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The World Bank's Jim Kim explains the joy of preferentially applying technology with the poor here.

Global last mile health connector Paul Farmer explains the hope needed  as his greatest medical

students accompany him on the greatest helath service chalenges


    1. Dr. Paul Farmer on Hope

      • 4 years ago
      Partners In Health Co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer shares his views on hope, a prominent theme in a new book co-written with Fr. 

 Both men graduated in anthropology -where Franciscan value systems made most communal sense to them

- before qualifying as doctors at Harvard.

Fazle Abed was the national ceo for Shell OIl company before a cyclone surrounded him killing

a million Bangladeshi compatriots ... he changed his life mission to work in the middle of poverty aleviation.

He's builit arguably the greatest newtorks of 100000 educators and public servants using the ideas of Brazilaian

Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the oppressed. So it was that Muslim village mothers

developed "a new economic model" - Clinton's words as well as the 8th largest nation.


    1. Clinton on M. Yunus and ShoreBank in Chicago

      • 9 years ago
      Bill Clinton talks about ShoreBank in Chicago and Yunus/The Grameen Bank on The Charlie Rose Show.




Just North of Bangaladesh's new nation of 1971, China came out from the great wal;l and confucian intergenerational values 

are building the greatest economic miracle ever seen around community and people-centric economics

And after Wall Street subprimed the global finacial system, Geoirge Soros called on all economists under

35 to rethink economics from the bottom-up ineteconomics 

Some of the most serious economics thinking was done between the wars by Maynard Keynes- 

any parnet or leader should read the last chapter of his general theory of money- there he explains

that economists design what exponential consequences will impact a place's next generation ....

and the extreme and present risks that an elderly economist will legislate a perfect looking model which buys perfection

at the cost of not being able to value change. We know we are surfing technoogical changes without precedent in

the expereience of the human race- .... we know the sustainability challenges are young are inheriting are outside

any past norms; and if we listen to pope francis speech at strasbourg we should know that EU economists are not

designing pro-youth economies 

  • Pope Francis complains of 'haggard' Europe in Strasbourg...


    Pope Francis has warned that the world sees Europe as "somewhat elderly and haggard" during a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The Pope said the continent felt "less and less a protagonist", in a world that regarded it with mistrust.

  • Pope Francis warns of 'haggard' Europe - YouTube


    Nov 26, 2014 · At a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Pope Francis warned that the world sees Europe as "somewhat elderly and haggard

  • Pope Francis Slams 'Elderly and Haggard' EU in Speech …


    Pope Francis Slams 'Elderly and Haggard' EU ... in Strasbourg, Argentinian-born Pope Francis ... elderly and haggard”. The four-hour visit to Strasbourg was the ...


    Think of a child born into a poor family, and a poor or unsade community, or an underclass within that place's culture or living history

    Its likely that she will never experience belief in herself, joyful meaning in life unless a teacher and schooling system give it to her. 

    The sad thing about schools arranged arounf over-examining a child and expert silos is not just that such systems make it hard for

    teachers to empower the child by living with her but when you look at the values system of such schooling its actually inherited from

    colonial days. The western colonial system promoted peopel who behaved the same bureaucratic way wherever it spread in days when distributing

    information was billions of times poorer than today. It grew big organisations where valuing individual creativy was an anathema. 


    Reflect on the challenge of empowering a child and you may find the tension-free design of brac's girls education especially miraculous, and you may find china's today ying and yang of transforming from a system in 1960 that imposed order to one with miliosn of public servants building community and celebrating entrepeuria startups in shating societies an extraordinary transfromation to explore

    I have spent a life researching whether big organisations can ever be innovative and what such words as creative destruction actually meant to this tht coined them My favorite inquiry tracked what the hecy did Gandgu mean by the be the chnage you want to be.

    It turns out that for the first half of his life gandhi became world famous in the english speaking world but not for being a pesronal coach in change. Not seeing any subject he believed worth studying at colleges around Bombay of the 1880s he persuaded his family to contribute all their savings to go and learn law at the Bar of London. There he was appaled to find a culture that was bureaucratic not curious and frankly both class ridden andquite  drunken every evening. He formed a society of stuidents who felt and were indeed foreign to the Bar's culture whilst making sure he did enough to pass the exams. When he retured to Bombay he found himself over-qualified- and when the ruling system did need a barrister it wanted a white one. He practised a bit of local journalism trying to diaries social challenges. The newspaper had a limited circulation but when he wrote something he was particularly proud of he turned it into a leaflet and hored team of street youth to distribute it. One of these stories got notoced by authorities who passed the report on gandhi back to london. It was about this time that Ganchi was offered some legal work in durban south africa where he practised for nearly 2 decades, and his reputation as an international social lawyer proceded him. Nonethelss Gandhi didnt have much case success in roling back what was being turned into apartheid's law. However it was only when he was thrown off a first class carriage of a train for having the wrong skin color that his aha moment: I cant chnage the system by practising within its laws.


    Gandgia's aha momnet in south africa came in his forties. Whats interesting is his next steps. These were not to imediately go and chalenge the rak system with his famed peaceful resienatce movements. His firts priority was to redesign a total education system through every grade. Ultimately the most innovative elemnets of this vocational instead of theoretical schooling wre designed by Maria Montessori. This is how vilage montessori schooling was born


    My maternal grandfather meiated the next and more widely known stage of Gandhi's life. Over 20 yeras of peacefu civil doisobedience such as the salt march from the town to te seaside to colect salt - a monoply business which locals were not permited to make from natuure. As thje chief justice in Mumbai , gradad Sir Kenneth Kemp  tried to be as open as he could be. In once case asking gandhi: as a fellow barrister what would your judgemnt of this be. I should be sent to jail, and so he was briefly. The story has what i regard a joyful ending- grandads last job was writing up te legalese of Insia's Independence. 

    One of te interesting thongs about Gandhi is that from  his aha momnet he enjoyed having a team of diarists so pretty much every day of his life of chnage is recorded. He started epitimosing being the systam transformation he wanted to be, and the montesorri and ashram community schools were radically diferent education systems from the examination classroom. Did he coach : be the change the way that many coach today, I am not sure. What he had was an open space presence; at large events he tended to say less and less himslef but the gatherings knew what he stood for. 

    Suring his international days, Gandhi's 3 main destinations were mumbai, durban and London. His last 2 occasions in London were extraordinary typical of the man. By accudent his sced last trip landed in London te day world war 1 was closed. Gnadhi's peaceful answer was t serve as a nurse for several months. In what was his last rip to London in 1825? he hosted a huge event at the quakers hall oposite Euston station. By then his presence was largely silent but he evoked a huge denate on was coloniation of India a good thing. The people who came  had strong and often opposing views but once of the most civilised dialoigues and as it happened forward action networks started up on that day.




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