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O berners lee

these paradoxes of achieving sustainability goals were part of my father's Entrepreneurial Revolution dialogues since 1976 as you can see from the table near the top of worldbankyouth.com mapping how to make it simpler for youth to be global social value stakeholder


1977 to 1981

Sustainability goals will only be achieved if we open space for political yings and yangs (Y&Y) of system risks empires left behind . Exercise which Y&Y are ever more urgent:


SA4  Big picture small details -  how hope for sustainability is always lost (exponentially risk signaled first) at local community level is told in this video peter burgess's new york collaboration cafe youth helped make in 2008 after open space meetings around muhammad yunus book- amy please tell me in china are you able to see this youtube The Collaboration Cafe



SA3 Short term fix of independence from Empires caused national boundaries to be erected between potentially hostile cultures- made worse whenever 2 nations world media chatted about most  in cold war with each other (eg us versus ussr 1946 to 1989 caused nations to choose sides and sadly eg in africa the superpowers sponsored dictators to rule over newly independent nations- internally those caused corruption, externally neighbouring countries faced off as proxy nations for the 2 superpowers maximising chance of wars between neighbors); the bbc (and english language) has done a huge world disservice in not open spacing this story truly; the post industrial revolution of worldwideweb onwards needed to  be about growing people instead of consuming things; and where industrial  revolution 1 had never reached huge contents with modern infrastructure eg electricity grids - these places needed priority collaboration from all goodwill nations- china has this useful frame  for open space Industrial Revolution 1 to 4- 2 is the worldwide web from late 80s, 3 is universal  text mobile scaling by late 1990s, IR4 is universal  smart mobile and blockchain possible to open space around since 2008. NB during industrial revolution 1 the world's most exciting innovations were unevenly distributed -which greatly disvalued most youth; 


by the time of IR4 that's what jack ma spends all his time mediating how we can design leapfrog platforms. (example of uneven in 1960s part of world was racing to moon- parts had no electricity- NB humanity's great brainstorms at the turn of the 1970s did not happen among the moon racers in usa but among those grounded in urgent life shaping challenges - latin americans, bangladeshi, chinese to take but 3)


what youth need to know about world affiars- how elders histories conditioned what futures are possible for youth out of different places involves mediating these inconvenient truths: shortlist them and then mediating them across cultures as well as local  places where youth start with least hope



SA2 Urgency not just nice to have. #2030now is #2029now ,,, #2017now ever since The Economist started mediating sustainability goals in 1972- top decision makers at the world's most powerful corporations and public servants have said- yes these are wonderful dreams but we will leave them to the future- to achieve them would require short-term sacrifiices- one of the greatest whistleblowers on this challenge is lech walesa- without poland the end of the ussr as the scary superpower it was would have taken many more years; walesa says if my dockworkers in gdansk had known what i was doing to their livelihoods they would have killed me; gdansk was designed by russia so that 90% of its shipping trade was with moscow - walesa was ruining all of gdansks jobs- he also says that without pope john paul encouraging the whole of poland to see this as a chance to lead the world to a better place he would never have sustained the movement that freed poland and made the fall of berlin wall unstoppable


SA1 Open system revolution spirals rounds Value of collaboration & competition not OR - take learning which if it is relevant to  livelihoods multiplies value in use unlike consuming up things- clearly we need collaboration and competition not just competition- in fact we could define open to be about valuing collaboration and closed to be about valuing separation- sadly there isnt a globally ruling numbers profession  that has yet open spaced itself- i spent my 1990s debating that in the big 5 accounting agencies- they are as fraudulent in their maths as the leaders of subprime banking or every sector that has failed and then got politcians to bail them out at the expense of youths livelihoods



Exercise 2 -review our nominations of top 10 world record job creators www.rowp.tv  (or your own) with how urgent is each  leaders action goals and how connected with other WRJC leaders


we can see if we listen to kissinger -that jinping is the first place leader with 5 years urgently motivated by sustainabilty goals because if half a billion youth have no jobs elders in china have no social safety net- this year jinping chooses 6 of his 7 men leadership team that will empower rest of his presidency along with his formibable wife 


chinas's g20 can be seen as open spacing which nations will partner china's sustainability goals/jobsd/ educational transformation- 

the big deals are g2019now when india replies to coillaborations hangzhou started

 and g2018 now when franscicans out of argentina do


-together confucian china, fransiscan latin people and india represent more than half the world and china and india together represent more than half of financial growth and probably 80% of educational growth- which is why its useful that the world's only true elearning satellite is looking for its greatest wizard coder collaborations out of banglalore and hangzhou in conjunction with youth hubs around the world with the most desperate innovation challenges whether this is baltimore inner city black america or rural catholic kenyan girls (who are isis next target)


jack ma can be seen as the world's leading storyteller of IR4 natural state is growing every youth's livelihoods simultaneously and sustainably but only if all national leaders value greatest #learning generation


sir fazle abed has always valued girls wherever they have had worlds toughest community challenges to solve by networking bottom up and through health and education and financial inclusion


jim kim is in his second 5 year term- the world bank is nowhere near its declared purpose -kim needs to linkin to demonstation youth tech (eg blockchain) hubs all over the world with the educationcommission- there wont be a greater experimental hub nearer centre of dc than west baltimore


george soros has always been the odd one out of giving bilionaires- he didnt care if his funding failed quickly as long as it was timed and placed where tipping point transformations could happen - without him there would be no jim kim at world bank; no mobile phone revolution in bangladesh; no hope for a country like liberia; no story global reconciliation summits like those that heroise lech walesa - his view of social and economic value is keynsian back from the future not politically shortp-term- he is hated by eu politicians because he has exposed all their folly grandeurs- he needs help not to be hated by china - his ineteconomics youth networks are where china should connect with him- some of his open society networks stimulate human rights revolutions which western mass media covers the wrong way round- chinas one belt railroad across the same countries that made hangzhou the centre of worldtrade when marco polo was alive connect the same isolated nations of eg east europe, pakistan , across north india as soros is most concerned with given his family's history out of hungary which has always been a dangerous gateway to borders across 4 hemispheres- BUT the same nation that gave us all the greatest mathematicians von neumann the father of computing and einstein who clarifiued that whenever mans science thinking says there is no more space to innovate more human lives sustainability - the solution is map at a more micro level of interaction


timing is critical - everyone of the main collaboration ideas launched by china g20 will be won or lost over next 5 years; half of all youth livelihoods will be messed up by 2030 if we dont change education now so that world record job creators collaborations are open spaced , and blockchained 

Jack Ma on Hangzhou, the G20 and globalization - Alizila




Rural Taobao: Village Markets Itself Through Live Streaming - Alizila

Core Values: An American Apple Grower Sells to China - Alizila









-exercise we need not only to know if china ladies can find a way to see west youtube but how do we translate and upload onto rachel and yazmi china's greatest invitations


here are some from jack ma's curriculum that every rachel-linked hub needs to open space now so that the one million jobs jack ma has promised trump are hubbed as much as possible by friend of al hathaway, pope francis, jim  kim and all the other greatest heroes you amy are now in a position to be a storytelling agent for



more at www.rowp.tv  chris macrae washington dc text 240 316 8157

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