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 The Mcdonalds is a macrofranchise- the dominant but non-sustainable organisational form of the global 1.0 service economy -

teams of mainly young people work extremely hard 24/7 all over the globe but the value they serve doesn't stay with them and sustaining their local community


microfranchises need the same brilliance of design but they end poverty and create sustainability jobs by

being open sourced (open action networked) everywhere the community needs they and youth need jobs 


in our 1984 book   (2024/2025 report by Norman and Chris Macrae) on how little sisters could mobilise the race to leap beyond orwells big brother endgame, we estimated 30000 microfranchsies

would need to be opnely webbed for millennials to become the sustainability generation  see 



which is the greatest microfranchise of them all? we always welcome collaboration feedback - rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

...to date we would say oral rehydration (OR) as implemented by brac by sir fazle abed

this saved at least 10 million infants lives by peer to peer training of every poorest village mother into a life saving caregiver- when this

was done in the late 1970s these mothers were the most cut off  (and illiterate) people in the world confined to village huts with no electricity and no roads etc 



OR: miracle cure mixing boiled water sugar and salts in correct poroprtions : when those under 5 needed oral rehydration-

this was the lowest cost life saving cure ever by scaling it all across rural bangladesh brac proved it could be the number 1 education  



systems for the worlds poorest village mothers and girls; with brac. a generation of girls built the 8th largest 

population starting with next to nothing (born as a new nation in 1971 bangaldesh had been colonised first by britain and then west pakistan -it

was though at that time likely to be the greatest failed nation ever - the world owes bangadeshi girls the greatest

economic and education prize for showing how to achieve goal 1 ending poverty and many more of the 17 goals declared by UN as urgent in 2015 

 take a second look - as a bottom up service network, much of brac process is unlike any western aid

1 brac builds capcity in the community -  it does contract experts to come and go

2 brac understands that converting a person to do something new requires multiple concept rehearsal - test small when something works replicate big (publish what didnt work)

trial 1 of oral rehydration training didnt work - brac resarched why and found the trainers themslves didnt really believe the solution -remember we are talink about a life and death cure ans asking the mother to tahe charge of this

trial 2 still dindt work- it turned out involving husbands in why this mattered was culturally essential

-in fact the successful scaling of OR through the villages chnaged the respect in which husbands saw their wives- and started to reduce family size now that survival rates of infants were good; this improved the health of mothers and started to give them time and energy to become small business owners

brac's experience with oral rehydration led to the creation of the para-helath worker franchise in every village - in this case brac scoped out a sustainable business part rural pharmacy,  part child and maternal care advisory which sustained 200000 livelihoods -one of the first cases of a community service being changed from a charity to a social business microfranchise



both china and bangladesh started their miraculous development in the early 1970s; in fact the first 2 microfranchises

rice science (needed for goal 2 end starvation) and barefoot village medics owed a lot to each others knowhow sharing but there was a difference


china's mainland of over a billion people had inward investors (the chinese diaspora who operated the superport trade which since world war 2 has re-made

the east as the most postive place to trade. The Diaspora were already 3rd financially wealthiest and the most knowledgeagble in developing infrastructures which

is now called the belt road curriculum applied to 11 regions of the world that most need to win-win with mother earth


  1. universityofstarsgaran

    • 4 years ago
    Astronaut Ron Garan poses massive collaboration challenge ( more http://spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/ ) at Yunus Centre 

bangladeshi girls had to lift up half the sky with no resources other than world record job creators like sir fazle could win worldwide trust around; in OR's case Sir Fazle

won the trust of James Grant (head of UNICEF in 1980s)- so much so that JG was famous for carryoing a scahet of OR mixrure with him wherever he went- demonstarting it to kings and queens and presidents wherever they feasted; in recognition of James, brac started up a university in 1999 with its lead program being what public servants need to learn to value first about global village health - as far we know China is the only place to have innovated a public servants university -the remarkable Tsinghua in Beijing- the most exciting place any learner could want to tour in our opinion - tell us other nominations!


its probably not surprising that sir fazle and china have  led the world in sharing microfranchises- both

through the pre mobile area (which up to 1996 means in Bangaldesh an era with no electricity grids

among village families) and in digital partnerships since 1996 -the most exciting of which are called leapfrog models

because they end a missing infsratructure with something better - eg bangladesh girls having no carbon powered

electricity grid have led the world in celebrating microsolar  knowledge and jobs creating curriculum


even more fortunately for the world of millennials, neither china nor bangladesh rushed into digital the way west coals USA did

-in china's case the 3 big internet comoanies were expected to test the human consequences of their ideas for 12 years 1996 to 2008

before they were  provided with both licences and funds to scale


what this means is the rest of the world (old teachers and young stduents alike) have huge learning gaps around sustainability goals

and 21st c education that they can only effectively catch up by smart transparent friendships with chiense and bangladeshi girls (goal 5)


enter world record joobs creator Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser  from qatar - she invented the education laureate summit after


noting that the nobel prize system didnt value education above all; wisely she chose sir fazle abed as first laureate and so most trusted epicentre of all wise learning networeks

7 years on qatar has been invited by world record joibs creator antonion guterres (head of UN) to 

bring all WISE favorite alumni -especially from china and bangaldesh - to celebrate the greatest

learning summit the UN or new york has ever seen WISE@UNGA sept 2018 - thank goodness for girls and microfarnchsies

do we have a technolgist that can help mooc them? 


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