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download WISE report on future of education

 Tell us the most valuable map you organise lifelong learning around  - rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

2018 MAP OF YEAR at EconomistRefugee.com - education along china belt road is the only known way to resolve crisis of refugee learning

Joim friends of Refugee Learning at United Nations NY Sept 2018 led by worlds most loving educators from

Bangladesh China India US Qatar Singapore Ghana Vatican Columbia University and why not your placs - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk we chat hotline usa 240 316 8157 


Dear Wise educators of the greatest #learninggeneration 


 friends and i will try and map the 20 most radical education alumni networks that will appear at WISE@UNGA

notably we have a chinese-global friendship forum thats  new york based fat columbia university etc

to welcome collaborations before after and during sept 2018

starting mid dec 2017 - we have 43 weeks of homework to do- co-blog with us ;


in 2016 un's previous most radical edu summit brought 30 national leaders connected by 2 urgent collaboration agendas:


  • convenor gordon brown was especially concerned with refugee learning;
  •  chinese commissioner jack ma added that half of all youth will be unemployable by 2030 unless we transform schools beyond classrooms, standard exams and all the ways that school hasnt changed for 200 years- here is our 40 year future of education published in 1984
  • these are the most exciting times to be alive
  • - we are even more certain today that the human race cannot be sustainable unless we change education now; one of the postive surveys jack ma stimualted is 10 biggest missing curricula - see notes below on this


december sub-survey- as delegates at wise 2017 last month worldwide could you help me with one survey question- if you nominated one of wise's free research reports as a must read which would you go for first (if you have a friend from another place who would like to add a nomination that would be real cool)---i have to admit i still have 10 reports to read but at the moment the one attached on future of education has some chinese innovation perspectives that most new yorkers can hurry up and understand


thanks and happy holidays, chris macrae  washington dc wechat and whatsapp   (USA)240 316 8157




Given classroom schooling hasnt valued these urgent learning needs what format can?


case 1 - simnplest reuqtest from under 25 concerned with bodreless sustainability - please make 2nd languages 10 

times more afordable to acess and learn . It should be obvious that youth are severely blocked from sharing worldwide community solutions to sustainability where they cant speal 3 tongues:

mother tongue



china's way ahead in solution - its tend to invole peer to peet skype classes as well as maximising exhange contexts-

eg every time belt roads bridge a new border get youth from noth sides celebrating each otyhers culrtures and tongues

value swaps betwen universities at no extra charge to students - after all these swaps can be designed to progress

win-win trades - youth have often been left out of leading aid projects - this is ridiculous



case 2 lets write up a curriculum - and maps - of post-industrial revolution 


china recomends appraising 4 post-indutrial revolutions- each one upping

possibitlies or way bove zeros-um trades and people-centric economies (ie

growing people more than just consuming up things) 

 chinas top 11 belt road maps    
 what if europe was as smart at belt road mapping as china

21st c learning economy will need united hq of europe in eg hungary not germany- belt road borderless win-win economies need the new world trade mapping skills of a cultural explorer whose hunger has been generated by being totally landlocked nation not one that flows to north but has no idea of southerm and eastern values 



no wonder the eu sacrifices nations like greece and supercities like barcelona while all the while preferencing germany's economy with the balance of trade rigged euro; no wonder ukraine is sacrificed  to germany's old energy needs with russia; no wonder germany has no understanding of how much turkey is propping up the eu by accoimodating syrian refugees;  the father of computing von neumann came from hungary; as did  the critic non transparrent currency systems soros, whose experiments in freedom in south africa and bangladesed due making him the bilanthropist all other richest men should benchmak and youth need to rething economics from the bottom up




lets quickly tour history

up to 1500 few people moved more than 15 miles in thie life unless they had access to water ways; 

the exception was te silk road traders across eurasia- they wre emainy regarded by heroes; in other words 

they positovely linkled peoples across every bodrer they travelled


between 1500 and 1946 world trade went zero sum

first europeans discovered both the new wprld to the west and that china wasnt landlocked to them (making the silk road

which took marco polo 7 years to commute end to end incrasingly redubdant); unfortunately ships decided they needed 

tp arm temselves and increasingly mercantile trade was prone to zeros-um with the more powerful side choosing what

was traded and at what vaklues

with the eglish invention of the engibne whoch ofered thoisands then million times more firce than that of horse or man:

trade turned into colonisation, and where it didnt it caused such disaster as the chiense retiring behind a greaty wall rather

than be flooded with opiods the englsh disctated trade for china's pottery and silks; worse the wring crossroads was taken

in assuming carbon was the only fuel - so the indutrial age became race between big becoems bigger nations - when a nation

didnt have enough carbon of its own it would extract ot from colonies or go ro war


whats critical to understand since1946 is that the east starting with japan started to invent way above zero-sum trades

quality system particularly applied to electronics without which computers and telecoms would not have progressed;

bullet trains and other civil engineering smart city life eyeopeners; soon the chiense diaspora was operating win-win trade through superports like hong kong taiwan sinapore; by 1976 they wre the 3rd largest financial network after usa and japan and were invited to inward invest in the 1.25 billion underemployed mainland chinese



its with this trajectory that each new tech connectivity from worldwide webs to universal mobile to big data small enterprise market platforms to all sorts of industrial revolution 4 dynamics  (ibcluding leapfrogs) now being fubnded with 15 billion dollars by eg alibaba at damo academy 


please note because these are win-wins it doesnt matter that the east has led much of this in the last half centiry - it is huge win-win learning opportunity to map now ;BUT it involves all generations ; elders have a lot to unlearn; teachers must dare to be students at same time as teaching ; nobody should be wanting standardised exams - the test in sin creating the win-win application and multiplying learning through eg service microfranchoses 1 2

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