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Shannon May is at the forefront of the Entrepreneurial Revolution hypothesis that The Economist began to mediate in 1972. Namely if between 2030 and 1946 we increase the spend on learning communications technologists by 4000 fold (ie doubling spends every 7 years on computers, networking and satellite communications, mobile and worldwide open access) then 98% of teachers role will need to change.


In 2015 Shannon was briefing summits concerned with the greatest learning generation hosted out of China and the Middle East on how she employs 50 content designers per 2500 teachers. Each 40 minute learner centred content teaching module takes 15 hours to design. Its distributed to teachers mobile tablets empowered by solar. Shannon says enthustiastically if you were teaching Shakespeare you wouldn’t change the text, so we ask our teachers not to change their perfect interactive performances with their class by respecting how much work has done into this massive open content. In Paulo Freire’s Franciscan terminology the teachers are action learning with their students. 

Now are you ready for “double on nothing” future shocks this curious Q&A stimulates:  

·                                 where is Shannon’s educational business model being sustained?

·                                 what originally motivated her to do this.

Shannon is networking the fastest growing real education system for Kenyan families who earn under 2 dollars a day out of slums or rural areas without electricity. Her motivation to celebrate open education this way came from 5 years of teaching in a village school in china where she felt she never had enough tome to serve her students given the need to perform 30 hours a week, to try top care for each individual child’s personal development and the need to prepare the content. If you are teaching all alone apart from a loving community of parents wiling you on, it would seem natural to want to innovate Shannons Way (check her out at bridges international or if you are really lucky organise your diary to linkin on one of the occasions 1500 teachers and china’s mass media investigate Shannon’s 3 hour workshops – for example at a summit such as WISE-21st C Learning Beijing 5 Nov 2016.    

 Noah Samara

6 weeks after the latest episode in May’s brilliant career, representatives of 300000 rural catholic school children in Kenya were signing a contract with an Ethiopian American Noah Samara who owns the world only dedicated elearning satellite and the RACHEL offshoot of Intel which curates all wholly open source online learning modules. Intel crams these contents onto a local hotspot device so that any group of 50 teachers and students can share how the most open learning educators and students work together. Yazmi’s job is to help teachers in regions without any wi-fi to demand missing content modules or ones that need local adaptation beyond the global open learning sdtandard that people like sal khan’s content editors build.

While Noah lives in Silver Spring Maryland, his dream is to make Ethiopia the gateway between Africa wide learning and Chinese investors who promise to be ever more numerous as One Belt One Road links world class sustainability trading routes between Africa and the Eastern hemisphere. Noah celebrates youth hubs like Ethiopia icog and kenya’s ihub helping to design missing content of curricula of everyone can be a coder or train a 50th grader to imagine what open source learning networks will blockchain socially around the free world of small enterprises and thriving global villages.

Noah’s chief content designer used to work on the satellite learning vision of India 2020 celebrated by the late great President Kalam and inherited by Nilekani and the way banglalore’s IT wizards map a world of open tech’s most exciting opportunities when blended with universal identities and sustainability smartest prtnership ledgers (called blockchains)

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