 views4 months ago
Rio de Janiero has a prototype for a new kind of train--tests have begun for Brazil's superconducting, magnetic-levitation rail. The
At the western end of the Maritime Silk Road is the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Hundreds of years ago, it played a key role
Elon Musk adds intercity dimension to interplanetary rocket vision Elon Musk adds intercity dimension to interplanetary rocket vision
‍China is resolute in sticking to its goal of taking a "low-carbon and green path", Lu Kang, the spokesperson of Chinese Foreign
In the movie "The Martian," life on Mars for Matt Damon is a scientific adventure. Now, China wants to see what all the fuss is about.
When Nigerian entrepreneur Olufemi Ibitayo moved to Los Angeles, he found beautifully decorated homes that were missing one
Alluding to Donald Trump's DPRK threats in his speech to the UN, Russian Foreign Minister condemned the US for what he calls its '
The ancient Chinese theory of Yin & Yang, which believes everything has two sides, has gone into a national benchmark of science
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have strengthened cooperation in many fields, now having an eye toward collaborating
Chinese navy ships departed from the Sasa Wharf in the southern Philippine city of Davao on Tuesday morning, after a three-day
With solar panel system prices falling nearly 20 percent last year, the industry is expected to almost triple in size within the next five
CCTV America interviewed James Rice, the co-investigator of the Mars Exploration Rover Project, about the Philae mission.
The Global Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Summit kicked off in Shenzhen on Friday. Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://goo.gl/
Sales for the first quarter of 2017 were better than people's expectations. The demand was solid, which sightly boosted the overall
Wang Yi insisted the path to peace is not closed when it comes to the Korean issue - pointing out in 2005, the six-party talks yielded
On Monday, the FBI confirmed it was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential election. Possible links between
A team of 30 students from the University of Munich won the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition on Sunday, with their prototype pod
To discuss the possibilities of the U.S. leaving the Paris Climate accord, CGTN's Elaine Reyes spoke with Tao Zhang, managing
Japan's biggest warship has departed from Yokosuka Base on Monday to help supply the USS Carl Vinson amid rising tensions on
US President Donald Trump met with the CEOs of US technology giants on Monday. Company chiefs including Tim Cook from
George Hotz, also known as the hacker “Geohot,” is known for being the first to unlock the iPhone and open it up to all carriers. He
Nineteen startup entrepreneurs from eight countries gathered at the Boao Forum For Asia in southern China's Hainan province to
During this end-year season, many around the world have been celebrating in holiday parties and family reunions. But it takes great
A vest that could be used to shield astronauts from deadly solar particles in deep space is set for trials on a lunar mission. The
Leading artificial intelligence (AI) experts from China, Europe and the US are in China's Wuzhen for the five-day “Future of Go
Iran's Foreign Ministry said the fate of several dual nationals who are detained in Iran was discussed with US officials last week.
The US and Russia are teaming up for a space station orbiting the Moon that is aimed to provide a starting point for future deep
The speaker of Ethiopia's upper house of parliament is in Beijing. On Monday, Speaker Kassa Gebrehiwot visited the Beijing
He never graduated from college, but Alberto Alonso has created a supercomputer, Breogan, that has the ability to modernize
195 views3 months ago
SpaceX launched a recycled rocket with a recycled capsule on Friday--marking the unmanned Falcon rocket's delivery to the
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces reportedly on Sunday captured more than 70% of Tabqa city near ISIL's Syrian stronghold city
The three-day World Internet Conference brought together hundreds of top Internet and artificial intelligence companies from all over
We now turn to one area at the cutting edge of scientific development: artificial intelligence, or AI. The field is advancing rapidly in
The largest auto-scandal settlement in U.S. history was just approved, while VW buybacks start soon. CCTV America's Phil Lavelle
The fourth industrial revolution is on its way. As many companies are making progress in technology breakthroughs, some bring up
The China-EU summit in Brussels will focus on political and economic relations, with climate change atop the agenda. Both Beijing
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Shyla Raghav, climate change lead for Conservation International, about Trump's decision to
CCTV America's Mark Niu interviewed Mark Fields, the CEO of Ford Motor company.
New York is a world class city, but even those who love the place agree that its infrastructure is crumbling. Many of its bridges and
Potentially the most fraught G20 to date and climate change is sure to be a key sticking point. The U.S. has pledged to pull out of the
Video footage emerged showing a girl getting run over by two cars on April 24 in Xichang, Sichuan Province. The video showed that
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday rejected a proposal by a rival party which will introduce quotas for electric cars in
The Business 20, or B20, meeting is now an essential part of the G20. The gathering of global business and finance leaders helps
There are just a few days to go before the BRICS leaders' meeting takes place in the Chinese coastal city of Xiamen. We're bringing
The Gongbei Tunnel, consisting of a two-way highway of six lanes, covers a cross-section area of 345 square meters. It is the world's
Hollywood. Home of movies. And another big industry ripe for takeover. CCTV America's Phil Lavelle reports the story.
The Middle East Rail event is drawing global attention, as the futuristic high-speed transportation company Hyperloop One
Could an intelligent robot ever be held responsible for committing a crime? That's no longer just a plot line in a science fiction novel -
Robots and artificial intelligence are a growing part of the human world. So much so, that some think one day there will need to be
US President Donald Trump described last week's European trip as “a great success for America. Hard work but big results!”
Turkey dismissed over 2700 employees, including civil servants, academics and military personnel on Sunday over alleged links to
South Korea on Monday ruled out the renegotiation of the cost of deploying the THAAD missile defense system.It comes as a
An unmanned SpaceX rocket exploded on Sunday morning just minutes after liftoff from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The rocket was
With a global economy that appears sluggish, business leaders and politicians have been meeting at this year's World Government
The DPRK has suggested it will continue to test nuclear weapons, saying it will bolster its nuclear force "to the maximum" in a "
China has unveiled its design for the external appearance of its Mars voyager, which is expected to be launched around 2020. The
Tensions remain high between Turkey and the US over the YPG-Kurdish group in Syria. Turkey says the YPG is a terrorist
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has accused China of stealing American manufacturing jobs. But recent evidence points to
When Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, he was voted in amid promises of bringing much-needed change to
The Chinese government has been encouraging consumers to buy electric cars as a solution to the pollution problems in the
The Republic of Korea (ROK) successfully test-launched a new 800-kilometer range ballistic missile that is said to be able to reach
Mark Niu sat down with Zoltan Istvan, the Transhumanist party's candidate for U.S. president, to talk about his party's bill of rights that
See how technology is reinventing the way we travel.
Leading artificial intelligence (AI) experts from China, Europe and the US are gathering in the Chinese water town of Wuzhen for a
Early Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to share that he will be making a decision on the Paris Climate
CCTV America's Mark Niu spoke to Tim Draper. He's a venture capitalist who founded Draper Associates and DFJ. He's also the
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he will continue appealing to the Trump administration in the hope that it will
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Throughout the year, Boao is a quiet beach resort town in southernmost China attracting tourists seeking the trinity of sun, sand and
12 percent of the cars at the Beijing motor show are new energy models, predominantly pure electric cars. CCTV's Xia Cheng was
The world's largest consumer electronics show, C-E-S, officially kicked off on Wednesday in Las Vegas. A Los Angeles-area
After a promising aeronautical engineer had a fatal crash on the last day of his apprenticeship, his grieving dad made a fitting tribute
From Google and Apple, to Tesla and BMW, tech giants and automakers are racing ahead in the field of self-driving vehicles. So
Things are looking up for space exploration as US President Donald Trump delivers on a promise to fund NASA's projects, and
The Internet has changed our lives, and transformed the economy, political decision-making and even national security over the
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang gave the keynote speech at the summer meeting of the World Economic Forum, focusing on reform and