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Jargon - Microfranchises: like all franchises Efficiency Effectiveness Expandabaility are integral to microfranchises-

however microfranchises are designed by tghe sustainable net geenration to take back global value chaIns for every community's sustainable small enterprises;  the open source designer of a mucrifranchise is more concerned with jobs designed round an urgent worldwde knowledge solution eg a sustainability goal than profit extraction. There is also the economic mapping possibility of a 51% microfranchise  model where 51% is owned in trust for the goal and the SME jobs and 49% is owned by the technology inventors- some of the leapfrog battles since blockchain emerged will require the world greatest coders to be rewarded over many years as the battle is played out between the world's biggest sustainability-least trusted systems and sustainability goodwill multiplying micronetworks capable of generating the 3 billion new jobs  



we should expect the greatest jobs training centres to want to collaborate from 2 different starting points-

1 the worlds most grounded community skills training hubs - we suggest studying brac's next 3 year plan to empower half a million poorest girls citizens jobs alongside the many milions orf rural ;poor jobs it has sustained over 45 years of being the greatest end povery education network the world has ever seen

  2 the world's most open space networks such as an elearning satellite or every blockchain educatiuon partnership aligned with worldwide sme ecommerce channels and his "centrobank" that jack ma decides to spend his  time helping to architect

we welcome your nominations of what greatest jobs training collbaorations to benchmark but please note a valuation belief we have mediated for 45 years - redesign markets value chains around small enterprise microfranchises- by definition these will create the most sustainability jobs and value positive collaboration between the half of the world under 30s and the their over 30s teachers and investors 


Lessons from the worlds greatest liveihood training networks


BRAC is one of the world’s greatest livelihhod training networks. This poses many questions in my mind- I would like to know which interest you


1 why is it so difficult to search out world’s greatest traiing organsiationsd, and why is it so hard to learn susdtainability solutions fro them


2 BRAC has redesigned market leadership purpose of multiple sectors around livelihood- questions which of these clusters were unique to brac’s purpose empowering the world’s poorest village women to develop 100+ million nation starting in pre-digital age of 1972 (within 12 months of Bangladesh itself starting up; which should be the core purpose if that sector was free and happy in the original entrepreneurial sense (eg as in first sentence of US declaration of independence 1776)


2.1 Core Service purpose  of finance, education and health

2.2 Core service purpose of place leaders including public servants, professions and who new media is licensed to

2.3 Core service of aid ngos philanthropy foundations

2.4 Core purpose of agricultural, energy and water markets

-explanations in footnote


3 Is BRAC relevant for the world’s fastest growing nations to learn from and indeed achieving any of the 17 sustainability goals in time for the whole human race to enjoy 21st C by optimizing opportunity of each child’s life

3.1 specifically do jack ma and xi jinping and the g20 leaders they open spaced sustainability goals with at hangzhou have anything they need toi benchmark from brac – and why don’t summits concerned with greatest #learning generation follow this question through transparently. Will blockchain designers learn from BRAC in time

Founded by english-speaking diaspora scots NMF will do all it can to help usa prevent compounding risks that result in this places livelihoods destruction however we seek to love ever nations peoples futures of work and learning at the same time because that what we have spent 45 years (and in 2018 The Economist will be 175 years old) trying to value the learning economy's growth of people by ending poverty out of every www-linkedin community


what is a livelihood office-why different from careers office?


online library of norman macrae--

what do jobs of post-industrial age consist of

why did Norman Macrae of The Economist start ER debate of designing locally sustainable globalisation in 1972

what are the next 3 billion jobs of worldwide net generation is to be sustainability generation by 1972

are america's futures rules over by keynsian pro-youth economist or the opposite

why does america legislate itself into so many historic truths that are conflicted with future truths

has usa enough media on side of growing peoples livelihoods

has usa enough open spaces for preventing the pensioned class from ruling over youth and everyone else

what are the 4 primary literacies of early 21st c - the languages english, chinese, mother tongue , coding -what other literacies need to grow most - local arts, the main franciscan language (probably spanish) because along with confucian taoism - franciscan was attracts over billion people - in effect nearly 3 billion people leading sustainability either have a taoist/zen/maharishi or franciscan culture or civic values that can be mapped as truly congruent with these cultures- this may be surprising as one of these twin hopes relies on a god but with clear lines of human responsibility for interpreting what god says about loving families ahead every crossroads of modernity and the other is gravitated around believing in human goodness as the ultimate way to sustain societies


....ER (Entrepreneurial Revolution) - curriculum mediated in The Economist from 1972-

  • turned an english weekly newspaper into the worlds most curious viewspaper-
  • is currently open sourced by pro-youth partners of norman macrae family foundation-
  • our missing "curriculum of curriculum" projects include quarterbilliongirls.com, alibabauni.com and the world record book and game of job creation-
  • we celebrate  journalism and facilitation and megatrends system methods needed to transparently map livelihood futures with as many youth halves of the world as possible particularly female ones because the origins of industrial revolution were built on manpower which culturally had the unintended consequences of literally not valuing women (eg being a professional mother isnt a sector computed in such misleading  statistics as gross domestic product.
  • we aim to find sponsors for youth (P2P curricula empowering) participation at world's leading job creating summits, blockchain the future of open society and g20 processes.. we will try and hep exchange friendship with china and every other peoples as far as happiness and human sustainability can grow out of such searches.
  • wherever possible out tech partners plant meta-hubs collaborating out of the most disadvantaged communities and with educators who love their childrens livelihoods..............


generations hire economists to design what futures investments compound- why wouldn't parents and grandparents of the worldwide net generation hire economists to systemise opportunities of creating these 3 billion jobs ?

world's largest skills training family

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WHAT IS CURRICULUM OF CURRICULUM?- well mathematicians (and open system designers) since einstein and the father of computing von neumann have been very curious about the rotting state of western 20th education- why are skills ever more siloised= why are teachers forcing children to compete before collaborating before valuing theor own truye self-confidence to communcate gracefully (around civics) with each other; why cant legislators come down from their ivory towers anfd see that standardised exams defeat the diversity of innovation communities need to celebrate their place's unique sustainability resources? green studies can be defined as those where a standradised curiculum is the last thing in the world anyione should be searching for -at least india's past presdient kalam defined 2020 curricula so when he first started desiging late 20th C elearning satellites and anticipating universal community broadbands- of course kalam had the advantage of studying what ganadhi and montessoti invented as the educational system that went curriculum of curriculum beyond that whihch british empire had force fed onto billions of people in days when communications across huge continents were scarce - when only the british had trains (which gandhi was thrown out of in spite of his first class ticket as barrister trained at the bar of london) and everyone else had hoses camels or rickshaws 

then there is the professional valuation challenge which needs  transparency (not inconvenient truth) which is the main future value in an open source networked world - collaboration skills or extracting from each other  - further ref us education some system puzzles 1

einstein's main social finding is that people whose mindset is stuck in a system cant innovate (open space to be free and happy entrepreneurially) without  freeing themselves to analyse valuation of human endeavor from a system of system integration viewpoint- whats particular awkward is that such analysis requyires mapping back intergenerational impoacts that have an expoential form - tipping sustainably upwards or crashing down destroying systems of civilisation- all this is very simple mathematically to map but tghe devil is in including details of every sort including thise parnsed by very different cultures - what don beck calls different colored spirals and what steve wolfram literally calls for inventing simpler coding languages for all of us to APP; but what most recently of all has vecome prime time among those who siocialy value blockchains designed so that the half of teh woprld aged under 30 can spend their lifelong elarning and livelihood rewards uniting the human race around sustsaoinability goals

so why trap yourself in a curriculum if what we first need to celebreate is the curriculum of how di sustainability youth's greatest jobs and skills training centres linking todays half of teh world aged under 30 in livelihoods designed around the greaest human purposes - such as gthe 17 sustainability goals  

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